If you’ll be having more than the occasional virtual meeting, you need to create a suitable home office space. Zoom and other apps are now being widely used to communicate for virtual work meetings and you’ll want to leave a good impression on your associates while being as comfortable as possible.

Styling your Zoom background and upgrading your office’s comfort factor will play a big role in increasing your productivity. By making the right choices, you can position yourself as an authority in your meetings while saving your body from stress and soreness.

Start With Your Lighting

Getting your office lighting right is essential for two reasons: Having enough light in your office will keep you from straining your eyes. Virtual meetings can take up several hours of your day and poor lighting will take a toll on you, possibly giving you headaches. By placing your desk next to a window and planning for adequate nighttime lighting, you can keep a clear head throughout your calls.

Secondly, lighting is important for illuminating your office so that the people on the other end of your virtual meeting can see clearly you. You want to be visible to your audience while allowing them to see the background. Spending time on your home decor won’t mean much if others aren’t able to enjoy what you’ve prepared for them.

Get Your Desk Right

A functional and clear desk helps you organize your work life. The last thing you need is to be rummaging through the clutter trying to find notes during a virtual meeting. Placing a plant, picture frame or other decorative items in the area can also help elevate your mood while you work.

Optimize Your Sound

Whether you prefer to use a headset or speakers, make sure to invest in a good sound system. Your computer’s speakers may not be optimal for a virtual meeting. Noise-canceling headsets can help you focus on your conversations while being soothing on the ears.

Surround Yourself With Functional Furniture

Money spent on functional and comfortable furniture can have a high return on investment. You’ll be spending several hours a day in front of your computer and poor posture can cause long-term issues. Your desk, chair and file cabinets should be positioned in such a way that keeps you from slouching forward.

Your office furniture should also be functional and of good quality. A rigid chair won’t allow you much flexibility in your ability to make adjustments. Your desk should be as big as you need for your daily tasks. Pier 1 is a knowledgeable source of high-quality office furniture that will elevate your work environment to the highest level.

Work on Ambiance

After you’ve ensured function and comfort, you can work on ambiance. Setting the right mood will help you be more productive. It will also send a message to your audience.

Do you want to project a professional image? Are you in an industry that may allow for a more playful environment? Try to make others feel comfortable with your presence while instilling in them a sense of authority regarding your job. People will treat you according to your behavior.

Find the Necessary Components

Styling your Zoom background depends largely on finding the best components for the job. Pier 1 dedicates its efforts to helping customers find the best home furnishings and décor at a good value. The brand’s caring associates will go out of their way to help you get your home office just right.