How To Spruce Up A Living Space On A Budget

The living room is the most used space of any house, where the whole family gets together and spends quality time. It’s the space in which you entertain friends, where visitors will spend their time …


The living room is the most used space of any house, where the whole family gets together and spends quality time. It’s the space in which you entertain friends, where visitors will spend their time when they come to see you.

A dull living room can make you feel energy-deprived and subdue creativity, while a well-lit, well-organized, and well-decorated living room can inspire you to spend your time productively.

While luxurious decorations can be nice to have around, they’re not always budget-friendly, so we’ve put together some tips and ideas on how you can spruce up your living space without breaking the bank.

Bring In Some Nature

A great way to liven up a living space is by adding natural elements to it. Potted plants are an essential indoor decor item. They not only freshen up the atmosphere but can also brighten up the mood. Some indoor plants catch the negative ions in the atmosphere thus purifying the air and adding positive energy to the room.

Plants can be pricey, but you don’t need to buy expensive potted plants like Bonsai trees or orchids. Instead, go with sturdy, timeless options such as Aloe Vera or snake plants. If you’re looking to ass some greenery to a more modern space, try a vibrant satin pothos.

Brighten Up The Dark Corners

Nothing is less inspiring than a poorly lit room. While you might enjoy living in the dark, your guests will feel like they are sitting on a subway in the middle of the night. You have nothing to worry about during the day if you have access to sunlight. However, during the nighttime, or if you do not have a large window in your living room, you should consider brightening up the space with lamps.

Floor lamps are not only easy on the budget but also give a luxurious look. You can brighten up the dark corners by placing lamps in the right places. You can buy painted or printed lamp shades to match the theme of your rooms. Placing candles can be another option. Candles can also give a luxurious touch to your living room, especially when guests are around. Buy good, expensive-looking candle holders and you are good to go.

Add-In Vibrant Colors

Colors affect moods. They can make a small and dark space look big and lit. With the right color choices, you can make your living room look like an expensive hotel lobby. If you have a solid-colored sofa, throw in some different and contrasting colored cushions, and curtains.

You can also add colors through artificial flowers, vases, and floor cushions. A rough beneath your center table can give a finished look to the entire room. Remember, colors can play a very important role in interior decoration; be vigilant in choosing the colors.

Pay Attention to the Walls

If you have a small living room, you might want to paint your walls in light colors such as egg-white, mint green, and other shades. The lightly colored walls will make the room look brighter and bigger. However, you would want to place a few mirrors to give an illusion.

If you have a considerably larger living room, you can paint your favorite color, like royal blue, charcoal black, or whatever goes with the theme of the room. You can also consider wallpapers, as they look more luxurious and expensive. Decorate your walls with paintings, wall hangings, and do not forget a wall clock.

Keep Away The Blended Smells

Nothing upsets one’s mood more than a whiff of a bad smell that catches your nostrils when you enter a room. A living room is the center of the house, and in most cases, is prone to catching different smells from around the house. The blend of these smells can put off one’s mood quite easily.

Keep the room ventilated, and add fragrance to the room by placing potpourri on the center table and the corner tables. You can also place a few scented candles to bring positive energy to the room. Living plants can also help keep the air clean.

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