Midi skirts are currently trending on fashion runways and celebrity red carpet events. This skirt style reaches below the knee and ends about midway down on the calf. The nice thing about these longer skirts is they can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes.

To capture the right vibe without looking as if you are in costume from a different era, it is essential to learn how to style your midi skirts to look great and remain stylish without appearing frumpy.

It’s All About the Proper Balanced Proportions

Midi skirts have come and gone through the fashion seasons from about the 1920’s to recent decades. The trick for pulling off an ultra-chic stylish outfit while wearing a midi skirt is to pay close attention to the proper and balanced proportions.

Rather than looking more as if you belong in a 1050’s era ice-cream parlor with longer and full circle skirts worn with vintage saddle shoes, ditch the shoes for boots, clunky heeled booties or clogs, and wear a tailored and fitted top to balance out the length of the skirt on the bottom.

Go for a Matched Set or Wear the Pieces Alone

Midi skirts today can be found in two-piece sets that give an overall matched and refined look. This is an easy way to make styling your midi simple and classy. However, you can also wear just one piece with another clothing item to spice up and extend your wardrobe choices nicely. Remember to pay attention to those smaller details like expert tailoring to ensure that your top is not looking overly large and well frumpy.

Keep Your Look Modern and Fresh

Ladies of all figure types will look fantastic in the right midi dress or skirt if it fits well with the right accessory choices. Women will find today’s latest plus size maxi dresses at finer fashion stores like DressBarn open now online.

Styling tips to keep your look modern and fresh while wearing a midi skirt or dress include choosing a trendy fabric and/or color combination. Make the focus of your ensemble the skirt itself. The other accessories, like belts, handbags, hats, shoes and jewelry, should blend well with your overall design style without appearing garish or too loud.

Wear Trendy Shoes That Won’t Look Outdated

Choose your footwear carefully, as wearing some footwear with midi skirts will date the look and make the wearer look dowdy or boring. Pick trendy shoes like luscious leather boots or pointed-toe mid-size heels. Just be sure to balance your ensemble pieces well for that chic, urban trendsetter style all women long to master.

Accessorize and Choose Outerwear Carefully

Play around with fun accessories and be sure to choose outerwear carefully. Consider a fitted shorter black leather jacket or a longer coat that covers most of the skirt. Make sure to wear a fuller longer styled coat if your midi skirt is a fuller design cut or risk being uncomfortably snug.


Today’s midi skirt/dress can be modernized with fresh styling tricks. Add texture by wearing dark leggings in cooler weather with same shade booties or clunky shoes. Rock the midi craze look with tailored pieces and an eye on balance.