It’s very time-consuming to transfer data from your old iPhone to the new one. But the truth is that you can find multiple methods to do that properly and it works very nicely. It’s not that complex to do this, and here you have the best option.

Use Quick Start

Quick Start is maybe the preferred option because it’s seamless and also very fast. There aren’t a lot of steps you need to follow either, which makes it the ideal option:

  • Connect your device to Wi-Fi and turn Bluetooth on. You need to restart both the new and old device during the process
  • Activate the Cellular service in case you don’t have Wi-Fi, but this will vary depending on the situation.
  • Set up Touch ID or Face ID.
  • Now you want to choose how to transfer data. If you want to use iCloud, the data and apps download in the background. A direct transfer will usually need a lot more time and you can’t use the device. So it’s a great idea to have this working in the background while still setting up the device.
  • Select the option to transfer and ensure that the devices stay near each other and also plugged to power. It’s hard to know transfer times, these can be long depending on how much data you have.

Use a data transfer app

It’s a great idea to have more options available and that can be extremely interesting. A data transfer app is usually better because you can easily create a backup of your current content and then transfer it with the app. It’s a great option because it saves time, although it can be a bit problematic depending on the features you need and the expected speed. But it can still offer you a great value and result, while also saving a significant amount of time too.

iCloud transfer

iCloud can be a great idea because you can send all your relevant files to iCloud if you want and set up the transfer there. It’s actually a good idea to do that because it allows you to speed up the process very fast. Instead of using Quick Start to access iCloud, you can set up the phone as a new unit.

Then once you connect to Wi-Fi, you can go to Apps and Data, then Restore from iCloud Backup and sign in. After that you can just choose the backup that you want, and it’s a stellar thing to focus on. That’s a great option to consider because not only does it help save a lot of time, it also makes restoring much quicker.


We recommend using these ideas and tips because they can help enhance the experience. Of course, it’s all a matter of what option you like to use, but as a whole you will have a variety of great solutions and options to consider. That’s the thing, and in the end the potential can be extraordinary!