How to Wear Gold Accessories and Which One to Choose?

The abundance and versatility of gold accessories sometimes contributes to confusion, especially with men. What jewelry to buy? How to wear it? What accessories are appropriate and where? How to match them with the outfit? …


The abundance and versatility of gold accessories sometimes contributes to confusion, especially with men. What jewelry to buy? How to wear it? What accessories are appropriate and where? How to match them with the outfit? Stop the panic and let’s try to figure everything out.

We’ll start from the top where the first type of gold accessories is the earrings. Among a great variety of types and styles of this jewelry the majority of men prefer the simplest and the “safest”. The most popular styles of earrings for men are such classics as studs, hoops and huggie earrings.

Men prefer gold stud earrings as they are the simplest choice in every way. They look simple, their construction is simple, they are simple to style with different outfits… In other words, the perfect choice for men who don’t like to make things complicated. Studs consist only of a head and a post that is meant to pass through the earlobe. This gold accessory looks pretty extravagant and is able to elevate the look considerably when diamonds are added.

Hoops and huggie are the styles where the earring loops from the front of the earlobe to its back. The difference between them is that hoops are quite loose, while huggie sits closer to the ear. Those gold accessories are also very popular with men. They are often set with diamonds or other gems for a more unique look. Men choose those types of earrings for their luxurious look that emphasizes confidence but also possess a somewhat romantic flair.

Studs, hoops and huggie earrings are very practical accessories, as they go well with various styles of outfits. The question is whether they are appropriate in various situations. Some dress codes, for example at work, during certain ceremonies or events may consider men’s earrings unwelcome. In order not to get into the awkward situation, you’d better rely on your common sense.

Let’s move further tho the chains and pendants. Even the most moderate men have no prejudices against wearing these gold accessories. The variety of chain styles suited for men are immense! We recommend several of the most popular gold chain designs to spice your look.

If you prefer simple styles, you may opt for a curb chain or the Rolo chain. Their construction consists of round links connected together. They are easy to implement into any outfit or combine with other jewelry as they may be considered the basic chain necklace. Those gold chains work well with different pendants or medallions, even the most intricate ones.

For those men, who prefer statement jewelry, there’s a gold Cuban link chain. The pattern of this chain displays the flat twisted oval links interlocking with each other. This construction provides the necklace with several advantages at once: great strength, dazzling brilliance and chunky looks. Iced out gold Cuban link chains are the top fashion jewelry right now. They are perfect to emphasize the status and wealth of the wearer. This necklace creates stunning combinations in layered looks and is the ideal choice for heavy gold pendants laid with diamonds. It is great for everyday wear and casual styles of outfits.

For the fans of more intriguing but less bulky gold necklaces there’s a nice design of a gold Figaro chain. The distinctive pattern of this intricate accessory displays one long oval link followed by few, often 2 or 3, smaller round ones. Figaro chain is loved by men for the passion and masculine sensuality only true Italian jewelry is able to provide. It’s also a good necklace for gold pendants.

As to pendants for men, here you can choose whatever your heart desires. It is such a personal accessory, one can connect with dear memories or significant events, or wear it with a special meaning. If you wonder what men pendants are trendy now, you may consider bold jewelry items with animal motifs, like claws, fangs, eagles, lion or leopard heads… Anything that helps to express your wild nature. Mariner topic is also very popular. Anchors, steering wheels and compasses will highlight the free loving spirit of the owner. Famous logos made in gold will add fashionable and glamorous touch to your outfit. Religious signs remain in demand, so if you’re willing to express your beliefs and faith, those beautiful pendants will help you.

Now we’ll move on to men’s gold bracelets. This stylish accessory is made to emphasize one the most aesthetic parts of a men’s body – strong male hands.

The idea to style the bracelet according to the wristwatch looks incredibly fresh and appealing. This ensemble highlights the undeniable sense of taste of the wearer.

Gold chain bracelets are among the most popular trends of the season. Choosing Cuban or Figaro chain bracelet you can easily combine it with the necklace alike, creating a perfect harmonious look.

The trend for stacked bracelets remains relevant. Layers of 3 or 5 gold pieces creates an intricate textured image.

There’s a dispute among the designers whether it is appropriate to wear the bracelets on the same hand with the wristwatch. While they’re arguing, you can try to nail this look. But opting for thick bracelets better wear it beneath the watch, while thinner accessories should go above the timepiece for a nice balance.

The best bracelet for men is the one that is comfortable to wear. Rubber and gold bracelets can provide this comfy feeling along with sharp and trendy design. They combine stylish minimalism with luxury look. This contrast adds fresh vibes to the image and is more than suitable for young men.

Men’s gold bracelets are a very effective way to show status and wealth making the accent some women won’t be able to resist.

To finish the list of men’s gold accessories we’ll go for the rings. The fashion experts recommend wearing no more than 3 rings at once. For the best effect they should be placed on both hands. The decision on which fingers to put them on is up to you, but there are some preferences that are more of the interesting facts, rather than the strict recommendations. Historically, a thumb was often picked to wear a ring by the representatives of different secret societies, so if you want to add the mysterious vibes go for this finger.

Index finger is believed to be the symbol of power and leadership, so it is typically used for hefty rings with large gems. Middle finger is believed to have some connection with Saturn, that’s why the rings of gray colors are preferred. But in the more practical consideration it is the longest and the strongest finger, thus suitable for massive rings. The ring finger is known to be the special place for engagement and wedding rings. It can be used with no special meaning though, but is better for minimalistic jewelry. The accessories with precious stones can be worn on the ring finger, but usually special events or outfits are required for this choice. Men often choose pinky to wear the rings and not very popular at the moment signets. Massive items look less tacky when worn on this finger. It is also believed among the chiromancers to have some connection with intelligence.

Picking the jewelry, you need to remember that it should match in color, style and texture to make the look work. If you already decided on gold of a specific color, don’t mix it with silver, other metals or other colors of gold. Opting for a thick chain, don’t pair it with a thin bracelet or a minimalistic stud earring. Go either for a chunky jewelry ensemble or for a laconic one. Use no more than 3 jewelry items at once, not to make the look too overweight. Consider the stones to be of one style as well. Don’t mix jewelry set in diamonds with items laid in other gems.

Gold accessories also have their preferences in colors. For example, yellow gold jewelry reveals its beauty in the combination with dark-colored clothes and dark skin tones. White gold goes well with fair skin tones and is able to match any outfit. It also has an incredible ability to enhance the charm of colorless diamonds. Exquisite rose gold prefers dark and olive skin tones and looks stunning with light colors of clothing.

Being aware of those tips and tricks, you’ll definitely be able to use the gold accessories to create unforgettable looks highlighting your individuality, exceptional taste and sense of style.

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