If your partner has these 7 apps they’re likely cheating

Just when we thought cheaters couldn’t come up with any more new tricks, they began exploring even the most innocent sites for their affairs! While there are a lot of loyal partners out there, perhaps …

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Just when we thought cheaters couldn’t come up with any more new tricks, they began exploring even the most innocent sites for their affairs! While there are a lot of loyal partners out there, perhaps even yours, the amount of cheaters seems to be on the rise.

The Cheating test helps you know for sure if your partner is guilty, but this post divulges apps frequently used by cheaters.

7 most popular cheating apps

Some cheating programs disguised as other apps are;


Tinder is a well-known dating app, and it would be almost impossible for it to be devoid of cheaters. An infidelity Tinder research showed that over 70% of males use the app while in a relationship, with almost 60% of females doing the same.

Even when not built exclusively for cheaters, it does nothing to deter them! So why does your significant other have this app on their phone? Well, using a Tinder search profile you could find out if your spouse is cheating or not.


It is an instant messaging app that allows individuals from all around the world to communicate! It has been around for over a decade, and, just like Instagram, we’ve seen users’ goals with the app evolve.

Kik wasn’t made for matchmaking, yet users still use it to find new love and sexual relationships. Truthfully, that appears to be the only way people use Kik these days, as it is no longer a major platform.


Another popular dating app! Dating sites and cheaters are like two sides to a coin. Bumble is known for its unique system; if a man and a woman are a match, the woman gets 24 hours to make the first move, and the man 24 hours to reply.

Secrecy and convenience are other features of Bumble, thus cheaters are as comfortable with Bumble as they are with any other dating app. If your partner uses Bumble, nothing good will come of it.


While it is a social media app, it is as low-key as social media can be! It provides no room to go through your partner’s friend list or see who they routinely text. Snapchat lacks numerous problematic characteristics that may expose a cheater.

For example, if a significant other has been flirting on another person’s Instagram postings, we can conclude they are having an affair. However, with Snapchat, it is almost impossible to tell.


Instagram has become a platform for individuals to connect. With this comes an avenue for impolite, bothersome flirtations.

In any event, some individuals utilise Instagram to cheat on their significant other; but, on the plus side, infidelity is not very well-hidden on the social media site.

Watch out for telltale signs that your boyfriend is using Instagram to cheat, such as who he follows and what photos he likes and comments on.

Surprised Instagram made the list, right? Well, don’t be! Everything is possible in today’s world, luckily the help from the Cheating test is there for you.


This could easily pass as a trading or crypto app, but it is also used for cheating. Signal is your biggest adversary! It is incredibly private allowing users to hide their communications until they choose to read them. Messages and other material in Signal will eventually erase themselves.

It was most certainly not designed with infidelity in mind, but what’s done is done!

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This is an app built especially for cheating. It says life is short, so have an affair. It has a great number of users, and believe me, it is not for platonic friendship, as it has several discrete traits.

Some of them include; masked notifications, customizable app branding and discreet payment. They do anything to make infidelity not just acceptable, but pleasant and a must-do for their users.

Without apps signs of a cheating partner

A cheater will;

  • Not allow their spouse to touch their devices.
  • Frequently change passwords.
  • Often use a second phone and separate phone number.
  • Create supplementary social media profiles.
  • Use distinct email addresses for dating sites.
  • Save lovers’ numbers as something else.
  • Avoid using a phone in front of your partner.
  • Disable notifications.


While some cheaters are reckless and carefree, others may be a bit more thorough! Whichever category they fall under, these tips would help uncover the skeletons hiding in their phones.

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