IM Academy Launches New Social Media Academy

IM Academy, an online platform that’s focused on providing educational resources on financial markets, continues to branch out into new territory. After launching an e-commerce academy, the platform has continued to expand beyond financial market …


IM Academy, an online platform that’s focused on providing educational resources on financial markets, continues to branch out into new territory. After launching an e-commerce academy, the platform has continued to expand beyond financial market education in 2022 by launching TLX, a travel and lifestyle membership program, and now SMX, a social media academy that teaches members how to utilize social media to build influence and develop a personal brand.

SMX, launched on Oct. 26, will educate IM Academy students on the foundations of social media marketing and engaging in personal branding on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. The goal is to help students learn how to build an authentic social media presence, create engaging content, and develop a wide-reaching audience across platforms.

How SMX Works

Like IM Academy’s other offerings, SMX Academy is designed to educate students in an easy-to-access online format that features a mix of asynchronous learning materials, such as videos and readings, and opportunities for live mentorship. The Academy’s programs use a scaffolded approach that allows students to pursue more complex and nuanced concepts and strategies after establishing a foundational understanding of the topic of study, whether that’s a financial market, building an online store, or becoming a social media influencer.

In the SMX Academy, videos and readings cover how to create content tailored to the specific styles of various social media platforms, from crafting Instagram stories to coming up with TikTok video ideas with the potential to go viral. In addition, GoLive sessions provide students with the opportunity to discuss strategies and concepts with IM Academy educators. These live online discussion sessions are meant to help students solidify the concepts they are studying in videos and readings by asking clarifying questions and discussing strategies with educators.

The SMX Academy educates IM Academy students on a general strategic approach to engaging with social media that can apply to both personal and business branding and marketing.

IM Academy’s 2022 Expansion

The launch of SMX Academy is the most recent example of IM Academy’s push to expand in 2022. It’s the fourth new program launched this year, following the Time-Based Exchange (TBX) Academy in May, TLX in June, and the Stocks and Futures (SFX) Academy in September.

While TBX is more in line with IM Academy’s reputation for focusing on financial markets by offering education on intraday scalping exchange strategies, TLX is indicative of the Academy’s expansion into other areas. It offers members an online portal that they can use to book discounted rates at hotels and resorts, as well as opportunities for themed trips with other IM Academy members and educators.

The launch of SMX comes close on the heels of SFX’s September launch, announced shortly before IM Academy’s IM Beyond event near Phoenix. SFX, which educates students on how to use strategies such as Fibonacci retracement to analyze the market for stocks and futures, features educational content created in partnership with Carolyn Boroden, an experienced analyst known as “the Fibonacci Queen” and the author of Fibonacci Trading: How to Master the Time and Price Advantage.

In addition to launching these programs in 2022, IM Academy has been active in organizing in-person events where individuals involved with the Academy can network and share strategies, pursue educational connections, and recognize each other’s achievements. IM Academy has held events in Palm Beach, Florida, Barcelona, Spain, and Zurich, in addition to the Phoenix event that followed the launch of the SFX Academy.

Christopher Terry, IM Mastery Academy co-founder and CEO, uses these events in conjunction with IM Academy’s online content to stress the importance of positive connection with others in the pursuit of education, emphasizing the power of language to make an impact.

“Not only do your words impact others, they also impact you. Your words will either set you free or lock you to the same reality,” said Terry in a recent Facebook post. “The question that remains is: Do you want to speak positively or negatively? How you decide to use your words will determine which side you land on.

With the launch of SMX Academy, IM Academy is building on this idea of the power of positive communication, developing an educational program designed to help students communicate with a wider audience and share their perspective with the world via the widening social media landscape.

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