Writing courses are not something college students would want to take willingly out of their choice. There are many reasons for this, the most important one being: writing is not one of the most enjoyable tasks out there.

While I agree, for most writing is considered to be a chore that is often dreaded and far from enjoyable. However, this article is an attempt to change everyone’s mind about writing courses so that you see how beneficial they can actually be.

It is quite alarming how much writing courses are disregarded by non-English majors, which I can see why but for each and everyone of you reading this article, you need to give writing courses a chance, as it can be one of the best academic experiences for you.

Let’s get into the reasons why!

They boost creative flow

You don’t need to be an English or Art major to be creative. Everyone is creative in their own ways, and writing is a great outlet for that.

Your writing courses will give you the necessary tools that allow you to channel your creativity to the paper, in the form of simple exercises that will enable you to be more coherent and articulate with your words.

The best part is you don’t need to be a whiz with words because these courses are designed by keeping people like you and me in mind.

They add to your writing skills

This is obviously a given, but you might be underestimating how much they can add to your writing skills. You might be thinking that “oh! This will help me write my essay free!”

Writing courses equip you with certain tools that will allow you to convey your messages in a way that is clearly understood by the reader. This is an important skill to have in terms of writing, because even after you graduate you will often find yourself writing different types of formal literature that need you to be clear and concise with your words.

They are an outlet for relieving stress

Writing is an incredible way to let go of your stresses and frustrations. It is a powerful way to deal with certain thoughts and feelings that you would otherwise feel uncomfortable talking about.

This is often why people keep a diary, because it helps them clear their minds and provides an outlet for channel negative feelings.

A writing course is a good way of getting you in the habit of writing about how you’re feeling.

They help with expression

When you understand the different techniques and tricks of writing, you will realize that the way you express yourself, your emotions and your ideas, also improves drastically.

This is often a very important reason why people take writing courses because it enables them to become significantly better with self expression on a daily basis.