The FIFA franchise of EA Sports is one of the best-loved games today and has been running for decades at a stretch. The loyal are so obsessed with the game that they spend hefty amounts to enjoy the game. From state-of-the-art gaming consoles to home theater systems, people have spent a fortune to enjoy FIFA. Ensuring that stray light does not spoil the mood, some fans have even gone on to buy the best blackout curtains for home theater systems.

Over the years, FIFA versions have improved by leaps and bounds. It has always been the consensus that the FIFA games don’t provide notable upgrades between successive versions. The price difference is substantial, yet the lack of improvement between the two immediate versions, be it graphics or the gameplay, has always irked fans. But many say that FIFA 21 is a big leap from FIFA 20.

In this post, let us look at what makes FIFA 21 better than FIFA 20.

  • The first thing that makes FIFA 21 stand apart from FIFA 20 is agile dribbling. The dribble moves now look much more sleek and natural.
  • A new mechanics called the “Directed Pass and Go” is possibly the best addition to FIFA 21. This new feature is much like a real-life play. A passer can send a directed pass to a teammate and then run into open areas creating space. The return pass can often result in great goal-scoring opportunities if these passes are in the final third of the field.
  • “Directed Runs” is again one massive boost to the already robust gameplay. This feature emulates real-life situations. A directed run gives the AI the message that the passer wants a teammate to go for a bursting run in a particular direction so that he can have acres of space. The resulting pass can often release the receiver for a goal-scoring opportunity. The feature has potential use in build-up play. When using the flanks, this feature can be particularly effective. Wingers prefer dashing runs before crossing the ball, opening heading, or volleying opportunities.
  • FIFA 21 has brought back many great plays that FIFA 20 missed. In FIFA 20, scoring a goal was tough. Breaking open the defense was very hard, and you would have to pass the ball many times before a clear opening presented itself. In FIFA 21, the old ways are back with wide-play, deliver pinpoint crosses, and head goals. Near-post shots are more realistic, and this has resulted in people attempting more adventurous shots on goal.
  • The reward system has changed in FIFA 21 and not entirely for good, yet one thing that brings a freshness to the reward system is the availability of all objectives in the friendlies. This inclusion has made the game more competitive in select sub-modes. The rivals don’t affect your records and points. So you can obtain high-rated cards without worrying about your reward system getting affected by losses.

Indeed FIFA 21 has brought in some worthy changes in the gameplay, and fans are happy with the changes. The consensus is that FIFA 21 has provided a good upgrade over FIFA 20.