Many technology brands are credited with creating innovative cell phones. From veterans such as Samsung and Nokia to Apple and now, Google. The mobile phone market can teach marketing consultants a number of strategies that they can apply to their own company’s standards.

The Balanced Price Tag

The price of cell phones has greatly changed throughout the years, with the first available models costing as much as $4,000! Thanks to the competitive nature of the technology industry, consumers can take advantage of falling prices due to phones becoming more widely available. Of course, top-of-the-line smartphones can still demand a hefty price tag, and it appears that consumers are all too happy to pay the price of innovative features and technological advancements. Find the most popular cell phones.

The one thing that marketers can successfully glean from this is that the competitiveness of the market enables strategic pricing to stand apart from competitors. This can help a brand distinguish itself from other competing companies.

Design Matters More Than Technology

Having innovative technology in mobile phones is important, but even more important is improving on the design of the phones themselves. The designs need to bring usability to the table and make the device easier to access on-the-go. Though there have been plenty of design failures over the years, Samsung represents probably the biggest share of successes on the market today.

This brings up the point that as a marketer, presentation is almost as important as the product’s performance. Whenever you sell or publish anything, think about how you’re presenting it to the general public.

Pushing Boundaries Wins

At the end of the day, companies that choose to push boundaries are the most successful. From the first color screen cell phone in 1997 to the modern QWERTY keyboard, these are all boundaries that were pushed and enhanced to meet consumer expectations.

As a marketer, you need to think about the next step that will bring your brand forward. Never sit still because the market is unforgiving and going a step further is the only way to success. Case in point: consider the newest Google Pixel phones!

Keep Up With Modernization

The problem with certain brands is that they simply don’t grow with the times. Perhaps the best example of this is Nokia. In 2007, they had the most popular mobile phones on the market. Fast forward to 2013, and their sales have seriously declined. What caused this sudden drop in interest? Well, as other brands modernized and changed with the times, Nokia was complacent and really didn’t have much in the way of innovation.

For marketers looking to succeed in a modern marketplace, make sure you always update and upgrade! Constantly innovating and changing your marketing efforts and your brand is the only way to improve.