Although in the past, people used to meet potential dates at social occasions or events such as religious functions, friends’ weddings, and workplaces, among others, the norm nowadays is finding love online. Thanks to the many social media platforms, dating websites and apps, and online match-making services, people are now finding love using the internet.

Online dating has many advantages, such as making it easier to approach potential dates (even for shy people) and saving time. It also offers so much more convenience because you can look for love online from anywhere at any time. On the flip side, however, online dating has its downsides, such as people misrepresenting themselves and the lack of one-on-one interaction that makes it less personal.

Below are some of the lessons you will learn as you seek love online:

Some people perceive online dating in a negative way

Although it seems a fast and convenient way to find love, a significant number of people, especially older people, view online dating negatively. Unfortunately, even some people taking part in it sometimes feel like it is a last resort. Others think that those who look for love on the internet have something wrong with them, and that is why they cannot get partners through everyday ways like meeting someone at a party or dating a childhood friend. While most people already have partners speak negatively about online dating, they usually don’t have an alternative to offer. For example, when asked if they know of a good guy or lady to hook singles up with, they declare that all the single individuals they know are awful or that don’t know anyone. When instead, they could be looking for online hookup sites or try to meet someone new at the bar.

Online dating offers a chance to meet diverse personalities

You will rarely meet famous people, professionals, or people from other religions or other diverse people through trying conventional methods of finding dates. You probably mostly interact with people like yourself, for example, in places of worship, workplaces, and other places. But the best thing about online dating is that you can meet all sorts of different people and have no fear of contacting any of them. You only need to check their profiles on the dating sites such as Happy matches or apps like Tinder — if you think they might match what you’re looking for, hit them up. Before you know it, you could be chatting with them like you’ve known each other for ages.

The many choices make choosing difficult

With online dating, you are spoilt for choice because you can contact as many people as you wish at the same time. However, having so many options may make things more challenging than you may expect. Additionally, many people on dating websites and apps aren’t serious about finding a relationship and are only out for fun or for casual relationships. Moreover, you may also find seemingly serious and friendly dates, but they vanish in the thin air after one or two online or physical dates. That being said, some people have been lucky and have found their life partners on the internet, so it is still worth giving it a chance.

You still need to cultivate emotional intimacy after finding love online

Online dating may have solved one problem of finding romance. Still, even with all the potential dates, you have to do the hard work of cultivating emotional intimacy if any meaningful relationship is to develop. It takes a conscious effort and hard work to establish emotional intimacy. You and your partner must allow yourselves to be vulnerable and admit you need love — even though this is intimidating and may be seen as a sign of weakness.

Finding love on the internet is a beautiful experience and offers so much, but it is no less demanding than finding love in conventional ways. You need to approach it with well-defined goals and expectations and do your part. Still, keep your guard up against any possible fraudsters.