Investing in Greece’s Real Estate Market: A Pathway to Dual Citizenship

Sometimes there are specific prerequisites for making a move. The reasons may be different: a desire for a change of scenery, the opportunity to travel without obstacles, to discover the benefits of doing business and …

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Sometimes there are specific prerequisites for making a move. The reasons may be different: a desire for a change of scenery, the opportunity to travel without obstacles, to discover the benefits of doing business and others. It is an individual story for each person.

The eligible option is to apply for a Greece Golden Visa. The country attracts with its unique scenery, favorable climatic conditions, and vast possibilities to improve financial well-being. The country’s government is encouraging non-EU citizens’ investment in digital development, tourism, hospitality, agribusiness, and construction. The involvement of foreign investors is conducive to strong economic growth. Requirements are simple: it is enough to obtain greek dual citizenship.

Understanding Greece’s Real Estate Market

The total number of people living in Greece is around ten million. The majority of the population is in Athens. Thus, it is the most attractive place to be a destination for investment. However, you can consider quieter areas close to the sea for a living.

The most eligible locations for investors are the following:

  • Mykonos Island;
  • Athens Riviera;
  • The luxury resort of Santorini;
  • Cyclades;
  • Crete;
  • Thessaloniki;
  • Corfu.

According to Immigrant Invest specialists, modern Greece is one of the most sought-after vectors for investment compared to other European countries.

The country’s government guarantees a social protection package to the resident. The investment in the economy is safeguarded by legislation. Subsequently, it will benefit the next generation.

Greece’s policy contributes to the development of business. The economic situation is stable, which favors the financial and banking sector.

Benefits of Investing in Greek Real Estate

Are you thinking of moving to a European country? An eligible option would be to obtain dual citizenship in Greece. There is a wide variety of properties available to suit all buyers. These are busy cities, popular among tourists, and cozy, quiet villages.

Investment in Greek real estate offers to obtain undeniable advantages:

  • low crime rate;
  • free entry to more than 100 countries without visas;
  • social safeguards in place;
  • protected assets in European and Swiss banks;
  • flexible tax system;
  • quality education;
  • a family program that enables family members to meet requirements to obtain a residence permit;
  • citizenship by inheritance.

It is also worth mentioning the high level of medical services. It is assessed according to European standards. Often medical facilities accept foreigners for operations or appointments. Most private healthcare professionals speak fluent English.

An investment will allow you to look to the future with confidence. There is no need to stay in the country permanently to obtain a passport.

The Golden Visa Program: A Pathway to Dual Citizenship

It is not as difficult to obtain citizenship for a foreigner’s investment as it may seem initially. Of course, the benefits option is to contact a professional. In this way, you can avoid any disputes that might come as an unpleasant surprise.

Greece rightly holds a leading position when it comes to attracting investment. The following conditions contribute to this:

  • eligible choice of properties (residential, commercial);
  • location of the property: islands, mainland;
  • purchase of several properties for a total of €250,000;
  • joint purchase of real estate.

According to Zlata Erlach (Immigrant Invest), an expert in the St Lucia investment program, to get approval, you must meet the following eligible requirements:

  • the age of majority (18 years or older);
  • availability of a passport;
  • no problems with the law;
  • stable official income.

The applicant is subject to mandatory verification, which is completely confidential. The implementation period is no more than 24 hours.

The company’s lawyers will take care of the preparation of the necessary documents. For greece golden visa to citizenship, one of the requirements is the submission of biometric data (fingerprints). The investor himself must be present for this.

Application process does not take more than three months. When obtain a positive answer, the applicant becomes a holder of a passport and a residence permit card. The period of validity is five years. You can get the documents in person or to the e-mail address.

The acquired property can be sold after the expiry of the five years.


The Greek program to obtain passport for investment opens up benefits: a permanent residence, straightforward requirements, and free travel throughout the Schengen area, the European Union, and other countries. All eligible European higher education institutions are open to you and your children: a well-developed healthcare system and decent social security for the owner of a Greek passport. The Mediterranean climate and the advantages of beautiful landscapes accompany it.

Greek golden visa is an excellent opportunity to get a second passport, become an investor, and contribute to the economic growth of one of the most attractive places in Greece.

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