Is Turkey better than UK for hair transplant?

How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in UK? The cost of a hair transplant in the United Kingdom can range anywhere from £2,500 to £40,000, depending on the severity of hair loss, the type of treatment, …


How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in UK?

The cost of a hair transplant in the United Kingdom can range anywhere from £2,500 to £40,000, depending on the severity of hair loss, the type of treatment, the amount of expertise of the staff at the facility, and how many grafts need to be transplanted. Keep in mind that the vast majority of insurance companies will not finance this procedure because it is considered a cosmetic operation. Since every head of hair and scalp is unique, as well as every set of circumstances, only your surgeon can provide an accurate estimate of the overall cost.

How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

In Turkey, it is not uncommon to find hair transplants for a price as low as £1,500, which is a significant savings compared to the normal cost in the UK. There are a lot of reasons why Turkey has such low prices for hair transplants. Since the cost of living in Turkey is far lower than that in the UK, wages are likewise lower; as a result, hair transplants are compelled to be priced more competitively in Turkey. The sheer number of clinics present in Turkey is another component that plays a role in deciding the cost of hair transplant procedures. Because there are more than 500 clinics offering hair transplants across Turkey, this industry is highly competitive. As a result, clinics are required to reduce their prices to the greatest extent feasible in order to attract and retain customers.

Benefits of Getting a Hair Transplant from a Clinic in the UK

  • The success rates of hair transplantation are far greater, and there are no travel dangers involved.
  • There are no language hurdles caused by a foreign dialect.
  • In order to continue operating, medical practices in the United Kingdom (UK) are required to conform to the UK Quality Standards.


  • The transplant procedure might be very expensive

Benefits of Getting a Hair Transplant in Turkey

  • An exotic place ideal for vacationing or getting away from it all
  • High-end, opulent clinics
  • Medical facilities that offer all-inclusive packages combined with a five-star or higher quality of lodging
  • Methods that are both cutting-edge and very effective are applied
  • More affordable compared to the majority of developed countries


  • An unsatisfactory level of follow-up

The comparison between Turkey and the United Kingdom for a hair transplant is not necessarily based on price; however, thousands of medical tourists flock to Istanbul annually for a luxury treatment vacation. The majority of individuals fail to compare nations based on any metric other than the price of the operation. The primary reason for this erroneous comparison is that Turkey is home to numerous experienced and reputable doctors of hair transplantation with years of expertise, as well as the most advanced and highly rated facilities in all of Europe.

In recent years, as a result of government efforts and the expansion of medical facilities in Turkey, the country has become the global epicenter of health tourism. Not too long ago, hair transplantation in Turkey and other foreign nations was unaffordable for the masses, let alone a vacation. Obtaining the same treatment in the United Kingdom was similarly difficult for many, as prices were soaring and outcomes did not meet patients’ expectations. However, as the years grow past, Turkey and the United Kingdom have grown in the health tourism market for all types of international patients.

Is Turkey better than UK for hair transplant?

People who are interested in getting a hair transplant frequently consider Turkey and the United Kingdom as potential destinations for their procedure. Because of a variety of compelling arguments and considerations, Turkey emerges as the clear winner in this comparison. To begin, Turkey provides all-inclusive packages that include the cost of the procedure in addition to other associated costs, such as lodging, transportation, and other incidentals. On the other hand, you will be required to pay a separate fee in the UK for each stage of the process. Secondly, although the results of your transplant will be the same or very comparable regardless of whether it is performed in Turkey or the United Kingdom, you will spend less money on it if it is performed in Turkey. In general, traveling through Turkey will be beneficial to your financial situation.

The problem with cheap Turkey hair transplants

Although there is nothing intrinsically wrong with offering competitive prices, the low prices in Turkey lead to a variety of concerns that the vast majority of people won’t take into consideration when picking the place of their surgery. However, some of these consideration are just myths. Some of these considerations includes:

1. Travelling abroad

It is not something that you would typically be overly concerned about if a specialised medical procedure required you to travel to another city in the United Kingdom. However, traveling to foreign countries is a completely different ballgame. There are several Turkish hair transplant clinics that target patients in the UK by offering all-inclusive packages that include travel and lodging. Despite the fact that this may save you some time in the booking process, you will still be required to deal with the bother of international travel, which is something that is not going to be pleasant after surgery.

2. Language barriers

Although it’s likely that your surgeon will be able to communicate with you in English, the rest of the support staff at their practice probably won’t. Surgeons who perform hair transplants typically work with a team of transplant technicians at the same time. If you have a number of people working on your treatment but they are unable to express to you exactly what is happening at any particular time, this can understandably leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Why is Turkey the Best Place to Get Hair Transplant if You Are from United Kingdom?

If you are from the United Kingdom and are considering getting a hair transplant operation, Turkey, which is a world leader in cosmetic surgery, will be the ideal location for you to have this procedure done for a number of reasons.

  • To begin, every single one of the doctors working there has a great deal of expertise and is highly educated.
  • Since the regulations are so tight, the operating rooms in which they operate are so sterile, and you won’t be able to find anything equivalent in your own country. This is due to the fact that the limits are so stringent.
  • In addition, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since the majority of reputable clinics have been awarded certification.
  • Turkey, on the other hand, is a very well-known tourist destination, and it offers a wide variety of tourist attractions, including both cultural and outdoor activities, so that visitors can have a good time there.

Due to the low cost of living in Turkey, qualified medical operations are within reach of most people’s financial means.

Choose Capilclinic Clinics for hair transplants

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Hair is a non-renewable resource. You must carefully select your transplantation nation based on your expectations and research. Turkey and the United Kingdom are pioneers in medical tourism, and their offerings are of the greatest quality and level of expertise. The United Kingdom is endowed with technology, whereas Turkey offers both technology and exotic vacation packages. Follow us or arrange a free consultation at Capilclinic, the best you can imagine in both the United Kingdom and Turkey.

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