Real Name:Jacqueline Jackie Johnson
Birthday:January 23, 1980
Net Worth:$750,000
Height:167 cm
Occupation:American Weather Forecaster, Television Personality

Born in 1980 in America, Jacqueline Jackie Johnson worked as a weather forecast and television personality. Many fans remember her for her work on KCBS-TV news in Los Angeles, California. Jackie did periodic weather forecast updates. So, how much money did the weather girl earn? How much is Jackie Johnson’s fortune?

Fun fact: as a child, she showed interest in dancing and acting. But she grew up and worked as a weather girl. During her weather forecast career, she earned nominations for Prime Time Weather Anchor.

She got married to John Kidd, a former game maker for NFL. The two got a divorce after a couple of years in marriage. As of October 2020, Jackie Johnson’s cash flow is more than $750,000.

Career Ups and Downs

Born in Plymouth, Michigan, she grew up in an average American family. She showed an interest in dancing and acting at a young age. Jackie attended the University of South Alabama. There, she put her focus on meteorology. Eventually, she graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a BA in broadcast journalism.

After her graduation, she moved to Florida to work as a reporter. She started her career as a weekend weather anchor for WCTV-TV in Tallahassee and then got a similar role in Miami. In the beginning, she did weather forecast for the weekday edition at 5, 6, and 11 pm.

After her move to Los Angeles, she got the job as a prime-time weather anchor for KCAL 9 News. Johnson worked there until 2010 and then moved to the KCBS-TV, the sister station.

Her job as a weather forecast anchor put her pretty face on TV. And as a result, Jackie got a few movie roles as well. Fun fact: in most movies, she plays a meteorologist or a news anchor. In 2012, she played herself in the movie Battleship.

In 2003, Jackie got voted as the hottest meteorologist in the country. The same year, Playboy Magazine offered her a nude photoshoot. But she politely declined the invitation.

In 2011, she got married to her first husband, John Kidd. He is a former game maker for NFL. But the two got a divorce a couple of years later. In 2016, she got engaged again, this time to Patrick McBride. They shared their wedding oath on New Year’s Day in 2017. In January 2018, Jackie and Patrick welcomed their daughter Bridgette.

Following the birth of her child, Jackie said that family is her priority. She wanted to stay home and raise her daughter. During her farewell broadcast, Jackie thanked the network, fans, viewers, and everyone else for their support and opportunities. But who knows, she might go back to the weather forecast once her daughter grows up.

Net Worth

As of October 2020, Jackie Johnson’s cash flow is more than $750,000. She worked as a weather forecast anchor for more than 10 years. Jackie graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism and works in the media ever since.

Johnson started as a reporter in Florida and then moved to Los Angeles. Besides her broadcasting career, Jackie appeared in a couple of movies. Some of her television and movie projects include Las Vegas, All About Steve, NCIS, and Battleship. In most of her acting jobs, she plays a meteorologist or a news anchor. In Battleship, she portrayed herself.

Jackie’s primary source of income is her reporting career. Since she doesn’t work for two years, her income is a bit low. Before that, she earned between $28,000 and $80,000 per year as a reporter. As of October 2020, Jackie Johnson’s fortune is more than $750,000.