Jacqueline Carlin: Actress In The Shadows of Celebrity Spouses

Jacqueline Carlin made a name for herself as an actress, participating in films such as Thank God It’s Friday (1978) and Bronk (1975), as well as in television, with appearances on The Tonight Show Starring …

Real Name:Jacqueline Mary Carlin
Birthday:November 20, 1942 - July 1, 2021
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:American Actress, Model, Ex-Wife of Chevy Chase, Ex-Wife of Terry Melcher

Jacqueline Carlin made a name for herself as an actress, participating in films such as Thank God It’s Friday (1978) and Bronk (1975), as well as in television, with appearances on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1962). Carlin’s captivating performances earned her recognition in the entertainment industry during her acting career.

In addition to her on-screen work, Carlin’s personal life piqued public interest. She was previously married to famous comedian Chevy Chase, as well as Peter Byam Cannon and Terry Melcher. Throughout the years, details about Carlin’s past and relationships have garnered attention from fans and the media alike.

Early Life and Family

Jacqueline Carlin was born on November 20, 1942, in Essex Fells, New Jersey, USA. She is the daughter of Edward Walter Carlin and Gertrude Elizabeth Carlin. Growing up in a small town, Jacqueline and her family called Caldwell, NJ, their home.

For her education, Jacqueline attended Mount Saint Dominic Academy, a prestigious Catholic all-girls school located in Caldwell, New Jersey. During her time at the academy, she developed a strong passion for acting and was actively involved in school plays. After completing her high school education, she moved on to pursue higher education at Immaculata Junior College.

Jacqueline started her career in the entertainment industry as a model, rapidly gaining notoriety and embracing her newfound love for the profession. Her growing interest in acting led her to seek roles in movies and television shows, ultimately paving the way for her journey in Hollywood during the 60s and 70s.


Jacqueline Carlin began her career as a model, working with the prestigious Ford Modeling Agency. Her modeling assignments took her to New York City, where she pursued a career in the fashion industry. Despite making a name for herself in the showbiz, Jacqueline transitioned into acting.

Carlin’s acting career comprises of a variety of TV projects and a few film roles. She made several appearances on popular TV shows, including The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, where she charmed the audiences and showcased her talent. Her versatility as an actress helped her secure roles in other TV series such as Bronk (1975).

One of her notable roles was in the film Thank God It’s Friday, released in 1978. The movie’s success allowed Jacqueline Carlin to make her mark as an actress in Hollywood. Throughout her career, Carlin consistently delivered strong performances, proving her prowess in the entertainment industry.

Though Jacqueline Carlin was involved in a selective number of TV projects, she managed to leave an enduring impression on the audience with her poise, elegance, and acting skills. Her remarkable journey from a model to an accomplished actress is a testament to her dedication, talent, and versatility.

Relationships and Marriage

Jacqueline Carlin was a well-known American actress. She appeared in films such as Thank God It’s Friday (1978), The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1962), and Bronk (1975). Over the years, Jacqueline had her fair share of striking romances, adding three marriages and divorces to her life story.

In 1976, Jacqueline Carlin married American actor and comedian Chevy Chase. The couple’s life as husband and wife started strong, filled with tender moments and love. However, as time went on, their relationship weakened due to disputes and misunderstandings. Their marriage gradually flickered, ultimately ending in a divorce in 1980.

Following her marriage to Chevy Chase, Jacqueline found love once again with Terry Melcher, a talented American music producer and musician. The couple exchanged their vows in 1981, and during their time together, they welcomed a son named Ryan Melcher. Unfortunately, their marriage, too, came to an end in 1997.

Before her marriages to Chevy Chase and Terry Melcher, Jacqueline Carlin was married to Peter Byam Cannon. Details about their relationship remain sparse, but they eventually divorced as well.

Throughout her life, Jacqueline Carlin experienced the highs and lows of romantic endeavors. Yet, she remained a strong and independent individual. Now she is mostly remembered for her work in the entertainment industry and her involvement in these high-profile relationships.

Personal Life

Throughout her life, she experienced multiple relationships and marriages. Carlin was first married to Peter Byam Cannon on January 8, 1966; however, their union did not last long, and they eventually separated. Later, she married Chevy Chase on December 4, 1976, and their marriage lasted for four years before they parted ways on November 14, 1980.

Jacqueline’s third marriage was with producer and writer Terry Melcher. The couple was together for more than 10 years before they divorced in 1997. During their time together, Jacqueline and Terry had a son, Ryan Melcher. Ryan has grown up to follow his parents’ footsteps in show business, working in real estate and the entertainment industry.

Away from the bustle of her acting career, Jacqueline found solace in simple activities such as lobstering and fishing. She enjoyed spending time with her family in New York City, exploring the beauty of Central Park, and appreciating the city’s diverse culture. Additionally, she and her family spent time in the Hollywood Hills, where they could enjoy the serenity of their Los Angeles home away from the glamour of Hollywood.

In recent years, Jacqueline Carlin has been living a quiet life, away from the public eye. It appears that she has shifted her focus to her personal life, making her family and her passions her top priority.

Health and Death

Jacqueline Carlin, born on November 20, 1942, in Essex Fells, New Jersey, was a talented actress known for her roles in Thank God It’s Friday (1978), Bronk (1975), and The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1962). Her career was marked by impressive performances, but her health issues eventually led to her untimely passing.

In her later years, Jacqueline was diagnosed with cancer, a difficult and challenging battle that she fought courageously. As part of her treatment plan, she pursued various alternative approaches to manage her illness. Among them, she followed a macrobiotic nutrition plan and an alkaline diet, both aimed at improving her overall health and wellbeing.

The macrobiotic nutrition plan she adopted focused on consuming whole and natural foods, like whole grains, vegetables, and legumes. The alkaline diet, on the other hand, aimed at maintaining an optimal pH balance within the body by consuming foods with a high alkaline content and avoiding acidic foods. Both these approaches are commonly utilized by cancer patients to support conventional medical treatments and minimize their side effects.

As her health further declined, Jacqueline was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Hospital, a well-renowned medical facility known for its advanced care in various specialties, including oncology. Unfortunately, despite her valiant attempts and the support of her loved ones, Jacqueline Carlin passed away on July 1, 2021 in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, USA.

Jacqueline Carlin’s journey was marked not only by her contributions to the world of entertainment but also by her resilience in the face of adversity. Her health battles will undoubtedly serve as a reminder of the challenges many face and the importance of seeking various approaches to maintain and improve one’s health.


Jacqueline Carlin Melcher, born on November 20, 1942, was an American actress best known for her roles in productions like Thank God It’s Friday (1978), Bronk (1975), and The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1962). Born in Essex Fells, New Jersey, USA, Jacqueline Carlin embarked on a successful career in the entertainment industry.

Throughout her life, Carlin showcased resilience and determination in both her professional and personal life. Despite facing several challenges, she always managed to bring a strong presence to her on-screen appearances. This quality resonated with her audience and was admired by those who worked with her in the industry.

Carlin’s impact on the American entertainment industry should not be underestimated. As an actress, she helped pave the way for future actors in her field and contributed to some significant productions. Her consistent work ethic and ability to captivate viewers spoke to her talent and passion for acting.

Tragically, Jacqueline Carlin Melcher passed away on July 1, 2021, at the age of 78 in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, after a year-long battle with cancer. Despite the loss of this talented actress, her legacy will undoubtedly live on through her contributions to the world of cinema and television.

Public Image

Jacqueline Carlin is a former actress who gained recognition primarily for her marriage with Chevy Chase, a well-known actor and comedian. She is also known as an ex-wife of Terry Melcher, a singer, writer, and music producer, with whom she had a son named Ryan Melcher.

Despite her connections with well-known figures, Jacqueline Carlin’s public image today remains relatively low-key. She has largely moved away from the spotlight and has stayed away from creating an active social media presence. Her IMDb page is limited and does not showcase an extensive portfolio in the entertainment industry.

As for Jacqueline Carlin’s career, she is known to have previously worked as a host and writer in the entertainment industry. However, specific details about her accomplishments or the programs she had been involved with are scarce. Her work has been overshadowed by her relationships with prominent personalities, leading to less focus on her individual achievements.

Due to Jacqueline Carlin’s limited presence online, there is no verifiable information on her net worth. It is important to note that she has not shared any financial details about herself. Additionally, the lack of comprehensive information on her professional background makes it difficult to estimate her wealth.

While Jacqueline Carlin has been married to famous individuals, she does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page. This could be attributed to her modest fame and limited direct impact on the entertainment industry. Most of the information available on her life and career is primarily through news articles and interviews.

In conclusion, Jacqueline Carlin maintains a quiet and private life away from the public eye. Her associations with Chevy Chase and Terry Melcher continue to garner attention, but her personal achievements remain relatively less explored.

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