Jaden Garza Makes Using Nomad Internet Even Easier with New Travel Bag

For people who live in metropolitan areas in the US, having good internet access is something that likely take for granted. It’s normal and expected, and there’s no reason why they wouldn’t have the opportunity …


For people who live in metropolitan areas in the US, having good internet access is something that likely take for granted. It’s normal and expected, and there’s no reason why they wouldn’t have the opportunity for it. But for nearly one quarter of the rural homes throughout the country, the story is not the same.

Many of these homes don’t have internet access at all, and those that do have it can’t rely on the spotty, slow, and frustrating service options available to them. Nomad Internet and Jaden Garza are planning to change that and bring connectivity to rural communities and off-grid homesteaders, as well as campers, RVers, and explorers all over rural areas.

The combination of 4G and 5G LTE connectivity used by the WISP (wireless internet service provider) is giving stable service to people who would never have been able to experience it before. What started to bring internet services to RV parks and campgrounds has turned into a huge opportunity and undertaking for Jaden Garza and his wife, along with their team.

Nomad Internet Continues Its Expansion

Nomad Internet was started by Jaden Garza and his wife Jessica in 2017, in Texas. The company’s first job was providing Wi-Fi services for a small RV park in their local area. That was so successful that they were soon asked to handle the same kinds of concerns at additional parks and campgrounds. The company quickly took off, as its popularity soared with travelers.

Since its creation, the company has had a big focus on ensuring people throughout rural areas and communities can gain the access they need to stable internet services. Campers and hikers need that reliability, but so do people who live off-grid or simply more rurally, in areas where there aren’t any good options for high-speed internet that’s stable and affordable.

Many of these communities and areas don’t have any fiber optic cable, so it’s not possible to carry a trusted internet signal that way. Because they don’t have stable internet they can’t do things like online banking, telehealth visits, or research for a question they have. It’s also a serious problem for children who need to do homework if they don’t have internet access at home.

Digital Nomad Options for Travel

The latest offering from Nomad Internet is the Nomad Air Travel Bag. This travel kit allows people to simply take the internet along with them, no matter where they’re going. There’s the opportunity for up to unlimited internet, along with a rapid solar charging panel and a “one week” battery for backup. Off-grid experiences can be safer and easier when internet is available.

Many of Nomad Internet’s customers were already using Nomad Air, and now they can use the travel kit to take that along when they head out for a weekend of camping, or they want to explore a new area. They don’t need to have electricity to use it, because the solar panel can operate the Wi-Fi and keep the battery charged. Traveling, camping, hiking, research, and more can all be accomplished more easily now, because isolated locations and a lack of electricity are no longer barriers to use.

Sunlight will easily charge the battery, and the fast-charging capabilities mean a person could stay on the move and still get the battery charged up sufficiently. Anyone who’s looking for information or needs to quickly provide data can do so with ease, and they won’t have to wait until they get back to a more urban area to connect with others.

Jaden Garza Knows the Power of Digital Connection

Staying connected matters. Even if someone wants or needs to live further away from more urban areas, or even in a location without power or other common amenities. Nomad Air and its travel kit option works for those situations. Exploring the wild, researching plant and animal life, conducting experiments in nature, or just getting away from it all are great reason to use Nomad Air.

The travel kit offers foot- and vehicle-based GPS tracking for safety and convenience and can help lost hikers and others get found and make their way safely back home. Going off-grid in a remote location always comes with risks, but many of those risks are greatly lessened when there are opportunities for internet connection along the way.

Choosing a nomadic lifestyle, or even just a more rural one, can be very relaxing and freeing. It does come with some inconveniences, though, and Jaden Garza is working hard to help lower the bar for entry to this lifestyle. With protection and security, it can be a much more enjoyable experience. Anyone looking to live more remotely should have internet access for safety.

Healthcare, video-chatting with relatives or friends, banking, and even remote work are becoming more popular today than ever before. Without internet access, though, people who live in rural areas can feel isolated. They may have trouble getting things done, too, since they can’t just get online and accomplish their task.

Digital connection is very powerful, and Nomad Internet was built around the idea of that connection. With 60 million Americans who live outside of major metropolitan areas, getting internet access to them can improve the quality of their lives. Even if they have service now, it’s typically not reliable or trustworthy. Internet should be something that’s there when it’s needed.

Jaden Garza Has a Vision for Internet Availability

As a graduate of the Harvard University Executive Training Program, Jaden Garza understands how people who are dedicated to helping can change the world. But those same people need the resources and connections to make things better. By making sure off-grid homesteads and rural communities can have reliable internet, Garza is helping those people work toward their dreams.

So much of life today is handled online. For someone who lives miles out of town, something like depositing a check through mobile banking could be much easier and more efficient than driving an hour to their bank. But if they don’t have a good internet connection, they’ll have to make the drive, instead. Not only is that frustrating, but winter weather or other conditions could even make it dangerous.

With the Nomad Air Travel Kit, Nomad Internet is providing additional opportunities for people to have internet, no matter where they are. Someone who doesn’t have electricity at their home, or who wants to travel to remote locations to camp, research, or explore, can get what they need.

There are many reasons why someone might want or need a remote internet option. For Jaden Garza, those reasons aren’t a concern. The most important thing for Garza and his team is that the internet is available, and the people who have access can decide how they want to use it. Whether that’s chatting with friends or going back to school, the possibilities are endless.

As the future of the internet continues to evolve, Nomad Internet and Jaden Garza will remain focused on helping rural Americans get access. Travelers exploring the back country, digital nomads who want to work from anywhere, and others who don’t have reliable internet access at their homes can get the interaction and information they need, and that’s what matters most.

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