James Sanders London Diamonds founder’s guide to investing in the gaming sector

James Sanders London Diamonds founder is riding high with his innovative sales model for the diamond market. Carving a niche in the diamond ring and engagement ring market London Diamonds is all about a fair …


James Sanders London Diamonds founder is riding high with his innovative sales model for the diamond market.

Carving a niche in the diamond ring and engagement ring market

London Diamonds is all about a fair price for bespoke jewellery and the most important diamond ring most people ever buy – their engagement ring.

The London Diamonds team communicates with customers via the London Diamonds Instagram page. And this is part of what makes James Sanders’ foray into the jewellery industry so successful.

James Sanders – a disruptive innovator and an active investor

James Sanders heads London Diamonds and is clear on his vision for the company.

As managing director he oversees the kind of personal service and expert knowledge that customers respond to.

London Diamonds – an innovative approach to selling engagement rings

Expert advice combines with skilled sales staff, a guaranteed way to buy diamonds without an inflated price tag and a business idea that is taking off.

London Diamonds MD James Sanders says: “The whole idea for London Diamonds came from a problem my wife and I had in upgrading engagement rings.

“It became very clear that the engagement ring market is not interested in a fair price for customers, and the jewellery industry as a whole needed shaking up.”

Customers should expect more from this luxury market

Whether customers are specifically looking for a brilliant cut stone for an engagement ring, or want an oval cut diamond for a special occasion, the whole process at London Diamonds is set up to ensure they’re not spending more than they should.

Explains James Sanders: “London Diamonds is all about a fair price, whether clients are after an oval cut or a round brilliant.”

Innovation and a client-centric approach works for London Diamonds

“By removing property costs from our outlay and by selling via an online platform only, we can still provide the human touch but make sure engagement rings are as affordable as possible.

“Cost is so important to people and many high level jewellers mark their products up in so many ways. We’re here to support our buyers and sell the highest quality gems at the best price without compromising on service.”

Entrepreneur and active investor in alternative asset classes

As London Diamonds Managing Director James Sanders is able to bring his innovative approach to diamonds and jewellery.

However, James Sanders’ success isn’t restricted to London Diamonds.

Currently based in London, James Sanders is an investor in a number of other sectors too.

James explains: “I’m constantly on the look out for new investment opportunities.

“If a motivated person has an innovative idea and can bring a certain life to it, then I am generally interested in their business plan.”

Finding the right investment deal in alternative sectors

James believes that the true value of any asset is difficult to find in a world where values are often artificially inflated.

As well as diamonds, James is interested in AI technology, alternative sectors and investing in gaming.

He says: “I’m very interested in tech and, as an entrepreneur, am looking for opportunities that make sense. And, while I am based in London, there are a number of tech-specific regions around the world that have high quality opportunities. For example, the gaming sector incorporates many opportunities for an entrepreneur armed with the best sector knowledge.”

How to invest in gaming – advice for future opportunities

For James, the gaming sector represents exciting investment opportunities for the future. It’s obviously vital to properly understand any sector you’re considering investing in, and to find the right support before making a decision.

James says: “So many people fail to properly research a new business sector before jumping in. By getting clarity on the gaming sector up front, investors can avoid low quality business opportunities that may end up losing them money.

“Alternative investments aren’t for everyone, but for those who have taken the time to do the research, there’s every chance of success.”

What is the gaming market worth on a global level?

In terms of market value, the gaming industry continues to rise.

Experts say that the global gaming industry will be worth US$218.8 billion by 2024.

The highest levels of growth are in the Asia-Pacific region. Currently this region accounts for more than half (55%) of gamers.

And this means that there are plenty of investment opportunities in the UK and around the world.

Exploring Investment Opportunities in the Gaming Sector

In the fast-evolving gaming industry, James Sanders offers invaluable insights into identifying and capitalizing on emerging investment opportunities. His experience in diversifying into alternative sectors, including the dynamic world of gaming, provides a roadmap for navigating this lucrative market. For a closer look at how entrepreneurial strategies can be applied to the gaming sector, revealing parallels with Jeremy Rainbird’s approach to business and investment.

Gaming spend by consumers has rocketed since the pandemic

The pandemic and corresponding global lockdowns have further increased consumer spending on games – both console, PC and casual/mobile.

Once limited by technology, video games today are highly immersive and remain a rapidly growing art.

Online gaming communities have evolved into important social hubs, with services that provide far more than the games themselves. Esports have crossed into professional sports, and streaming services continue to make billions.

In short, gaming has become an immersive part of life for more people than ever before. And, despite all of the geo political and economic challenges of the past few years, gaming in a sector that shows no signs of slowing down.

Finding new opportunities in gaming

Explains James: “I like to find opportunities in sectors that appeal to me, whether for the quality of those opportunities or because I can see that they are growing.

“Gaming and eSports have become part of billions of people’s lives in one way or another. ESports and gaming are now billion-pound industries, and in light of this, are obvious sectors to consider investing in.

“ESports itself is a small part of the overall gaming industry. Around a third of this sub-sector’s revenue comes from players based in San Francisco and around the US. And, importantly, it’s growing year on year.”

Three ways to get involved with gaming investment

If you’re wondering whether to invest in a gaming company, or considering shares in a limited company within the gaming sector, here are three possibilities recommended by James.

Whether they are right for your investment portfolio depends on your appetite for risk.

1. Investing in video games studios

James says: “Investing in studios is probably the highest risk investment decision. It’s extremely competitive and this won’t change. The biggest, most established developers tend to dominate the market.

“The best way to get involved is through private equity markets. You can find opportunities for stocks from the likes of EA and Activision Blizzard – arguably the biggest names in the sector. Investing in the studios themselves mean that you will have exposure to all of their franchises, titles and associated business lines.

“I’d argue that it’s a better option to make an investment in the early stages of a smaller studio. You can find lots of these on crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter.

“Think of investing in a development studio as on par with investing in an independent movie. While it can make you lots of profit, it is high risk.”

2. Investing in eSports teams

James says: “When it comes to eSports, investing in professional teams can net you big rewards. Investment usually happens through teams – in the same way that you might invest in a football or baseball team.

“However, remember that these eSports teams have embryonic business models. Many of the businesses aren’t yet profitable. Recently, investment groups have been selling off positions within eSports businesses as they’re not yet getting the return they want.

“However, this subsector will still increase in size and maturation. The market is correcting itself right now, but in the near future, it will be time to take a closer look for investment opportunities.”

3. Investing in tech and infrastructure companies

This is probably the best way to start out your investment journey within games,” explains James. “Investing in tech and infrastructure companies gives you a diversified way into this industry. It means your investment doesn’t solely depend on a single game being successful.

“Video gaming is obviously now about far more than the traditional boxed and console games. Social games like Fortnite and Minecraft have revolutionised how people play games and interact with other players.

“The kind of tech I’m talking about comes from companies like Discord and Twitch. Or Unreal Engine or Skillz for the actual underlying development tech. None of these companies rely on a single game performing well. “

Gaming represents many investment opportunities

For James, technology investments are undoubtedly the best way into the gaming industry.

Either way, gaming is definitely one of the biggest growth markets for the foreseeable future. The global video games industry is bigger than any other form of entertainment, including movies.

And with tech evolving year on year, there will always be new and better ways for people to play. Whether that’s with augmented reality games or the vastly improved virtual reality now available to developers, or it’s through another phenomenally successful open world social game that attracts millions of people to play all around the world, this industry will never fail.

Adds James: “I’m constantly looking for new investment opportunities within gaming. However, I always caveat any investor advice I give with the fact that investors must do their research before putting money towards any aspect of the sector.

“You should only ever invest what you can afford to lose, and that remains true for gaming as well. But there are so many different ways you can scale your investment decisions within this sector, that there is always going to be a route in that will suit you and your investment portfolio.”

To find out more about James Sanders, London Diamonds and his other business interests, head to his website.

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