Jay Mehler: The Journey of a Versatile Guitarist From Kasabian to Beady Eye

Jay Mehler is an American musician recognized primarily for his role as a guitarist. He gained prominence through his association with British rock bands, serving as the touring lead guitarist for Kasabian from 2006 to …

Jay Mehler
Real Name:Jason "Jay" Mehler
Birthday:September 8, 1971
Net Worth:N/A
Height:180 cm
Occupation:American Musician

Jay Mehler is an American musician recognized primarily for his role as a guitarist. He gained prominence through his association with British rock bands, serving as the touring lead guitarist for Kasabian from 2006 to 2013. After his tenure with Kasabian, Mehler joined Beady Eye, a band formed by former members of Oasis, and became a full-time member until their disbandment in late 2014.

Mehler’s musical journey continued to evolve as he embraced the role of a session and touring musician. His collaboration with notable artists, including working with Liam Gallagher since 2017, has kept him active in the music scene. Renowned for his guitar skills, Mehler’s contributions to the bands he has worked with are part of a larger narrative of contemporary rock music.

With a background that interlinks with British rock royalty, Mehler has established his presence on various stages, including red carpet events. His personal life has also captured public attention, notably through his relationship with Lee Starkey, the daughter of The Beatles drummer, Ringo Starr. Despite his connections with music legends, Mehler’s own artistry and musicianship stand on their own merits, making him a respected figure in the music industry.

Early Life and Career

Jason “Jay” Mehler had his early beginnings in Philadelphia and made a significant mark in the music industry as a skilled guitarist. His journey weaves through a personal background embedded in his hometown and musical endeavors that led him into the international spotlight.

Personal Background

Jay Mehler was born on September 8, 1971, in Philadelphia, United States. He is the son of John ‘Jack’ Mehler of Bucks County (deceased, 2013) and Judy (née Wyatt). He grew up with a sister, Jenna, who is married and has two children. Mehler’s formative years were spent in Warminster, where he also attended high school.

Musical Beginnings

Mehler’s trajectory in music began in his hometown, branching out as he honed his craft. Although specific details about his initiation into music are not extensively documented, it is known that he became prominently recognized as the lead guitarist for the British rock band, Kasabian, taking over from former guitarist Christopher Karloff in 2006. This position catapulted him into the public eye and established him as a formidable presence in the industry.

Professional Achievements

Jay Mehler’s professional achievements in the music industry are marked by his instrumental skills and collaborations with renowned rock bands. Notably, his tenure with Kasabian and subsequent role in Beady Eye reflect a career built on solid musicianship and adaptability within the British rock scene.

Role in Kasabian

Mehler served as the lead guitar player for the British rock band Kasabian from 2006 to 2013. During his time with Kasabian, he contributed to the distinctive sound that propelled the group to international acclaim. His guitar work featured on both studio recorded tracks as well as live performances, influencing numerous singles and B-sides that helped shape the band’s commercial success.

Transition to Beady Eye

In 2013, Jay Mehler made a significant transition and joined Beady Eye, a band formed by Liam Gallagher after the split of Oasis. Mehler’s musical talent extended to the bass guitar, showcasing versatility as he performed with Beady Eye until their disbandment in late 2014.

Other Collaborations

Beyond his roles in Kasabian and Beady Eye, Jay Mehler continued his career by working with various artists, including reuniting with Liam Gallagher. Since 2017, he has remained an active session and touring musician, displaying his skills as a guitarist and songwriter and collaborating in the production of albums and supporting live shows.

Musical Style and Equipment

Jay Mehler is known for his distinct musical style shaped by various influences and his choice of high-quality equipment that has become integral to his sound. His guitar work includes a blend of rhythmic precision and melodic play that has contributed to the sounds of Kasabian and Beady Eye.

Influences and Techniques

Mehler’s playing technique is often highlighted by a strong melodic sense and a penchant for incorporating a variety of influences ranging from classic rock to more contemporary styles. He is adept at crafting guitar parts that complement the song’s overall atmosphere while maintaining a distinct tone. His lead guitar work is characterized by a seamless integration of rhythm and lead styles, providing texture and depth to his performances.

Guitars and Gear


  • Gretsch G6120 Chet Atkins Hollowbody: A key part of Mehler’s repertoire, known for its versatile sound and comfortable playability.


  • Vox Amplifiers: Favored for their clear, rich tones that have become a staple in rock music.
  • Marshall Bluesbreakers: Often used for their warm, vintage crunch, suitable for the blues-infused rock that Mehler delves into.


  • Blackstar HT-Dual Pedal: Provides a range from clean boost to overdriven tones, adding dynamic range to Mehler’s playing.
  • Univibe Pedal: Emulates the classic swirling effects prominent in psychedelic rock.
  • Electro Harmonix: A brand known for quality effects units that shape the distinctive sounds he is known for during live and studio performances.

Mehler has demonstrated a clear preference for gear that both honors the past and embraces the versatility required for modern music production. His guitar setup is a testament to his commitment to achieving the perfect balance of reliability and sonic experimentation.

Personal Life

Jay Mehler is recognized for his contributions to music, particularly as a guitarist, but beyond his professional life, he has a notable personal history as well. Mehler is not married but has been in a long-standing relationship with Lee Starkey, the daughter of Ringo Starr, the drummer from the iconic band The Beatles, and Starr’s first wife, Maureen Starkey. Lee Starkey is as creative as her father, carrying her passions into the world of fashion design and makeup artistry.

Their relationship began around early 2006 and they maintain a preference for privacy regarding their family life. Together, they have expanded their family and are parents to triplets. Their children’s names are Jakamo, Smokey, and a daughter whose name is not publicly disclosed from the given search results but is known to be part of the family unit.

Lee Starkey has faced personal health challenges, having battled a brain tumor, although this occurred prior to meeting Mehler. The family appears to keep their life out of the widespread media coverage, prioritizing their privacy and focusing on their personal lives away from the public eye.

Jay Mehler’s union with Lee Starkey and the birth of their children marks a personal chapter entwined with notoriety, given the link to The Beatles’ legacy through Ringo Starr. However, they seem to navigate this intersection of personal and public facets of life with careful discretion.

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