Joann Winkhart: Unveiling the Life of Criss Angel’s Ex-wife

Joann Winkhart may not be a headline name in every home, but she has undeniably touched the fringes of fame through her past marriage to the renowned illusionist Criss Angel. An American by nationality, Winkhart’s …

joann winkhart
Real Name:Joann Winkhart Cave
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:American Former Model, Businesswoman, Animal Activist, Ex-wife of Criss Angel

Joann Winkhart may not be a headline name in every home, but she has undeniably touched the fringes of fame through her past marriage to the renowned illusionist Criss Angel.

An American by nationality, Winkhart’s professional pursuits have included modeling, and she gained significant attention during her relationship with Angel.

While the marriage ended in divorce, the period she spent alongside the magician left an imprint on pop culture, due to her appearances on his show, “Mindfreak,” and the public interest in their personal life.

After parting ways with Criss Angel, Winkhart has maintained a more private life.

Her entrepreneurial spirit is evident through her association with The Refuge and K. Pacho Restaurants.

Despite the shadows cast by her high-profile marriage, Winkhart has stepped out on her own, building an identity separate from the limelight that once followed her.

Key Takeaways

  • Joann Winkhart is known largely for her past marriage to magician Criss Angel and has a background in modeling.
  • Although her marriage to Criss Angel ended, she has continued to forge her own path including business ventures.
  • After her divorce, Winkhart has sought privacy, focusing on her entrepreneurial interests away from the public eye.

Early Life and Education

Joann Winkhart’s journey began in the suburban setting of East Meadow, New York, where she took her first steps toward a future in fashion and modeling.

Her early life, set against the backdrop of a close-knit community, laid the foundation for her educational pursuits and eventual career in modeling.


Joann was born and raised in the United States, specifically in East Meadow, a tranquil suburb in New York.

During her formative years, family life was private and out of the public eye, fostering an environment where Joann could grow and develop away from the limelight.

She attended local schools in East Meadow, including East Meadow High School, which is noteworthy as she walked the same halls as her would-be ex-husband, Criss Angel.

This shared educational experience would later be a small thread in their intertwined lives.

Rise to Model

After completing her high school education, Joann made a foray into the world of fashion.

Her stature and poise paved the way for a stint as a fashion model, though not much is publicly known about her modeling career.

It’s implicit that her education, while providing the academic credentials, also silently bolstered her confidence to step into the fashion sphere.

Joann’s modeling journey, albeit less documented on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, contributed to her personal and professional growth.

Despite not having an extensive presence on social media, her early modeling career remains a testament to her willingness to explore and express herself through the creative medium of fashion.

Relationship with Criss Angel

JoAnn Winkhart’s relationship with Criss Angel was a significant chapter in her life, encompassing not just marriage but also collaboration in the limelight.

Married Life

JoAnn Winkhart experienced a life-changing moment when she married Criss Angel, the acclaimed illusionist.

They tied the knot in 2002, stepping into a union that brought together not only two individuals but also two distinct careers.

As often happens with celebrity marriages, their union, while deeply personal, became a point of public interest.

Public Life

Their relationship took center stage as they worked together on the television show “Mindfreak,” where they formed a dynamic team.

Winkhart frequently appeared alongside her ex-husband, garnering attention from both fans and media.

However, their marriage concluded when the couple divorced.

The details of their separation, including spousal support, remain part of their private life and a subject of interest for the public.

At present, Winkhart’s relationship status post-divorce is that of an ex-wife to the celebrity illusionist.

Life After Divorce

Joann Winkhart, known for her marriage to American magician Criss Angel, embarked on a journey of personal growth and career development after their divorce. She found new love and continued her advocacy for animal rights.

Personal Growth

Joann Winkhart has embraced a positive outlook on life post-divorce.

She channeled her energies into finding happiness and fulfillment in her personal life.

Photos shared on social media platforms depict her joyful moments, indicating that she has found love again with Rich Cave.

Their relationship stands as a testament to her ability to move forward and find contentment in her personal connections.

Career Moves

Dedicated to her cause, Joann has become an outspoken animal rights activist.

She leverages her public image to raise awareness and advocate for the well-being of animals.

Although not much is publicly shared regarding her net worth or participation in events and photoshoots, it’s evident that her professional life is intricately linked with her passion for animal advocacy.

She has successfully maintained a balance between her convictions and her public endeavors while keeping a low profile in the media.

Interests and Advocacies

JoAnn Winkhart is recognized not only for her past association with an illusionist but also for her deep compassion toward animals and her ventures in the business realm.

Passion for Animals

Winkhart has a profound affinity for animals, advocating for their welfare and protection.

As a dedicated HSUS District Leader Volunteer, she invests her time and efforts to prevent animal extinction and abuse.

Business Endeavors

In addition to her activism, Winkhart is known for her entrepreneurial spirit. She has shown interest in the culinary scene by engaging with the hospitality industry.

Her business ventures have seen her connecting with establishments such as K. Pacho Restaurants and The Refuge located on Long Island, blending her activism with business acumen.

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