Julie Condra: Talented Actress And Supportive Wife

Julie Condra, an American model and actress, was born in Winters, Texas on December 1, 1970. Raised by her parents, Priscilla and Jeff Condra, she spent her early years in Winters before her family relocated …

Real Name:Julie Michele Condra
Birthday:December 1, 1970
Net Worth:$1 million
Height:170 cm
Occupation:American Actress, Wife of Mark Dacascos

Julie Condra, an American model and actress, was born in Winters, Texas on December 1, 1970. Raised by her parents, Priscilla and Jeff Condra, she spent her early years in Winters before her family relocated to San Antonio, Texas when she was 9 years old. This move marked the beginning of her journey in the entertainment industry, as she started modeling and appearing in local TV commercials at a young age.

Shortly after her family’s relocation to San Antonio, Julie Condra’s talents caught the attention of the industry and she was crowned Miss Texas Teen at the age of 14. With this achievement, she transitioned into an acting career which allowed her to further showcase her skills on both the small and big screens. Throughout her career, Condra has managed to make a significant impact in film and television, earning admiration from both audiences and her peers.

Early Life and Education

Julie Condra was born in Winters, Texas. She lived there until the age of 9 when her family moved to San Antonio, Texas. Since a young age, she demonstrated her talent in the entertainment industry by starting her modeling career at the young age of 9. Condra appeared in local TV commercials as a child in San Antonio.

At the age of 14, she achieved significant recognition as she was crowned Miss Texas Teen. This spotlight allowed her to further her career in modeling and acting. As she grew older, she began to focus more on acting. However, her early years in modeling and the Miss Texas Teen title undoubtedly played a crucial role in paving the way for her future success as an actress.

Beginning of Acting Career

Julie Condra’s acting career started at a young age, after she had already gained experience in local TV commercials and modeling. Born in Winters, Texas, Condra moved to San Antonio with her family at the age of nine, where her on-screen journey began.

A notable early role in Condra’s career was her appearance in the TV series, Who’s The Boss, in 1987, where she played the character Susie. This was followed by a variety of small roles in other TV series including Aaron’s Way, Eerie, Indiana, Walker, Texas Ranger, Weird Science, Class of ’96, Against The Grain, and One Night in Bangkok.

Condra’s breakthrough came in 1990 when she landed the role of Madeline Adam in the popular TV series The Wonder Years. This opportunity allowed her to showcase her talent and make a mark in the acting world. Her performance in the series received praise and opened up new doors for her career.

As Condra continued to appear in various TV series, her diverse acting range became apparent. Her portrayals in different genres, from drama to comedy, demonstrated her versatility on screen. Over time, Condra built a stable acting career and became a recognizable figure in the entertainment industry.

Julie Condra’s engaging journey in Hollywood, highlighted by her versatile acting roles and her supportive partnership with Mark Dacascos, mirrors the paths of Elisabeth Waterston and Darby Stanchfield. While Waterston brings a rich family acting legacy to her performances, Stanchfield is celebrated for her compelling roles, notably in “Scandal.” These narratives showcase the dynamic and multifaceted lives of women in entertainment, balancing personal commitments with professional achievements, and underline the resilience and versatility required to navigate the complexities of the industry.

Movie Career

Julie Condra began her acting career in the late 1980s with a small role in the movie Papa Was a Preacher. She continued her journey in the film industry with various roles in movies and television. One of her notable movie appearances was in Crying Freeman, where she played the character of Emu Hino. The film, released in 1995, was based on the popular manga series and showcased Condra’s talent as an action heroine.

In 1994, Condra appeared in the Oliver Stone film, Nixon, an American biographical drama. The film was a critical and commercial success, adding to her growing profile in Hollywood. Her role in A Tale of Two Bunnies was another significant entry in her filmography. This television movie, released in 2000, was a lighthearted comedy that highlighted Condra’s versatility as an actress.

Throughout her career, Julie Condra has worked in various genres, including drama, action, and comedy. In the movie Touch, released in 1997, she played the character of Shelly, showcasing her skills in the dramatic genre. Condra also appeared in the action film Drive, where she played the character of Deliverance Bodine. The film’s combination of action and humor highlighted Condra’s ability to adapt to different genres.

In addition to her movie roles, Condra has appeared in television series such as Wrong Is Right, Junior Pilot, and The Legend of Billie Jean. These TV appearances have further demonstrated Condra’s range as an actress, as she has taken on roles in various formats and tones.

Throughout her career, Julie Condra has proven to be a versatile actress in both film and television. From her beginnings in the late 1980s to her more recent projects, she has successfully navigated a diverse range of genres and roles, showcasing her talent and experience.

Notable TV Roles

Julie Condra is a talented actress who has appeared in numerous television shows over the years, showcasing her versatile acting skills. One of her early notable roles was in the TV series Santa Barbara, where she was nominated for a Young Artist Award for Best Young Actress in 1990.

Condra continued to gain recognition in popular television shows such as Evening Shade, where she portrayed the character Emily in the early 1990s, and Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, in which she appeared as Paige and showcased her comedic talents over a series of episodes.

Throughout her career, Julie Condra has displayed her ability to take on various roles in different genres. In the mid-1990s, she appeared in a few episodes of Married… With Children, a classic sitcom, playing the role of Robin. Around the same time, Condra also guest-starred in an episode of the popular detective show Diagnosis Murder, starring the legendary actor, Dick Van Dyke.

Her acting career continued to flourish with appearances in action and crime shows like the short-lived series High Tide and Robin’s Hoods, wherein she played engaging and memorable characters.

In addition to these roles, Julie Condra has also appeared on The Tracey Ullman Show, showcasing her skills in sketch comedy. With a wide range of TV roles under her belt, it is evident that Julie Condra has had a diverse and successful acting career.

Awards and Recognition

Julie Condra, a talented actress, has received recognition for her performances throughout her career. One notable award nomination was for the Young Artist Award in the category of Best Young Actress in a Daytime Drama. This nomination showcased her exceptional skills as a young actress in the entertainment industry.

Though Condra may not have an extensive list of awards to her name, her work in television and film has left a lasting impression on audiences. She has played memorable roles in popular shows such as The Wonder Years, where she portrayed teen dream Madeleine Adams, and Walker, Texas Ranger.

In addition to her work on television, Condra has also appeared in movies like Crying Freeman, further demonstrating her versatility as an actress. Her performances have garnered her a dedicated fanbase and industry acclaim.

While Julie Condra’s career may not be filled with numerous awards, her dedication to her craft and the noteworthy roles she has taken on are a testament to her talent and success in the entertainment world.

Modeling to Acting Transition

Julie Condra began her career as a model, gracing the covers of various magazines and walking down the runway for esteemed designers. While modeling offered her an entry point to the world of fame and glamour, she knew that acting was her true calling.

Her passion for acting led her to initially take on smaller roles in TV commercials. These commercials allowed her to hone her acting skills and develop a strong on-camera presence. Condra’s ability to captivate the camera eventually garnered the attention of casting directors, who saw potential in her acting abilities.

As she continued her transition from modeling to acting, Condra sought out opportunities to work in television series and films. She understood that creating a successful acting career would require dedication, continuous learning, and adaptability. By building on her modeling experiences, she was able to leverage her skills, presence, and connections in the industry to forge a new path.

Throughout her career, Julie Condra took on a variety of roles that showcased her versatility as an actress. The success of her acting career can be attributed to her persistence, talent, and willingness to take risks in a competitive industry. With a steady focus on her craft and a passion for performance, she successfully navigated the transition from model to actress and inspired other professionals in the process.

Personal Life

Julie Condra’s personal life has seen her share enriching experiences. She first married actor Brandon Douglas in 1992, but the couple eventually divorced in 1995. Condra later found love and companionship with martial artist actor Mark Dacascos. The two got married on January 5, 1998, and their union has been going strong ever since.

Together, Julie Condra and Mark Dacascos have built a beautiful family. They are proud parents to three wonderful children – two sons and a daughter. Their eldest son, Kapono Dacascos, is followed by their second son, Makoa Dacascos, and the youngest member of the family, daughter Noelani Dacascos. The family is known to share a strong bond and cherish their time spent together.

Throughout her personal journey, Julie has managed to strike a balance between her career in the entertainment industry and her family life. The couple’s shared interest in the film industry has further strengthened their connection and understanding. As Condra continues to pursue her passions and navigate life with her loved ones, her personal experiences only add to her depth and growth as an individual.

Current Work and Net Worth

Julie Condra is an accomplished actress, known for her work in both television and film. With a career spanning over four decades, she has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. Julie Condra’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million, which she has accumulated through her acting and modeling career.

Some of her notable work includes appearances in popular movies and television shows. Being married to Mark Dacascos, a talented actor and martial artist with a net worth of $2 million, Julie Condra and her husband undoubtedly form a successful couple in the entertainment world.

Condra’s career success has not only earned her recognition but also allowed her to work with diverse actors from different cultural backgrounds. For instance, she has had the opportunity to collaborate with Japanese artists, reflecting her ability to adapt to new environments and cultures.

In summary, Julie Condra’s vast experience and achievements in the entertainment industry have garnered her both respect and a considerable net worth. With a strong work ethic and commitment to her craft, she continues to impress audiences worldwide.

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