Kalea Marie Cephus – First Daughter Of Rapper Offset

Kalea Marie Cephus is the daughter of rapper Kiari Cephus aka Offset, and Shya L’amour. Both her parents are musicians. Kalea has become a celebrity mostly thanks to her celebrity father. She continues to appear …

Real Name:Kalea Marie Cephus
Birthday:March 23, 2015
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:Daughter of Rapper Kiari Cephus aka Offset

Kalea Marie Cephus is the daughter of rapper Kiari Cephus aka Offset, and Shya L’amour. Both her parents are musicians. Kalea has become a celebrity mostly thanks to her celebrity father. She continues to appear in paparazzi photos and news articles.

Kalea has siblings from her father’s other relationships. Her mother is from Tampa, Florida. How much do you know about Offset’s daughter? What about his other children and relationships? Today, we will try to answer all of your questions.

Who Is Her Father?

Born Kiari Kendrell Cephus in December 1991, Offset is an American rapper. He rose to prominence as part of the rap group Migos alongside his cousin Quavo and his late first cousin Takeoff.

Kiari, alongside his cousins and members of Migos, was raised middle-class in suburban Gwinnett County, Georgia. Offset was the one to form the group in 2008 with his cousins Quavo and Takeoff. To get a better understanding of the family tree, Offset is Quavo’s cousin, and Quavo is Takeoff’s uncle. The three of them grew up together in a suburban area near Atlanta.

Offset started his career early on. At 9 years, he was featured as a backup dancer in Whitney Houston’s video, What chu looking at┬áin 2002.

Migos gained recognition in 2013, following the release of their single, Versace. They released their debut studio album in 2015, titled Yung Rich Nation.

In 2017, their single Bad and Boujee became an Internet phenomenon and meme. There were countless memes with the lyrics rain drop, drop top, performed by Offset.

That single peaked at Number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. In 2017, Offset also released a collaborative album alongside 21 Savage and record producer Metro Boomin. It was titled Without Warning. That album contained the single Ric Flair Drip, peaking in the Top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

Besides his career with Migos, Offset has released solo music and has collaborated with other artists like Drake, Macklemore, and more.

In February 2019, Kiari Cephus released his first solo album, titled Father of 4. It featured the single Clout with Cardi B.

In June 2021, the rap group Migos released their fourth album, Culture III. In May 2022, there were rumors that Offset would leave the band and it will disband. He and his wife Cardi B unfollowed Quavo and Takeoff after the two of them announced a duo project, Unc and Phew.

Things escalated in October 2022, when there were reports that Offset slept with Quavo’s ex-girlfriend, Saweetie. After that, Quavo and Takeoff released a collaborative album titled Only Built for Infinity Links without Offset’s input. There was no formal split, but Quavo said he would like to see his and Takeoff’s career as a duo.


Who Is Her Mother?

Kalea Cephus has a celebrity father, but also a musician mother. Her mother is Shya, a rapper just like Kalea’s father.

She goes by the stage name Shya L’Amour, but her real name is Nicole Marie Algarin. Born in 1988 in Florida, she briefly dated Offset from April to July 2014. And during that period, she got pregnant. Nicole Algarin and Offset dated before Migos became one of the most successful rap groups.

Although they split up, she gave birth to their baby daughter Kalea Marie Cephus in 2015. Offset was not present in Kalea’s life during the formative years. In the beginning, he was skeptical that Kalea is his daughter.

According to several reports, Shya offered to pay for a DNA test to prove fatherhood, but he refused to take it. Then, Shya said he blocked her number after she told him she was pregnant.

Eventually, he came around and accepted Kalea as his daughter. Yet, Shya felt she was getting only limited financial support from her baby daddy. The musician went to court seeking more child support money, causing a strain in her relationship with Offset and his then-wife Cardi B.

Shya Lamour revealed a bunch of scathing texts where she showcased the American rapper begging her for sexual favors while he was married to Cardi, and she was pregnant with their child.

But the trio decided to maintain a low profile and stop airing dirty laundry against each other.

Quick Bio

Kalea is only 8 years of age as of March 2023. But she has already had her name in the media, even for some bad press. The celebrity kid is the daughter of two rappers, Offset and Shya L’Amour.

While her parents are not together now, she managed to steal public attention. She is the first daughter of Offset, who previously had only boys from his relationships and marriages.

Her older brothers are Jordan Cephus, born in 2010, and Kody Cephus, born in 2015.

The little baby’s exact birth date is March 23rd, 2015. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America.

That means she is American, yet her parents are of mixed ethnicity. She is of African-American and Latino descent.

Her parents began dating in 2014, but their relationship was filled with controversies and drama, ending in just a few months.

Her mother raised Kalea alone until she was three years of age. She almost did not get her father’s last name.

Initially, he didn’t believe Kalea was his child until they subjected her to a DNA test. Offset then fought for her to answer his last name, and he and Kalea’s mother eventually agreed to joint legal child support.

How Is She Related To Cardi B?

Biologically, Kalea Maria Cephus is in no way related to Cardi B. But Cardi became her stepmother when she married Migos rapper Offset. And the famous American singer showed love to her blended family.

She shared photos from her son’s Wave Set first birthday. At that special celebration, she and her husband Offset posted with all five of their children.

Cardi B wrote “My Hearts” in the caption on Instagram. She then thanked Tremaine Emory and Denim Tears for the matching outfits of the family.

The big family looked stylish in floral-printed denim pieces, with Cardi and little Wave all in denim jackets and jeans.

Photo: instagram.com

Does She Have Brothers And Sisters?

Kalea’s father has had a number of relationships and marriages. His first four children appeared on the cover art for his album Father of 4 in 2019.

His five children include Jordan Sephus, his firstborn son to Justine Watson in 2010, Kody Cephus, his second son born to Oriel Jamie in 2015, his daughter Kalea born to Shya L’Amour in 2015, Kulture Kiari Cephus, his daughter born to Cardi B, and his son Wave Set Cephus, born to Cardi B in 2021.

Is She On Social Media?

Kalea is just eight years of age as of March 2023. She is too young to be legally allowed to be on any social media platform.

Yet, she often appears on the Instagram profile of her father, and stepmother, Cardi B.

Net Worth

Kalea Cephus is a celebrity child born with a silver spoon. Her mother had trouble raising Kalea on her own. But when she legally won the case for child support, things improved.

That is mostly due to the fact that Kalea’s father, American rapper Offset, has a net worth of more than $26 million. That is more than enough for Kalea, her mother, and her siblings to live a normal and comfortable life.

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