Both Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton have had well-celebrated and successful music careers. They have collaborated many times, however, recently a new duet from the pair has been discovered.

A previously unheard duet by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton is a love song that is equally honest as the one that first made their collaboration well-known. The song “Tell  Me That You Love Me,” has been released in a compilation album for Rogers.

Read on to learn more about this long-lost duet between Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton.

Posthumous Album Features The Lost Duet

In March 2020, Kenny Rogers passed away. Now in 2023, we are getting a new album from Rogers which has been crafted by Rogers’ wife Wander. The new album will feature covers and original songs never released by Rogers before.

When you look into the songs that will be on this album. You will discover that there is an important and rare song that fans of both Rogers and Dolly Parton should keep an eye out for.

“Tell Me That You Love Me” is the sought-after love song from the pair that music fans will want to listen to. Over the years the pair have created lots of memorable songs and performances, and this final song is believed to be one of the best.

What Is This Song About?

Further investigation on this track, and looking into the lyrics of this song, show that this is a classic Rogers and Parton track. It is a traditional and soulful love song, where the person within the song wants their partner to open up to them. They want them to just tell them that they love them.

When you listen to this song, you can hear the emotion of the artists. It’s great that fans can finally own and listen to this song. It is a reminder of the love and friendship the artists had for one another.

Will This Song Be Performed Live?

It is difficult to say whether this song will ever be performed live. There is a chance that Dolly Parton may perform this song in tribute to her dear friend.

James Collins from Cheapo Ticketing claims that due to the discovery of this duet, Parton may have never performed this song live. Yet, since her friend’s passing, she could very well add the long-lost duet to her track list when she plays at a concert.

Since this is a country song, there is always a higher chance she will perform it at her upcoming Nashville Concert. Or during the Women of Country Tour where she is billed to play this year.

Both tours celebrate country music and women within this industry as well. Thus, no one is more perfect to perform than Dolly Parton.

How Many Songs Do Rogers And Parton Have Together?

The friendship between Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers began in 1982 when they worked together on the song “Islands in the Stream.”  This friendship has lasted for more than three decades.

The pair’s most well-known collaborative project is “Islands in the Stream.” The duet spent 24 weeks as the number-one song on the Billboard chart in 1983.

‘Real Love’ and ‘Love Is Strange’ are the other two of the songs Dolly and Kenny have worked on together. Additionally, the two collaborated on the Once Upon A Christmas CD, which was published in 1984.

While ‘You Can’t Make Old Friends’ was a song created just for the pair and released in 2013 under their name.

On October 25, 2017, Dolly and Kenny gave their final duet together in Nashville at the Bridgestone Arena. Kenny Rogers: ‘All In for the Gambler’ was the name of the event. It served as both a celebration of Kenny’s career and his last performance before retiring.

Overall, the pair have performed together a couple of times and had a handful of successful duets together. However, nothing can ever top their most successful duet “Islands In The Stream” which is still enjoyed and listened to today.

Final Thoughts

Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton have had a long and successful friendship together. Their duets are some of the most well-known country music that people still enjoy today. Thanks to the posthumous album being released by Rogers, fans can listen to a long-lost duet between the pair.

There isn’t much information available surrounding this duet. Yet, it contains the same soul and magic that you would expect from this pair.

We hope this article has given you a better insight into the long-lost duet between Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.