Real Name:Kimberly Fey
Net Worth:$2 million
Height:170 cm
Occupation:American Realtor, Sound Engeneer, ex-wife of Donnie Wahlberg

Kimberly Fey is a singer and sound engineer known for her marriage to Donnie Wahlberg. It was by her professional endeavors that she met Donnie Wahlberg, who was a member of the Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch band, for whom Kimberly worked on at least one of their albums. Soon after meeting each other, the two began a romantic relationship that lasted until their separation in 2008.

Career Ups and Downs

Unfortunately, Fey hasn’t revealed a lot about her childhood, together with her exact birth date – identified to be in 1969 – and place, and names and vocation of her mom and dad. Additionally, we don’t know if she has any siblings or not, nor the place she went to high school, and which college she attended.

Before the divorce with her ex-husband, she used to work as a sound engineer. However, she is pursuing a career as a real estate agent. With her business partner Selena Stloukal, Kimberly works at RE/MAX ONE in California and Illinois.

Earnings and Income

From her professional endeavors, she has earned a considerable amount of income. Apart from that, she has received some money from her divorce settlement. Altogether, Kimberly Fey’s fortune is estimated at around $2 million.

Personal Life

She met Donnie Wahlberg when she was 22 years old. At that time, Wahlberg was still a musician and was a part of the Funky Bunch band. After they started dating, Fey was a big part of his life for much of his career. They tied the knot in 1999. Nevertheless, their first child had already been born six years previously, on 4 March, 1993, a son named Xavier Alexander Wahlberg. On August 20th, 2001 she had her second son, Elijah Hendrix Wahlberg.

They had a long run but their marriage ended in failure once Donnie was reportedly having an affair with Canadian model Michelle Tomlinson. They got into a fight and had a very messy divorce in the end. They got separated in 2008. That same year, Fey filed for divorce stating irreconcilable differences, a divorce that was finalized in 2010.

However, rumor has it that the reason for divorce was Wahlberg’s purported relationship with Canadian model Michelle Tomlinson. Fey filed for sole custody of the children with Donnie getting visitation rights. She also filed for spousal support and attorney fee from Donnie. Donnie is now married to comedian Jenny McCarthy.

Little is known about Kimberly Fey following their divorce. After the divorce, she fell under the radar and was not really seen publicly. Previously, she and Donnie were almost inseparable and were often seen on the red carpet together. Nowadays, Fey mostly keeps her life private, and nothing is known about her relationship status, except that she is most likely a single mother.