Kristin Grannis – Everything We Know About Jamie Foxx’s Secret Romance

Jamie Foxx is an unusual type of celebrity. He has been a star for quite some time. Yet, he is secretive about his romantic life. Usually, Hollywood stars take their partners to the red carpet …

Real Name:Kristin Grannis
Birthday:January, 1977
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:American Marriage and Family Therapist, Ex-partner of Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is an unusual type of celebrity. He has been a star for quite some time. Yet, he is secretive about his romantic life. Usually, Hollywood stars take their partners to the red carpet and proudly walk them. But Jamie Foxx is not like that. This is why the media found out about his romantic affair with Kristin Grannis years after they dated.

How much do we know about her? Well, not much to be honest. Her ex-partner gained prominence in the 1990s thanks to some television series and movies. Jamie made a name for himself in the classic sitcom In Living Color and then in the iconic 2004 movie, Ray. For that movie, he won an Academy Award.

Jamie is known for keeping his personal life confidential. Yet, we managed to find some information about his ex-girlfriend, Kristin Grannis. She is the mother of his daughter Annalise Bishop.

Who Is Her Ex-boyfriend?

Let’s talk a bit about Jamie Foxx, the person who is responsible for the fame and popularity of Kristin. Who is he? We are sure most of you know him by now.

Born Eric Marlon Bishop on December 13, 1967, Jamie Foxx is an American actor, comedian, and singer. Jamie got widely popular for his portrayal of Ray Charles in the 2004 biographical movie, Ray. For that role, he won several awards, including Golden Globe Award, BAFTA, Academy Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, and more.

In the same year, he was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, for his role in the crime movie Collateral.

Born in Terrel, Texas, he is the son of Darrell Bishop. His father was renamed Shahid Abdula following his conversion to Islam. He worked as a stockbroker, while his mother was Louise Annette Talley Dixon.

Shortly after his birth, Jamie was adopted and raised by his mother’s adoptive parents, Estelle Marie, a domestic worker and nursery operator, and Mark Talley, a yard worker.

His parents were not part of his upbringing, and he had little to no contact with his birth parents. Fun fact: he began playing the piano when he was five years of age.

Jamie had a strict Baptist upbringing. As a teenager, he was a part-time pianist and choir leader at the New Hope Baptist Church. This is one reason why he was as amazing as Ray Charles. He already had experience playing the piano.

The American actor attended Terrell High School, where he played basketball and football (as a quarterback). As a young kid, Jamie wanted to play for the Dallas Cowboys. Fun fact: he was the first player in the school’s history to pass for more than 1,000 yards.

Yet, instead, he chose acting. He began as a comedy actor, telling jokes at a club’s open mic night. This began in 1989, after accepting a challenge and a dare from his girlfriend. Fun fact: when he found out that female comedians were often called first to perform, he chose the stage name, Jamie Fox. He felt that was ambiguous enough to disallow any biases.

The surname he chose was a tribute to black comedian Redd Foxx. Jamie then joined the cast of In Living Color, where his character Wanda was a recurring character.

He made his film debut in the 1992 comedy Toys, and he then had a dramatic role in the movie Any Given Sunday by Oliver Stone. In 2001, he starred opposite Will Smith in the biographical drama Ali.

His biggest role remains Ray Charles in the biographical film Ray in 2004. But he also delivered an amazing performance in Django Unchained in 2012.

Foxx has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe with his portrayal of Electro.

Quick Bio

Now let’s go back to his former girlfriend, Kristin Grannis. The two dated for a while, but it wasn’t until 2017 that the internet started buzzing about her.

Who Is She? Where Is She Nowadays? Are They Still Together?

Born in January 1977 in the United States, Kristin belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. She has American nationality. Kristin is the daughter of Richard Grannis and his wife.

She is not a public figure like her ex-boyfriend. As such, there is little to no information about her early life, education, and career.

What we do know is that she enrolled herself at Antioch University in California and graduated with a Master in Arts in 2012.

Nowadays, she is a licensed marriage and family therapist.

Kristin lived a very private life until 2017 when the media found out she had been in a relationship with the famous actor.

Fans were surprised the two even had a daughter who was 10 years at the time. The revelation brought more questions than answers.

Relationship With Jamie

We do know that Hollywood is full of celebrities who are open about their relationships. But that is not the case with Jamie Foxx. As we can see, he is quite secretive.

Somehow, the American actor was able to keep his dating life with Kristin a big secret. One decade after the birth of their daughter, in 2017, the media found out she was the mother of his baby.

Since the revelation, they were more open to the public. While they are not dating anymore, they still hang out with their baby girl.

Do They Have Children Together?

As we said before, the public found out about their romantic relationship in 2017. At the time, their daughter, Annalise Bishop was 10 years of age.

Kristin gave birth to her daughter on October 3rd, 2008.

When that happened, Jamie didn’t reveal anything to the media. He wanted to keep everything behind closed doors. Now, he is more open about Annalise.

He also has another daughter, Corrine Foxx, born in February 1994. He got her from the relationship with Connie Kline.

Here is a fun fact, Kristin and Jamie once planned to marry. They shared a daughter but never married. Kristin has been all over the news since she was revealed as the actor’s baby momma.

They once decided on exchanging vows, and her father Richard was the one to mention they planned on getting married in 2017.

But that didn’t happen. The one time their relationship was in hot water was when Jamie was dating Katie Holmes. Because he spent most of his time with Katie, this alienated Kristin.

Jamie has two daughters, one of which is a model, actress, and television producer. Corinne Foxx was born in 1994, and Annalise was born in 2009. Corinne made her formal debut in 2014 and was named Miss Golden Globe 2016 in November 2015.

Unlike her sister, who is making waves as a model and actress, Annalise has lived her life out of the spotlight. She sometimes accompanies her dad to the red carpet events.

Jamie and Kristin continue raising their daughter together, despite the fact they are no longer dating. In 2020, they went on a couple of dinner dates without their daughter, sparking rumors they might be back together. But that hasn’t been the case.


Where Is Kristin Now?

As of October 2022, Kristin works as a marriage and family therapist in Agoura Hills, California. Her specialty is patients suffering from depression, anxiety, and relationship issues.

She is well-versed in several treatment approaches, including attachment-brain, brain spotting, CBT, culturally sensitive, and more.

Net Worth

There is no information regarding the net worth of Kristin Grannis. What we do know is the net worth of her former boyfriend.

As of January 2023, American actor Jamie Foxx has a net worth of more than $170 million. You can say that is more than enough to support his two daughters.

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