Kurapeak on Why is Testosterone Important for Menopausal Women?

We examine why testosterone is important for menopausal women and what steps can be taken to boost vitality within the body and ensure wellbeing is maintained or enhanced during this time. Most women experience menopause …


We examine why testosterone is important for menopausal women and what steps can be taken to boost vitality within the body and ensure wellbeing is maintained or enhanced during this time.

Most women experience menopause during their midlife phase; however, some women experience low testosterone levels for many reasons. This information is here to guide any woman who wishes to enhance wellbeing, increase energy levels and vitality at any stage of life. After all, if you start taking care of your body and mind from a young age, you will experience the benefits throughout your life.

When testosterone levels start to decline for menopausal women, it can lead to:

  • Low energy
  • Fatigue
  • Decreased mental wellbeing
  • Headaches
  • Cognitive function
  • Reduced libido
  • Loss of muscle and bone density
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Weight gain
  • Reproductive issues
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Vaginal health

Those lucky enough to have a healthy balance between testosterone (other androgens) and estrogen have ovaries functioning at their optimum level. 

Testosterone in women is produced in much lesser amounts than in men. The ovaries and the adrenal glands produce it. The testosterone decline is not reserved for the midlife menopause phase for women; it naturally declines over a woman’s lifespan after reaching its peak around 20.

Testosterone in women is vital for the sexual and reproductive system. Healthy levels of testosterone contribute to a healthy libido by increasing dopamine (the pleasure neurotransmitter) in the central nervous system. Low levels create a reduced sex drive! 

Women who experience unusually high testosterone levels can suffer from a condition called Polycystic Overy Syndrome or PCOS.

Of course, we are all unique, and some women naturally have higher or lower levels of estrogen, and some have higher or lower levels of testosterone. That, of course, comes down to genetics, but lifestyle and how well you take care of your body can impact how it well develops, how well it functions and how balanced your systems remain.

While the results of low testosterone in men and women aren’t necessarily welcome, it has more of an impact on men and is more of a natural process for women. The idea of increasing your testosterone as a woman shouldn’t be the main focus. 

As with all natural changes in the body as we age, it’s not a case of reversing what’s happening; it’s about helping your body remain balanced and in a place where any symptoms of the changes are minimal, rather than profoundly irritating.

Ways to help your body increase balance and wellbeing

How much you eat matters.

No doubt you immediately thought about overeating, but not eating enough can also harm how healthy and well balanced your body is. Balance is, of course, somewhere in the middle. This balance is what you’re looking to achieve with your nutritional intake if you want to help ensure your body stays fit and well, not just during menopause but also for all time. Eating a diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, pulses, whole grains (and if you’re inclined), lean (unprocessed) meats, fish, and seafood all provide balanced nutrition.

Sleep is a healer.

Sleep has thankfully made its way into the limelight in recent years, and for a good reason. Sleep is so essential to a healthy hormone function. 

The optimum amount of shut-eye for adults is between 7 and 9 hours. If you go to bed late and get up early and have a restless night, you could create a more significant imbalance in your hormones than needs to be!

Lack of enough sleep or quality sleep can affect your stress levels, increase appetite, anxiety, and increase disease risk.

If you’re experiencing the symptoms of low testosterone, it’s worth noting that the hormone increases as you sleep and most notably during deep sleep when the body heals itself. So, ensuring you get enough sleep and enough deep sleep is vital to creating greater balance in your hormonal system.

Eat 2 hours before bed, refrain from using technology in the bedroom, make sure the room is well ventilated, dark and if you struggle to get off to sleep or sleep deeply, consider taking a natural supplement such as Valerian and/or hops.

Take a wellbeing supplement.

Modern lifestyles can play havoc with physical and mental wellbeing and hormone balance, especially for menopausal women whose hormones are declining. This time of life is more important than ever to increase balance within the body. A supplement with naturally derived ingredients can play a part in achieving a healthier balance and increasing vitality.

Main Take Away

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You can’t stop the natural ageing process, but you can give your body the best chance at remaining balanced and healthy in body and mind.

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