Face masks have proved invaluable in the world’s efforts to thwart the advance of the coronavirus pandemic in populated areas around the world. Here in the UK leading face mask suppliers have answered the call and are now providing an extensive variety of different coverings suited to different purposes and budgets to bolster safety measures on-site and in the streets.

From anti-bacterial and anti-viral options to reusable coverings that can be cleaned at home and worn multiple times, there is an extensive selection available to purchase from online stores. Leading UK face mask suppliers that are green-minded are also quick to offer masks made of sustainable materials, aware of the long and short-term consequences of non-recyclable plastic waste on our environment.

In the following sections, we’ll explore just some of the possible solutions available for purchase from face mask suppliers here in the UK.

Anti-bacterial and anti-viral face masks

Some challenging environments require a more intensive level of protection, so masks that have anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties are offered by suppliers. These masks can kill 99.9 percent of all bacteria and are typically designed to be comfortable when worn for long stretches at a time.

Three-layer antiviral face masks are even more powerful and have been proven to kill coronavirus on contact in independent laboratory testing. As well as COVID-19 they also provide protection against other viruses like the common flu that circulates in the UK.

Reusable face masks

Often crafted from poly-spandex, these reusable fabric face masks are offered by ethical UK suppliers to cut back on unnecessary plastic waste. Reusable masks can be washed in your machine at home and are designed for use by both men and women. Companies concerned with sustainability will even enclose each mask they supply in biodegradable packets.

As well as being eco-friendly, masks that can be worn time and again are also a far more cost-effective option than constantly requiring to purchase new protective face coverings after a single use.

Disposable face masks

UK face mask providers understand that when staff must come into contact with potential infection carriers, there are times when face masks used must be disposable. This doesn’t mean that the masks thrown away have to cause a problem for the environment. Leading suppliers will offer masks manufactured from either biodegradable fabric or materials that are already using recycled materials. Some plastic masks for example are made from recycled plastic bottles.

Printed face masks

Many businesses are now requesting face masks that feature their branding, from company colours and slogans to dedicated logos displayed for all to see. Suppliers here in the UK that produce high-quality face masks will sometimes offer this additional option, making masks in bulk that are made to measure for specific businesses.

Masks can be printed or embroidered with company details while still benefitting from 99.9 percent protection against harmful bacteria. Branded masks can offer companies a smarter and more cohesive business image when all staff members are using the same type while working alongside each other.

Today’s leading suppliers are able to respond quickly to bespoke needs and can often turn around large orders of tailor-made masks in days rather than weeks allowing companies to get equipped fast and keep staff safe while looking smart.

So, whether your firm is looking for reusable coverings, masks printed with the company logo, or antibacterial solutions well-made and designed for long hours of use you’ll find top UK face mask suppliers can deliver while always considering the impact products can have on the environment alongside their ability to protect people across the country.