Learning How to Relax While on Vacation

Although it may seem counterintuitive to say so, going on a vacation can actually be a fairly stressful experience. Traveling isn’t cheap, and vacations never seem to be quite as long as you’d like them …


Although it may seem counterintuitive to say so, going on a vacation can actually be a fairly stressful experience. Traveling isn’t cheap, and vacations never seem to be quite as long as you’d like them to be. You don’t want to end your vacation feeling like you haven’t made the most of your time, and you certainly don’t want to spend your entire vacation trying to decide what to do.

Another factor that can increase your stress level during your vacation is the fact that you might simply be the type of person who has trouble unwinding at all. Do you feel like you spend the majority of your time trying to find ways to be more productive, get more things done and earn more money? Do you sometimes have trouble enjoying your weekends because you’re too busy thinking about Monday? You shouldn’t assume that your normal mindset will automatically change just because you’re on vacation. In fact, you may even find it more difficult to relax because of the fear that you’ll end up going home feeling as though you haven’t made the most of your vacation time.

So, you’ve got some vacation time coming up. You’ve picked your ideal destination, and you can really picture yourself having a great time there. You’ve even rented your own private villa in Montego Bay. The next step is to make sure that you’ll be able to unwind once you reach your destination, and the way to do that is by having an idea of what you’re going to do when you get there. You don’t want to leave things so loose that you end up spending all of your time trying to decide what activities look like the most fun, and you also don’t want to schedule your time so strictly that you end up spending your vacation feeling like you’re still working. The ideal way to relax is by having a general idea of what you’re going to do with your time so that once you get there, you can just unwind and enjoy your holiday.

These are just a few of the relaxing vacation activities that will leave you feeling like you’ve really made the most of your time away from home.

Engage in a Little Low-Tech Fun

If you enjoy games, there’s a good chance that you’ll be tempted to bring your favorite game console with you – or at least spend some time playing games on your phone – during your vacation. There are a few reasons why electronic entertainment isn’t always the best idea when you’re on vacation.

  • If you spend your vacation time doing the same thing that you do during downtime at home, you might end up going home feeling like you weren’t on vacation at all.
  • Many video games – particularly mobile games – aren’t really designed to engage your mind. They’re just there to pass the time while keeping you moderately entertained. However, they can also be quite addictive. The “just one more level” syndrome can quickly start to set in, and before you know it, you’ve spent half of your day playing a match-three puzzler. You don’t want to go home feeling like you spent thousands of dollars to play with your phone.
  • If you use your phone for work communication, playing mobile games while on vacation is a serious no-no because you’ll just end up thinking about work – and probably taking calls and answering text messages – the entire time.

Playing games during a vacation is a great time, of course, but you’ll feel like you made more of your vacation if you play something that’s more mentally engaging and is less of a solitary affair. Instead of bringing your game console with you, bring a few board games instead. For some cooperative fun with your family, try an escape room game like “Unlocked,” a mystery game like “Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective” or a role-playing game like “Gloomhaven.”

Let the Vacation Rental’s Staff Reduce Your Workload

One of the greatest things about renting a private villa is that you’ll have access to staff members who can attend to your needs and help to make sure that you spend your vacation relaxing instead of performing the same tasks that you do at home. Depending on what that particular facility offers, the amenities might include a chef, a laundress, and a private car and driver. Why spend your time cooking, cleaning and trying to find your way around when those services are already included in the price that you’re paying for your private villa? Taking full advantage of the amenities is a big part of what makes vacation so much fun – and nothing is quite as conducive to relaxation as having someone else do some of your work for you.

Give Yourself Permission to Spend Some Time Doing Nothing

One of the best ways to make a vacation feel longer and really maximize your relaxation time is by giving yourself permission to do nothing at all – which is probably something that you rarely do at home. You don’t need to plan a major activity for every day of your vacation, and you don’t have to spend every evening out. It’s fine to spend some time doing absolutely nothing. Lie in a hammock and catch some rays for a few hours. Sit and read a book by the pool. Relax in the hot tub while watching the sun set. Sometimes, being completely idle – and giving yourself permission to enjoy it – is truly the key to proper relaxation.

Recognize That Proper Relaxation Sometimes Requires a Little Assistance

There are times when doing nothing at all is the best way to relax, and there are other times when a little professional assistance can really take your relaxation time to the next level. Spending a day at a spa or enjoying a lengthy massage session are both great ways of recharging your batteries and ensuring that you’ll return to work feeling energized and ready to go. If you typically avoid things like massage sessions because they feel too indulgent, a vacation is the perfect time for that indulgence.

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