Real Name:Lizzie Lerae
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:American OnlyFans Model

Lizzie Lerae is a young woman who has found an alternative way to earn money. Nowadays, there are many websites where you can sell soft pornographic content. There are websites where women post only their feet and earn money.

OnlyFans is a bit more revealing. And Lizzie is not the only one there. Many women have opted for the platform as a way to earn money.

How much does she earn? How popular is Lizzie? Let’s find out.

Quick Bio

When you open Lizzie’s OnlyFans profile, her bio reads, “The biggest brat you know. Spoil Me. Do not subscribe unless you are ready to have a full obsession with me and my content. It all comes off here”.

Well, that doesn’t tell a lot about her, right? Judging by her photos, we can assume she is a young girl in her teenage years or 20s.

There is no info about her exact birth date, but her OnlyFans website profile reads Miami, Florida. Was she born there, or is she living there at the moment? We do not know. That might be her birthplace, or it might be her residential place.

With that in mind, we know some people opt to earn money from pornographic websites as a way to pay their scholarships and college fees.

But we cannot guarantee that is the case with Lizzie Lerae. There is no info about her early life, educational background, or anything of such nature.

Lizzie first came to the limelight when her photos and videos were shared online. They began circulating online on different social media websites.

With that in mind, Lizzie Lerae Original Leaked Content Video and Photos became a thing and went viral. There were many photos on Reddit and similar platforms.

But as we know, Lizzie is a celebrity who wants to earn money by selling her photos, and you need to pay a subscription to view them.

That is why they have been since removed from Reddit and similar platforms.

Her footage helped her gain interest and popularity, becoming one of the new stars on OnlyFans.

Fun fact: Her bio also reads, “Full of myself”. And if you look at her bio, you can notice her height as well, which is 5 feet.

That suggests Lizzie is a rather short girl.


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Is She On Social Media?

Women who earn money through OnlyFans regularly have a social media platform. On the latter, they tease new subscribers with sexy content, before they invite them to view their pornographic available content.

With that in mind, Lizzie is active on Instagram. She has a profile with more than 101k followers. And it says, “You won’t want to miss this”.

You can find her under the username “brattyxliz”. Her backup, “brattylizzz” has 10k followers. Fun fact: both of them are private profiles. Whether Lizzie accepts you as a follower or not, it is up to you to try and see.

She doesn’t have a Twitter account.

Lizzie On TikTok

As we know, OnlyFans has a section for pictures and videos. And Lizzie teases her photos on Instagram, but her videos on TikTok.

There, you can find sexy videos, but also comedic ones. For example, you can find videos titled “coming home to my man after a girls night out”, “when he calls you too skinny”, and more.

Of course, her signature feature, the large boobs, is the first thing you notice when watching most of these videos.

She is rather new to TikTok and has only 26k followers there.

Lizzie At Only Fans

As we said before, Lizzie Lerae is primarily known as an OnlyFans model. But she is rather new to the business.

Lizzie has only 50-something posts so far on the adult content website. If you want to subscribe to her Brattylizz content profile, you will need to pay $20 per month.

Sometimes, she will run limited offers like subscribing for $3 for 31 days. New models on the platform often run these offers to get more subscribers.

But after a while, you will get to pay the regular price. Lizzie has yet to offer Gold or Vip membership for her subscribers.

That means everything is off. As we said in the beginning, her bio reads, “The biggest brat you know. Spoil Me. Do not subscribe unless you are ready to have a full obsession with me and my content. It all comes off here”.

Net Worth

So, how much is Lizzie’s net worth? How much money does she earn from her modeling career? So far, there is no information disclosed online about her earnings, salary, and net worth.

With that in mind, according to statistics, average members earn up to $180 per month from OnlyFans. Yes, some people earn up to $1 million per month. They are among the top content creators. Lizzie is still in the early phase of her modeling career.