Local Solicitors Outperform Nationals In Client Satisfaction And Results

SolicitorsNearMe.com, a leading UK-based legal search platform, has released a new study that has changed the way solicitors are viewed.  Before this data was released, the vast majority of solicitors (and those needing their services) …

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SolicitorsNearMe.com, a leading UK-based legal search platform, has released a new study that has changed the way solicitors are viewed. 

Before this data was released, the vast majority of solicitors (and those needing their services) believed that big brands offered a better service. These firms would hire the best of the best, giving them lucrative deals such as good pensions and excessive vacation days, thereby keeping their business ahead of the competition.

However, this study directly challenges the common perception that larger, nationally-based legal firms always provide superior services.

According to the data, clients of local solicitors reported a 22% higher satisfaction rate compared to those who retained services from national law firms. Additionally, local solicitors demonstrated a 15% higher success rate in litigation cases and a 27% faster case resolution time.

The Study In Summary

Although we recommend reading their study, we have broken down the main points into easy-to-skim-read data.

They found that local solicitors received a client satisfaction rate of 89%, while national law firms received 67%.

They found that local solicitors had a success rate of 78%, while national law firms achieved 63% success.

They found that the average case was resolved in 6 months with local solicitors, while national law firms took 8.2 months on average. 

Talking To Experts

When this study was released, we booked an interview with the SolicitorsNearMe.com team. Nick Jervis, the founder of Solicitors Near Me, was more than happy to share his thoughts.

He explained that “Our findings clearly demonstrate the crucial role local solicitors play in the legal services sector. 

Local solicitors not only have a comprehensive understanding of the community and its unique dynamics, but they also foster stronger, more personalized relationships with their clients. This level of personalized service, our data suggests, directly translates into superior client satisfaction and successful outcomes.”

Jervis, a renowned legal expert with over two decades of experience in the industry, further commented, “This study should serve as a wake-up call for clients who prioritize quality service and results. The myth of ‘bigger is always better’ has been debunked. We believe our findings will empower clients to make more informed decisions when choosing their legal representation.”

It’s clear that Jervis is keen on sharing the impressive power of local services, but more studies are needed to confirm or reject his team’s findings. For now, we have a new insight into finding the right solicitor for our needs.

How To Find The Right Solicitor

Using this new information and the added details in the research, we have collected a small tick-box list to help you find the right solicitor for your project. This information can help you decide if you need a local or national provider. 

Local Knowledge

If your solicitor isn’t aware of the issues in your area, or the laws and regulations in your state, then they will not know the best information for your case. All lawyers should be confident in these procedures before taking on a client, however, national law firms may be contacting you from distant places.

For example, if you are in court because of negligent driving, local lawyers may be aware of the common issues on that road, while a national lawyer may be oblivious – thereby not giving you the best outcome.

A local solicitor will also be familiar with local procedures and practices within the local courts, which could be advantageous and allow for quicker turnarounds.


If the local solicitor has a new firm they might not have connections to local courts and judges yet. This means they haven’t got insider knowledge or social relationships with the people they need.

Ideally, you should pick a solicitor that has one foot in the door already.


You need to speak to your solicitor in a face-to-face manner as often as possible. This can help them break down the producer to you, and for you to explain details to them.

A local solicitor should offer this service easily, however, if they are overworked or have taken on too many clients, then a national law firm could have more space. 

Talk to your local firms to see how you can fit into their current workload. 


National law firms often have a group of specialists in their roster which means that an expert will be able to help you with any issue. Local law firms are less likely to have that diversity. However, if you find a local law firm that specializes in your topic, you can still experience the local positives without compromising on skill.

Either way, make sure your solicitor is proficient in your case type.

Final Thoughts

In the past, the best advice for choosing a solicitor was to reach out to a big national firm as they had access to the most diverse team. However, new research has shown that local laws, that specialize in your area of need, are more likely to succeed.

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