The beloved Henley is one of those t-shirts you could wear every day and not get bored.

It looks great paired with almost everything, flatters the body, and is super comfortable and soft.

Whether it’s spring, fall, or winter, a Henley with long or short sleeves is also excellent as a layering piece.

But what are the differences between a long sleeve vs. short sleeve Henley tee and how to wear them? We investigate.

Henley tee

Henley is a soft, body-hugging t-shirt with a button placket down the neck. It was an athlete-favorite for a while that later blew up and conquered the men’s fashion world.

The great thing about a Henley is that it manages to be simple and yet super cool at the same time, so even wearing it with basic jeans makes you look like you’ve put in some effort.

Henleys come in different colors and style variations, but there’s just one really big difference in style: the sleeve length.

The differences 

Okay, so yes, the main difference is the sleeves (duh), but there are a few more, and knowing them helps make you the best fashion choices.


It’s up to you which Henley to wear in summer or winter, but generally short sleeve Henleys are best suited for the summer and long sleeve ones for the winter.

It’s not just the obvious thing that it’s warmer with long sleeves, but the fabric is usually also different, and short sleeve Henleys generally are thinner and let your body breathe better on hot days.


Styling is an even more subjective topic, but we believe that one Henley is superior to the other in some instances.

For example, if you’re looking to style your tee with jeans and a sports jacket, we strongly recommend choosing a long-sleeve Henley. This will create a more wholesome look for the office, dinner dates, and various casual events.

The same goes for such pieces as puffy or knit vests and blazers.

Now, vice versa, when you want to style your tee with shorts or a denim vest, you will probably look better with a short sleeve Henley.


The last important thing to consider is the occasion. If you’re going for a summer barbecue at your friend’s house, you can go no wrong than a short sleeve Henley paired with a classic jean jacket.

The same goes for such activities as hikes in nature or, e.g., a kayaking trip. Think of cargo pants and hiking boots for the look. Don’t be afraid to go big when it comes to colors and experiment with red, blue, and pastels.

If the occasion is leaning to a more formal one, a long sleeve Henley will fit the dress code more as it covers up your arms and doesn’t show too much skin. For this, the combo of a burgundy tee and grey or navy chinos plus dark loafers will be a winner.

When dressing up for semi-formal occasions, remember that colors shouldn’t clash, so choose such classics as navy, beige, and grey.

Quality and fit

While these guidelines are loose, they give you something to think about when choosing and styling your Henley.

However, a couple of things go for either style.

Those are the quality and the fit. You only want high-quality fabrics for your Henley, so you look put together for any situation. Never buy cheap synthetic tees because they will get you sweating and won’t last.

You can find these sorts of quality items in Fresh Clean Tees online store, that offers fantastic options for affordable prices.

Secondly, it’s the fit. Go for a fit that hugs your figure nicely without making you look ridiculous (not too baggy, not too tight).