Lory Del Santo: In-Depth Look at Her Life and Career

Lory Del Santo, born Loredana Del Santo on September 28, 1958, is an Italian actress and model who made her entry into the entertainment world in 1975. Hailing from Povegliano Veronese, Del Santo began her …

lori del santo
Real Name:Loredana "Lory" Del Santo
Birthday:September 28, 1958
Net Worth:N/A
Height:175 cm
Occupation:Italian Actress, Model, Former Romantic Partner of Eric Clapton

Lory Del Santo, born Loredana Del Santo on September 28, 1958, is an Italian actress and model who made her entry into the entertainment world in 1975. Hailing from Povegliano Veronese, Del Santo began her career as a valletta, or hostess, in the Festivalbar, setting the stage for her journey in showbiz.

Throughout her career, Del Santo has appeared in various Italian films and television shows, but she is perhaps most famous for her personal life and tragedies. She was romantically involved with English musician Eric Clapton, with whom she had a son, Conor. In 1991, their young son tragically fell from a window, leading Clapton to pen the emotionally charged song “Tears in Heaven” as a tribute and means of coping with his grief.

Despite enduring personal hardships, Lory Del Santo has shown resilience. In addition to her work in Italian cinema and television, she has ventured into directing with notable projects such as “The Lady” film series. Through the years, she has continued navigating her life in the public eye while also making a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

Early Life and Career

Beginnings in Modeling and Acting

Lory Del Santo was born on September 28, 1958, in Povegliano Veronese, a small town in the Veneto region of Italy. At the young age of 16, she started her career as a valletta (female television assistant) in the 1975 edition of Festivalbar, a popular Italian music show. Del Santo then moved to Rome to further her career after completing high school. During this time, she represented Italy at the Miss Universe competition in 1980.

Rise to Fame

In the late 1970s, Lory Del Santo got her first film roles, mainly in Italian sexy comedy films. She, later on, became known for her roles in television shows like Drive In and Tagli, Ritagli e Frattaglie. As an actress, she has made a significant impact in the Italian entertainment industry. Del Santo’s personal life also increased her fame, mainly due to her romantic relationship with English musician Eric Clapton, with whom she had a son, Conor Clapton. Tragically, Conor passed away in 1991.

Notable Works and Media Appearances

TV Host and Reality Shows

Lory Del Santo, an Italian actress, has made significant appearances in various TV shows and reality programs. She rose to fame through roles in popular television shows like Drive In and Tagli, Ritagli e Frattaglie. Apart from her acting career, Del Santo has also participated in several reality shows, notably L’isola dei Famosi, La Fattoria, and Pechino Express. These shows aired on Canale 5, a leading Italian television channel owned by Mediaset.


Besides her TV appearances, Lory Del Santo has had a successful film career. She is both an actress and a director, known for her works in The Lady 2: L’odio passionale (2015), The Lady 3 – La Perfidia Patinata (2017), and The Lady (2014). A comprehensive list of her filmography can be found on her IMDb page.

Published Works

Apart from her accomplishments in television and film, Lory Del Santo is also an author. In 2000, she published her autobiography titled “Leggo, Penso, Sogno” (I Read, I Think, I Dream). The book covers her life experiences, personal relationships, and her journey in the entertainment industry.

Personal Life

Relationships and Family

Lory Del Santo, an Italian TV actress, was born on September 28, 1958. She gained fame not only for her acting career but also for her relationships with notable figures, such as musician Eric Clapton. While still married to Pattie Boyd, Clapton fathered a son with Del Santo. Their son, Conor, was born on August 21, 1986.

Conor Clapton’s Tragic Death

The family faced unimaginable tragedy when Conor, only five years old at the time, fell from the 53rd floor of a New York building on March 20, 1991. This devastating event was caused by an open window left unattended by a cleaner. The immense grief and guilt experienced by both parents deeply affected their lives. In response to this tragedy, Eric Clapton channeled his emotions into music, composing the heartfelt songs “Tears in Heaven” and “Circus.”

Health and Wellbeing

For Lory Del Santo, the pain of losing a child was not limited to Conor’s tragic death. In August 2018, her son Loren took his own life at the age of 19, due to a serious brain disease that caused a mental collapse. Lory has endured unfathomable loss, having to cope with the death of not just one, but three children over the years, including another child not mentioned in the search results.

Despite these heartbreaking events, Lory remains a resilient figure, confronting her pain and forging ahead in life. She maintains a strong and courageous demeanor, using her personal memories and experiences to navigate through health challenges and continue her journey in the entertainment industry at the age of 65.

Legacy and Influence

Lory Del Santo, an Italian actress and model, has had a significant impact on the entertainment industry, as well as on popular culture at large. Over the years, she has become a symbol of resilience and strength in the face of personal tragedy.

Cultural Impact

One of Lory Del Santo’s most notable and enduring cultural contributions is the song “Lady of Verona,” which was dedicated to her by the legendary musician Eric Clapton. This song serves as a testament to their relationship and has become a well-known piece for both the artist and the muse.

Moreover, Del Santo’s perseverance and determination in overcoming monumental challenges in her life have made her a role model for many. Her tragic past, which includes the loss of her son Conor Clapton in a fatal accident, has become part of her public image and story. The memory of Conor’s tragic death has led Del Santo to advocate for safety in the home and the importance of cherishing every moment with loved ones.

Del Santo’s career as an actress has also influenced the cultural landscape during her time, particularly through her work in Italy. Some of her well-known works include the Italian television show “Il commissario Rex,” where she portrayed the character of Magda. In this role, she showcased her acting skills and contributed to the show’s popularity.

In addition to her work in film and television, Lory Del Santo has made a mark in other forms of entertainment, such as the circus. Her passion for the performing arts led her to collaborate on projects in this field, further demonstrating her versatility and commitment to the industry.

Throughout her life, Lory Del Santo has faced adversity and tragic circumstances, yet she has managed to forge a lasting legacy and influence in the world of entertainment. The strength and determination she has shown in confronting her personal hardships have endeared her to countless fans and served as inspiration to many who have faced similar experiences.

Public Image and Perception

Media Coverage and Criticism

Lory Del Santo is an Italian actress and model who has made a significant impact within the entertainment industry. Alongside her work as a TV personality, Del Santo’s relationships and personal life heavily influenced how she is perceived by the public and media.

As a result of her film and television work, Del Santo became a familiar face to Italian and international audiences. She has appeared on various TV shows and events, establishing her presence within the Mediaset media group, known for its wide range of channels and content.

However, Del Santo has experienced her fair share of both praise and criticism due to the nature of the media coverage. For instance, her personal relationships have often been a focus of gossip columns. With her highly publicized relationship with musician Eric Clapton, Del Santo found herself in the media spotlight. Although Clapton dedicated the song “Lady of Verona” to her, their relationship grew more complicated, as Clapton fathered a son, Conor, while still married to Pattie Boyd.

Del Santo’s image has also been affected by controversial appearances at events such as the Venice Film Festival. Such instances have contributed to a greater level of scrutiny towards her public image.

In summary, Lory Del Santo’s public image and perception have been heavily shaped by both her professional career and her personal relationships. As an actress, model, and TV personality, Del Santo has garnered significant media coverage, assessed for both her accomplishments and controversies.

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