Luxury real estate: what do you need to know?

The concept of luxury is extremely subjective and personal. There are some people who consider a small, cosy cabin in the mountains to be the height of luxury simply because they are far from the …

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The concept of luxury is extremely subjective and personal. There are some people who consider a small, cosy cabin in the mountains to be the height of luxury simply because they are far from the daily grind. Whereas for others the epitome of luxury is to be on a veranda by the sea in winter, , nestled in a blanket and admiring stormy roar of the waters.

In many cases simply can simply be that exception to the rule, an escape from routine to indulge in only occasionally that leads to dream destinations, where everything slows down and you can be yourself again to the core.

Then there is a more absolute concept of luxury, the impeccable one, which refers to extreme comfort, to something that few can afford and that certainly improves the quality of life, at least within the four walls of the home. Luxury real estate has always been a favourite topic for gossip, architecture and trade, design and art magazines.

But what ordinary people often wonder, perhaps as they pass by the tall fences surrounding dream villas, is what makes them so special. Beyond the grandeur, size, and the beauty of its exteriors, what makes a property truly luxurious?
Let us try to draw up a short list of characteristics that allow a house to be classified as a luxury home.

Environmental sustainability

As overblown as the term “environmental sustainability” may seem, in the field of architecture and building engineering it is a topic that touches on many different nuances and was, until a few years ago, the preserve of only those who could really afford it.
Even before environmental sustainability rose to the forefront of public debate, there was a current of planners intent on creating designs for extra-luxury houses totally immersed in the land, with the sole aim of minimising their impact on the landscape and making them as self-sufficient as possible.

This means digging houses out of the rock, topping them with blankets of grass, plunging them into the ground without removing a single ray of light from inside them.

But it also means equipping them with installations and systems that draw energy from the elements of nature, reducing consumption to zero. Arguably, environmental sustainability and the reduction of landscape impact, especially outside the urban walls, correspond to the highest concept of luxury real estate.


From the continuous pursuit of harmony between man and nature, architecture has been inspired not only to design the location of a luxury home, but also to bring into it those elements necessary to promote well-being and self-seeking.

This, in practice, translates into real SPAs and gyms set up inside them. From the outdoor swimming pool to the hot tub, not forgetting the massage room and, space permitting, also the sauna, chromotherapy, Turkish bath and a relax corner with an herbal tea room.


Luxury apartments are actually only the tip of the iceberg of a lifestyle that favours only first-class products in all categories and spheres of life.

To hold so many treasures, however, one must necessarily have a safe place to store them. Home security is therefore essential, along with the presence within it of a room or piece of furniture dedicated to the most precious possessions, with higher protection systems. Many times, the goods to be protected are not only money and jewellery, but also works of art, unique pieces, furs, bottles of wine, truffles.

If there is one thing that sets these types of houses apart, it is the extravagance of tastes and interests of the people who live in them, the desire to collect and obtain something unique and very precious that no one else has and to keep it in the safest and most discreet place possible.

Movie theatre

Why settle for just a TV when you can install a real home cinema?

Comfortable armchairs, but also beds or pillows, popcorn area, drinks galore and the screen with its projector, are all necessary elements for memorable evenings of films and TV series, suitable for the whole family.

Guest area

No well-respected luxury house can be without an area to accommodate friends and relatives. A few rooms or entire annexes, as long as everyone feels at home, with his or her rightful privacy, but without ever feeling excluded from the core of the home.

Hall and breathtaking view

A true luxury property is always distinguished by a glimpse, a privileged, exclusive and unseen viewpoint of the area. And this almost always corresponds with the reception room, the one where guests of all kinds are welcomed, from family to business dinners.

A room that is usually completely separate from the intimate area intended for relaxation and family conviviality.

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