How are you spending your lockdown time?

For some, the days are taken up with work or homeschooling, but for others, it’s an excuse to enjoy some much-needed downtime. Others are using the time to take up new skills, while some are making the most of enforced time at home to have a bit of a spring clean, or redecorate. Whatever approach you’re taking, TV beds are a great addition to any home during lockdown – and here’s why.

1. They help you to truly relax

Everyone loves a lie-in…and what better way to spend a lazy morning catching up on your favourite TV shows or watching a film than lounging on a comfortable mattress, pressing a button and seeing your TV rise up out of the foot of the bed in front of you? Of course, it’s not just lie-ins either: if you’re spending more time watching TV or films now that we can’t go out in the evenings, head to king size tv bed with a drink and some nibbles and immerse yourself in something great to watch. No having to pick yourself up off the sofa and take yourself to bed if you fall asleep while watching, either!

2. They’re great for families with different viewing habits

With the whole household now at home almost all day and all night, there are bound to be clashes over the remote! News vs. kids’ TV shows, gaming vs. YouTube, soaps vs. a film night…the battle for control of the TV can lead to some big arguments. What’s more, with homeschooling a big thing, and many parents using either television programmes or YouTube videos to help make home learning more fun and accessible, it’s a good opportunity to disappear for a while and watch something on your own in your TV bed while they’re engrossed in their studies.

You can even find TV beds in single sizes, meaning that they can be perfect for teens’ and children’s bedrooms, too.

3. They can help you to declutter

Lockdown is a great time to have a clearout at home, making your living space more minimalist, soothing and clutter-free. Many of us have standalone TVs in our bedrooms, but with trailing wires and remote controls, they can add to the sense of clutter. With a TV bed, the wires the TV itself will be hidden – instantly making your bedroom look less cluttered – and with the wires hidden away and a compartment for the remote control, you’ll have more space available. What’s more, many TV beds include plenty of built-in storage, meaning you’ll have extra spaces in which to hide away anything from paperwork to sheets and spare bedding.

4. They can help with a bedroom revamp

If you’re one of the many people who is using the lockdown period to switch up your home decor, why not use a TV bed to help give your bedroom a revamp? There’s plenty that goes into a bedroom redesign: the floor covering, the furniture, the paint or wallpaper on your walls, the curtains, the light fittings…so you’ll want a bed that looks right at home in your newly redesigned space.

TV beds come in a huge variety of different styles, sizes, colours and materials, meaning that you’ll always find a TV bed to suit your own personal style and taste. Not only will it make a stylish addition to your bedroom, with a super-comfortable mattress, great amounts of storage and, of course, the added benefit of a hidden, built-in television, your bedroom space will be looking and feeling incredible in no time at all!