Our homes are our safehavens and it’s important that you spend time making yours the best that it can be. The majority of us spend a whole lot of time in our own four walls, relaxing, bonding with family and friends, cooking, watching TV, completing chores, sleeping and more. So, you need the environment to be as hygienic and healthy as possible to maximise your wellbeing while spending time in the space. Achieving this is simple if you follow just a few steps. Here are some to try out soon!


If your home has clutter lying around, you’re not alone. The vast majority of us have all sorts of belongings that we neither want nor need, simply taking up space in our properties. Now, there are countless reasons to clear these out by decluttering. Not only will it make your home more comfortable and less cluttered with fewer trip or other safety hazards, but it also means dirt and dust won’t have items to build up on and hide behind as effectively. Take each item you own and determine whether you use it or if it has significant sentimental value. Is the answer no? This item can go. Sell it, donate it to charity, recycle it or give it a family member or friend.

Deep Cleaning

Once you’ve delcutterd, you’ll have a fresh canvas to work with. You can now deep clean to leaver your home as healthy and hygienic as possible. Complete tasks that are often missed, such as cleaning the carpets with a carpet cleaning machine (you can buy or hire these), dusting hard to reach surfaces or corners, giving the toilet, bath and shower a good scrub and more. You will be left with a pristine home.

Promoting Air Quality

We can’t control the air quality we experience outside our homes, but we can significantly improve the air quality inside our homes. There are a few steps you can take to achieve this. Consider investing in Hunter Pure Air air purifiers. These devices actively purify the air around you. You may also want to invest in house plants, as they are natural air purification systems. Good options include English Ivy, Bamboo Palm, Chinese Evergreen, Gerbera Daisy, Dragon Tree and Peace Lilies. Just make sure you check if any options are toxic if you have children or pets.

Natural Light

Did you know that natural light can have a huge impact on your body. Our bodies regulate our circadian rhythms through exposure to natural light, which in turn impacts our sleep-wake cycle. If you’re exposed to natural light, you perk up and become more productive, ready for the day ahead. When you lack natural light, your body assumes that it’s the night time and begins to wind down to relax and sleep. Having access to plenty of natural light in your home can make your days a lot better. Consider clearing up window spaces or even fitting skylights.

There are plenty of ways to make yoru home healthier, but those outlined above should be relatively simply to implement. Give them a try and see how you get on!