McKayla Maroney Hot Pictures – Remembering The Popular Artistic Gymnast

Do you remember McKayla Maroney? She was one of the most popular gymnasts in 2012 following her appearance at the Summer Olympics. But it seems like she has moved away from the public. That is …


Do you remember McKayla Maroney? She was one of the most popular gymnasts in 2012 following her appearance at the Summer Olympics. But it seems like she has moved away from the public. That is true only if you do not follow her social media accounts. On Instagram, you can find countless of McKayla Maroney’s hot pictures.

As a medal-winning artistic gymnast, she sure as hell had a sexy body. Maroney was a member of the American women’s gymnastics team dubbed the Fierce Five at the 2012 Summer Olympics. They won a gold medal in the team competition, and she won an individual silver medal in the vault event.

She was also a member of the 2011 gold-winning American team at the World Championships. At the 2011 Championships, she also won the gold medal in the vault. And in 2013, she defended her title, becoming the first female gymnast to defend a World Championship Vault title.

Born McKayla Rose Maroney in 1995 in California, she is the epitome of being sexy and flexible at the same time.

McKaylaMaroney Meme


One of the reasons she became one of the most famous gymnasts in 2012 was her not impressed meme. After winning the silver medal at the vault event, a photographer caught her wearing a scowling expression.

And that is how the Olympic gymnast McKaylaMaroney not impressed meme was born at the 2012 Olympics in London. She performed a nearly flawless vault during the games on August 5th. Many believed she would win the gold medal, but during the second vault, Maroney failed to reach enough height to land on her feet. She fell on her backside, and that cost her the gold medal.

While she was being on the winner’s podium, she made a face that only a good photographer can catch. And that is Bryan Snyder of the international news agency Reuters.

She caught Maroney making a scowling expression. On August 7th, the topic blog was launched on Tumblr, showing photoshopped images of the gymnast. On August 6th, BuzzFeed compiled a series of AP and Reuters photographs from the women’s vault scene into an article, “McKaylaMaroney Falls, Lets Out Her Inner Mean Girl”.

It gained almost 200,000 views in the first 48 hours. After going viral, the meme was born.

Quick Career Resume

McKaylaMaroney started out as a young girl. When she was only 9 years of age, her parents enrolled her in a gymnastics school in California. One might say it was late, as girls in China and other eastern countries start even younger.

But she started training and dreamt of joining the Olympics team. In 2009, she agreed to enter a championship by Visa in Dallas, Texas. There, she achieved ended up as 27th. The next year, she competed in the Cover Girl classic, where she made it to 7th place.

She continued improving, and in 2010, Maroney was included in the American team for the Pan American Championships. The team swept the awards, and Maroney won first place on both floor and vault.

She finally qualified for the 2012 London Olympics. And with her help, the American team secured the top spot in the competition.

Sadly, Maroney suffered severe injuries following the Olympic and professional competitions. She had surgeries that helped her heal. But she still managed to compete at the Secret US Classic, where she won vault and finished third on floor.

In 2016, Maroney announced her departure and retirement from the professional and competitive gymnastics scene. Looking at her fit bikini body, you can see she could have finished with more than just a single gold medal.

Rigorous training is what helped her figure achieve perfection. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some McKaylaMaroney hot pictures.

Sexy Photos

Sexy Gymnast


When you talk about McKayla Maroney sexy photos, it is only fitting we start off with a gymnast photo. After all, she was one of the better gymnasts in the 2010s. Just look at the picture and how perfect her body is. Definitely one of the sexier competitors, right?

Medal-Worthy Body


Maroney won a couple of awards during her career in competitive gymnastics. But none is more valuable than the Gold medal she won at the 2012 London Olympics as part of the American gymnastics team. Her silver medal might have brought her internet fame, but a gold medal is a gold medal.

Not Impressed


After her meme went viral, Maroney traveled across the US and many reporters asked her to repeat her facial expression. But another one that went viral? When she posted alongside President Barack Obama. And he made her signature not impressed face as well. Priceless.

Fame Has Its Perks


We know fame and popularity have their perks. In the US, that means you get to throw the first pitch. Maroney has had her ceremonial first pitch, and it is all thanks to her popularity. Who knows, without the meme, she might not have gotten it.

Sexy Woman


When we talk about McKayla Maroney’s hot pictures and sexy photos, we have to include one from her red carpet events. She used her popularity as a platform to speak for those who need it. And as an athlete, she went wearing casual clothes, jeans, and a shirt. But this photo is a true example of how a sexy woman can look beautiful in jeans only.

Dots, Dots Everywhere


Polka dots were a huge trend back in the day. Women tried to look like Minnie Mouse. And white polka dots on a red dress is definitely an outfit that shows your sexiness. Add in some amazing boots, and you have a sexy outfit. Definitely suited for a young beautiful woman like McKayla.

Beautiful Woman


As we said before, many of McKayla Maroney’s sexy photos are from her social media. There, you can find countless sexy photos of the beautiful young woman. Take this one for example. Wearing a basic shirt, and she looks flawless.

McKayla Maroney Bikini Photo


When most people think of sexy pictures and hot photos, they think of a bikini photos. Luckily, the American gymnast has a smoking hot body. And she definitely looks amazing in a bikini.

Bikini Body


Here is another example of how perfect and stunning McKayla looks in underwear. Call it a bikini, call it underwear, she looks amazing in it. And there is no denying it.

Team USA


Looking like a true teenager with a USA T-shirt, Maroney is a great example of a sexy young woman. And she makes sure to support her country and show her love for it everywhere she goes. Right?

At The Beach


Here is another photo of McKayla at the beach, this time, in a stunning dress. A tight dress is a fitting choice for a woman of her measure. She can definitely be a model. Maroney knows how to pose for the camera since the 2012 London Olympics.

Doing The Splits


We started off with a gymnast photo, and it is only fitting with a gymnast photo. Only this time, it is in a more casual setting, in her backyard.

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