Michael Jamar Ford: What Happened With KeKe Wyatt’s Ex-Husband?

Michael Jamar Ford is best recognized for his time in the public eye during his marriage to singer KeKe Wyatt. Their relationship drew considerable attention, with their personal challenges and eventual split playing out in …

michael jamar ford
Real Name:Michael Jamar Ford
Birthday:June 21, 1986
Net Worth:N/A
Height:180 cm
Occupation:American Minister, Manager, Former Husband of Keke Wyatt

Michael Jamar Ford is best recognized for his time in the public eye during his marriage to singer KeKe Wyatt. Their relationship drew considerable attention, with their personal challenges and eventual split playing out in the media. Beyond his connection to Wyatt, Ford is a figure with his own professional pursuits. He has worked as an entertainment manager and consultant, leveraging industry knowledge to guide talent within the competitive landscape of entertainment.

What some may not be as familiar with is Ford’s role as a minister, a position that speaks to a different aspect of his life, separate from the entertainment world. His faith and ministerial duties add layers to his public persona, offering a glimpse into the values and principles that guide his actions outside of his former marriage and professional career in the music industry.

In his personal life, Ford has faced his share of adversity and public scrutiny. After the very public nature of his divorce from Wyatt, details of their custody battles and personal struggles were the subject of tabloid speculation. Despite these challenges, Ford’s life post-divorce has been relatively low-profile, with the minister and entertainment consultant maintaining a distance from the limelight.


Michael Jamar Ford is known for his former marriage to R&B singer Keke Wyatt and his role in the religious community as a minister. His public persona is intertwined with his professional endeavors and personal life events, notably his relationship with a well-known personality.

Early Life

Michael Jamar Ford was born on June 21, 1986, which makes him 37 years old as of the year 2023. His early life planted the seeds for his deep trust in faith and ultimately paved the way for his future career as a minister.

Career Path

Ford’s career is marked by his role in the religious sector as an ordained minister. Besides his spiritual guidance, he gained media attention through his marriage to Keke Wyatt and his appearances on the reality show R&B Divas. Ford’s professional life has been somewhat private, but it is clear that his marriage to the singer-songwriter has been a significant aspect of his public profile.

Marriage to Keke Wyatt

Michael Jamar Ford, widely known for his relationship with R&B singer Keke Wyatt, experienced a publicized and intricate marital journey. Their union witnessed significant family expansion and turmoil that culminated in a visible divorce.

Beginning of Relationship

Michael Jamar Ford and Keke Wyatt sealed their love in marriage in 2010. This union marked Wyatt’s second, positioning Ford as her second husband. Their relationship started with promise and affection, and Ford occasionally appeared on the reality TV show R&B Divas, which featured Wyatt prominently.

Family Expansion

The couple’s family life was bustling with activity and growth as they welcomed four children together. Keke Wyatt has a total of eleven children, with Ford playing a fatherly role to seven of Wyatt’s children from her previous marriage. Their family dynamic was a blend of her career as a singer and their shared responsibilities as parents.

Public Struggles

Their marriage faced multiple challenges in the public eye, some of which were discussed openly on R&B Divas. Disagreements and hardships eventually led to their divorce in 2017. Throughout this period, aspects of their private life, including the co-parenting and care of their children, were subject to public scrutiny and commentary.

Divorce and Aftermath

The divorce between Michael Jamar Ford and KeKe Wyatt was a significant event that led to various reactions on social media and in the media. The period following their separation saw Ford facing public scrutiny and the family navigating through healing.


In 2017, Ford confirmed his intentions to divorce KeKe Wyatt in a statement that underlined the irreconcilable differences as the catalyst. During this time, Wyatt shared an Instagram video that showed her as an emotional wreck, appealing for prayer and support amidst the burgeoning crisis.

Public Reaction

The announcement triggered immediate feedback across different media platforms, including expressions of support and scrutiny from the public. Michael Jamar Ford faced accusations of homophobia, complicating the post-divorce narrative. Conversations on social media reflected a mix of commentary with the public dissecting the couple’s private matters, pointing to infidelity and other marital challenges. The divorce was not just a legal process but also a period of public discussion and personal healing for both individuals involved.

Professional Life

Michael Jamar Ford has established a diverse professional life, notable for his roles in religious work and media. His career reflects a synergy of his commitment to ministry as an Ordained Minister and his participation in the entertainment industry as a TV Personality.

Ministry Work

Michael Jamar Ford’s career as a Minister is marked by his ordainment and his services in the field of religious leadership. He has served in a spiritual capacity, leveraging his position to provide guidance and religious counseling to communities.

Media Appearances

As a TV Personality, Ford captured public attention through his appearances on reality television. His marriage to singer Keke Wyatt led him to feature on the show ‘R&B Divas’. This platform showcased his day-to-day life and interactions, highlighting how his religious background informed his personal and professional demeanor.

Personal Challenges

Michael Jamar Ford has faced notable obstacles in his personal life that have tested his strength and resilience. They include serious health concerns and the daunting task of overcoming negative situations.

Health Issues

Ford has weathered significant health issues, which include a battle with cancer. His struggles with health have undoubtedly impacted his personal life, requiring courage and determination.

Overcoming Adversity

Dealing with a toxic environment can be challenging, and Ford has had his share of adversity. In the face of toxic behavior, possibly within personal relationships or from external sources, Ford has striven to maintain a stance of dignity and resolve. It’s reported that his efforts had to also consider the welfare of his mother, as personal health crises affect not just the individual but their loved ones as well.

Public Interaction

Michael Jamar Ford’s public interaction is most prominently reflected in his engagements on social media platforms, particularly on Instagram, where he expresses personal sentiments and communicates with his audience.

Social Media Engagement

On Instagram, Michael Jamar Ford has shared personal updates and thoughts, which at times have involved sensitive matters. For example, he made a publicly viewed post wishing his child with KeKe Wyatt a happy birthday, while also disclosing that he had not seen his child for an extended period. This revelation on Instagram sparked discussion among the public and demonstrated the platform’s role in how public figures manage personal narratives.

Relationship with Fans

Ford’s direct communication through social media has facilitated a relationship with fans who follow his life and career. By addressing fans and the public on platforms like Instagram, he allows for a semblance of dialogue, whether through reactions to his posts or through commentary, where fans and spectators can “roast his ass” or offer support. However, the nature of these interactions can vary, as social media also opens public figures to scrutiny and public opinion, which can sometimes lean towards criticism or support.

Cultural Impact

Michael Jamar Ford’s involvement in the media, particularly through reality television, provided a distinct representation of personal life and relationships within the entertainment industry.

Representation in Media

Michael Jamar Ford emerged into the public eye through his marriage to an R&B singer, Keke Wyatt. This connection drew Ford into the spotlight on a platform where private life often intersects with entertainment. His appearance on the TV show R&B Divas exposed the dynamics of his marriage to Wyatt—a singer-songwriter known for her powerful vocal abilities and American Idol background—that garnered attention for its candid reflection of their personal lives.

The show offered an insight into the marriage of an R&B Singer within the highly scrutinized world of celebrity culture, shedding light on issues encountered by public figures behind the scenes. It highlighted the complex interplay between Ford’s role as an ordained pastor and his presence in a reality TV series, a medium which often thrives on drama and sensationalism.

Financial Aspects

In assessing the financial stature of Michael Jamar Ford, one critical aspect stands out — his net worth. This section focuses on what is known about his financial standing.

Net Worth

Michael Jamar Ford, known for his marriage to singer Keke Wyatt, is recognized beyond his celebrity associations. His financial situation, particularly his net worth, has been a point of discussion, albeit with varying reports. It is rumored to be around $4 million, yet such figures are not officially confirmed. This estimated net worth is speculated to originate from his career as an ordained minister and subsequent endeavors.

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