Ms. Niko: Life and Journey of a Rapper and Deyjah Harris’s Mother

Ms. Niko, an artist who often goes by Ranniqua, has made a name for herself in the highly competitive world of music and entertainment. Born on September 22, 1980, in Atlanta, Georgia, Ms. Niko has …

ms. niko
Real Name:Ranniqua Brannum a.k.a Ms. Niko
Birthday:September 22, 1980
Net Worth:N/A
Height:152 cm
Occupation:American Singer, Rapper, Mother of Deyjah Harris

Ms. Niko, an artist who often goes by Ranniqua, has made a name for herself in the highly competitive world of music and entertainment.

Born on September 22, 1980, in Atlanta, Georgia, Ms. Niko has grown into a multifaceted talent; she is not only a rapper, but also a singer, songwriter, and producer.

Her music, known for catchy lyrics and a vibe of female empowerment, resonates with many.

In Atlanta and beyond, she’s recognized for her presence both in music and on social media, engaging fans through her freestyle acting skits and comedy.

Her album “Luv Kronicals: Reloaded” released in 2013, is a testament to her dedication and skill in the music industry.

Ms. Niko’s passion for music storytelling can be traced back to her childhood when she found inspiration in the tunes and lyrics of celebrated artists like KRS-One, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston.

Aside from her professional pursuits, Ms. Niko is personally known as the mother of Deyjah Harris, sharing this connection with the acclaimed rapper T.I.

Key Takeaways

  • Ms. Niko is an influential rapper and producer from Atlanta, with a strong presence in music and online communities.
  • Her work displays a commitment to musical storytelling and an affinity for empowering lyrics.
  • She balances her career with a personal life that includes family ties to the entertainment industry.

Early Life and Career

Ms. Niko, an artist with a multifaceted talent in the realms of rap, singing, and songwriting, made a name for herself in Atlanta’s vibrant music scene.

With a background steeped in a rich musical heritage, she draws upon a range of inspirations and experiences that shaped her journey to recognition.

Influences and Beginnings

Born on September 22, 1980, Ms. Niko started nurturing her passion for music from a young age.

She grew up in a household where the arts were deeply valued—her parents provided a backdrop of support and encouragement.

Influenced by iconic figures in the music industry, she found her rhythm listening to trailblazers like KRS-One, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston.

These powerful voices and styles played a pivotal role in the development of her own unique sound.

As a child, she would often write songs, honing a skill that would later become a staple of her career.

Rise to Fame in Atlanta

Atlanta, renowned for its influential hip hop scene, served as the perfect incubator for Ms. Niko’s talents.

She embraced the city’s rich culture and dynamic energy, which helped her evolve as a rapper, singer, and songwriter.

Ms. Niko’s proficiency in these areas quickly gained her local acclaim.

Collaborations and performances in Atlanta’s music venues allowed her to establish a dedicated fan base that appreciated her genuine personality and versatile skills.

Her relationship with rapper T.I. also brought a different dimension to her personal and professional life, as she navigated the complexities of being in the limelight while carving out her own path as an artist.


Ms. Niko’s discography showcases her multifaceted talent as a songwriter and a producer with a collection of albums and singles that feature a mix of R&B and hip-hop influences.

Albums and Major Releases

  • 2 Sides 2 Luv: This project came in two parts and highlighted Ms. Niko’s versatility in both writing and production.
    • Soft Side: An EP that offers smoother R&B beats.
    • Ruff Side: Complements its counterpart by focusing on a grittier, hip-hop sound.
  • Luv Kronicals: Reloaded: An additional testament to her skills as a musician, Ms. Niko’s artistry shines through her narrative-driven tracks.

Hit Singles

Ms. Niko has also gained attention for her individual tracks that resonate with her audience.

  • Do Thangs: Featured on the “2 Sides 2 Luv: Soft Side” EP, this song is a standout example of her catchy hooks.
  • On the Way: Another single from “2 Sides 2 Luv: Soft Side” that showcases her talent and has been well-received by fans.

Whether it’s through her EPs or notable singles, Ms. Niko continues to make her mark in the music industry.

Personal Life

Ms. Niko’s personal life is intricately woven into her public persona, defined by her role as a mother and her contributions to various social causes.

She navigates the complexities of family life, particularly as it intertwines with her career in the entertainment industry.

Family and Relationships

Ms. Niko, otherwise known as Ranniqua, is more than an artist; she’s a steadfast pillar in her family.

As a mother, her most recognized kinship is with her daughter Deyjah Harris, whose father is rapper T.I..

Together with T.I., Ms. Niko became part of a blended family showcased on the reality TV show “The Family Hustle.” This exposure put her and her family, especially Deyjah, under a public microscope.

Apart from Deyjah, Ms. Niko has two other daughters, Soniah and Jaela, whom she fiercely loves and supports.

Known for her role as a “baby mama,” Ms. Niko has navigated co-parenting in the limelight. Despite the challenges, she ensures to maintain a loving environment for her children.

Public Persona and Advocacy

Ms. Niko not only shares snippets of her family life but also uses her platform for advocacy.

She became an inadvertent participant in larger discussions about parenting and privacy when T.I.‘s comments about Deyjah’s virginity test sparked controversy.

Following this, Deyjah appeared on “Red Table Talk” to share her perspective, allowing her mother’s protective nature to shine forth.

On social media, particularly on Instagram, Ms. Niko extends her persona beyond that of an artist and mother.

She often engages with her audience, sharing moments that resonate with the warmth and candor characteristic of her advocacy.

Through podcasts and public engagements, she embraces topics pertinent to her family and the well-being of young women, demonstrating her commitment to the causes she believes in.

Media Presence

Ms. Niko, known for her multifaceted talent in music, has made her presence felt across various media platforms.

Her engagement with fans and participation in interviews reveal her dynamic personality and connect her with the audience.

Interviews and Appearances

Ms. Niko has been featured on radio stations such as Power 107.1 in Macon, where her interviews often showcase her candidness and insight into the music industry.

She also appeared on “The Family Hustle,” opening up a window into her personal life.

DJ Wiz, herself, has highlighted her magnetic persona during radio segments, further solidifying her status in the media world.

Engagement with Fans

Her approachable nature extends to how she engages with her large fanbase on social media, particularly on Instagram.

Ms. Niko shares glimpses of her life and interacts with fans regularly, making her more than just a voice on the track, but a relatable figure.

She doesn’t shy away from meaningful conversations, whether they’re through heartfelt posts or compelling stories, which makes her social media presence resonate with many.

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