Nathan Lavezoli – What Caused his Breakup With Marisa Ramirez?

Nathan Lavezoli is a famous celebrity former spouse. He was married to American actress Marisa Ramirez for several years before they called it quits. But what caused their breakup? Where is he now? What do …

Nathan Lavezoli

Nathan Lavezoli is a famous celebrity former spouse. He was married to American actress Marisa Ramirez for several years before they called it quits. But what caused their breakup? Where is he now? What do we know about the man who spent more than 10 years with Marisa?

Despite being the former husband of a big celebrity in Hollywood, Nathan managed to stay away from the media spotlight for many years. Even while he was married to the famous actress, he shined away from public media. Where is he now? Let’s try to find out!

Who is his famous former wife?

Born Marisa Maguire Ramirez in September 1977, she is an American actress, most famous for her work on television soap operas and in the American police procedural television series Blue Bloods. In Blue Bloods, she portrays Detective Maria Baez.

Speaking of her early life and education, she graduated from All Saints Catholic School. After that, she continued her education in an all-girls school in Alhambra, California, at Ramona Convent Secondary School.

Ramirez began her career early on. At the age of 13, she was noticed by a major LA modeling agency. So, before she ventured into the world of acting, Marisa had a successful international modeling career. As we know, modeling doesn’t last as long. Once you cross 25-30 years of age, things change. So, Marisa switched to hosting and acting.

Nowadays, TV audiences and fans recognize her from notable daytime series. As of August 2023, she portrays NYPD Detective Maria Baez in Blue Bloods and also has a recurring role as Officer Riley Dunn in Body of Proof.

She began her career in daytime soap operas like Days of Our Lives and The Bold and the Beautiful. In 2000, she got her first big break, getting the role of supermodel Gia Campbell in General Hospital. Thanks to her experience in modeling, Marisa was awesome in the role.

Yet, she left that role in 2002, for what seemed like a bigger role at the time. She was cast in the short lived ABC drama, Miracles. It lasted only for one season. Despite having a small role in General Hospital, she was nominated for ALMA and NAACP Awards.

In April 2006, the famous actress joined the cast of The Young and the Restless. In that TV show, she portrayed Jabot Cosmetics’ public relations consultant Carmen Mesta. Marisa played the role for five months after which her character was killed off. In 2007, she briefly returned to the show, portraying Carmen’s cousin, Ines Vargas.

But nowadays, most fans recognize Ramirez for her appearance in Blue Bloods.

Quick Bio

Now let’s take a look at her former husband, Nathan Lavezoli. The celebrity spouse was born in the United States, yet, his exact birthplace and birth date remain mysterious. Judging by his looks, we can say he is somewhere in his 40s.

But we cannot say for certain, since the celebrity spouse has kept his birthday a secret. He also hasn’t revealed any personal information about his early life, family, educational background, or anything else.

During his time with Marisa, Nathan was quite secretive. He rarely even appeared with his famous wife in public. There is no information about Nathan Lavezoli family or Nathan Lavezoli education.

We assume he finished higher education. After all, most reports point to college as the time these two lovebirds met. Let’s take a look at their relationships.

Marriage to Ramirez

According to most sources, Nathan Lavezoli and Marisa Ramirez were lovers since college. But why it took them so long to start dating and get married? What do we know about their love life?

While we do not know when they met for certain, we do know they began dating officially in 2000. Seeing she was born in 1977, at the time, Marisa was 23 years old. So, they probably waited to finish college before they began dating.

One might assume they bumped into each other after their college days. After two years of dating, they officially got married in September 2022.

But their marriage didn’t last for long. In 2011, they separated, ending their 10+ years relationship.

During their marriage, Nathan and Marisa didn’t welcome any children. They do not have any children from previous marriages or their own.

Following the separation from Nathan, Marisa found someone else. We do know she gave birth to a baby girl in May 2016. But the name of the father remains a secret. To this day, there are no news about his name.

Whether she is still with that guy, we do not know. After separating from Marisa, Nathan disappeared from the public’s eye.

We do not know whether he entered into another relationship or not.

There are some speculations that the reason for their separation was Marisa got pregnant. According to some sources, even after their divorce, they considered getting back together. But Marisa gave birth to her daughter, and that was it.

Is he on social media?

As we said before, Nathan is quite secretive when it comes to personal information and his life. He doesn’t want to share anything with the public. We can understand it. After all, he is not a celebrity per se. For celebrities, your personal life is public life.

So, with that in mind, there is no official social media platform profile by his name on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

On the other hand, his former wife, Marisa, has a profile on Instagram with more than 80k followers. She is a small-time celebrity.

Net worth

During his marriage and relationship with Marisa, Nathan didn’t reveal anything about his early life, educational background, or professional career. The media tried hard to find out more about him, especially his job. But that was not possible.

So, with that in mind, we cannot talk about his net worth. We do not know how much money he earns or what does he do for a living. We know his former spouse is a famous American actress. As of August 2023, she has a net worth of more than $3 million.

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