Necklaces: The One-Of-A-Kind Jewels That Elevate Your Look

Picture this; you attended an event where you continuously observe and admire different women’s jewelry pieces. No doubt, the right pair of accessories can make any woman rock their outfit. From subtle sparkling earrings to …


Picture this; you attended an event where you continuously observe and admire different women’s jewelry pieces. No doubt, the right pair of accessories can make any woman rock their outfit. From subtle sparkling earrings to pop-colored bracelets, the right choice of accessories can turn any outfit from dull to eye-captivating.

Chances are you get inspired with their necklace and wish to get the exact look like those women. However, it isn’t as easy as it seems. With so many options to choose from, it might become pretty challenging to select the right piece that takes your styling to the next level. You can’t just put your finger on what doesn’t seem right with your necklace. It might be the material, color, or length.

You might think of giving up wearing necklaces, thinking this piece of accessory isn’t just right for you. However, don’t get disappointed or lose hope. Instead, take some time out to learn different kinds of necklaces to enhance your style and elevate your overall look. So read on below the various types of necklaces that can help you complete your look:


Do you have to attend an office event? Or you might have a date night where you would be wearing an open slit gown. Then, get yourself a choker necklace since it blends with both non-formal and formal gatherings. The length of the choker ranges between 14 to 16 inches. Choker necklaces have many options; you can choose one that clings high on your neck or try the one that dangles freely. Are you finding it difficult to find a perfect choker for your special occasion? No worries. You can head over to Bryan Anthonys selection of dainty necklaces for women. and check various dazzling necklaces that might fit with your dress.


Just as the name suggests, you can wear these elegant necklaces around the collar area of your body. The standard length ranges from 12 to 13 inches long. A big chunky metal piece or multi-layered pearls is what makes this type of necklace flattering. So do you plan to go out for a friendly evening? Then, choose a pearl necklace with metal designs. Or, if you have a special night, you can try the ones with pearls and ornaments. These necklaces best fit with turtle-shaped, boat neck, and off-shoulder dresses, making you look sophisticated as ever.


Let’s face it; your necklace collection is incomplete without having a pendant in it. The simple yet elegant piece of jewelry is a perfect choice to elevate your look. You can even gift it to someone special after personalizing it. Pendants must hang low and rest above your bust, making it the best fit for all types of necklines. The ideal length of these simple lockets can range from 30 to 36 inches. You may find this type of necklace in different colors: gold, silver, copper, and platinum. The necklace material and chain color can be determining factors when it comes to when to wear.


If you wish to add a little drama to your outfit, then an opera necklace might be what you want to wear. The length of this eye-grabbing necklace is versatile; it can go from anywhere from 26 inches to 36 inches. When it comes to styling up your game with this piece, you can go with two options – wear it as a single strand or enhance your attire by making it double-stranded. The material used in opera necklaces is usually pearls, beads, marbles, or crystals. In addition, you can refine your style statement by wearing this necklace with a turtleneck, high neck, or scoop neckline.


Just as the name implies, the princess necklace is a perfect choice to help you radiate royalty. The best thing about this charming necklace is they come in various shapes and designs, making it easy to wear on all occasions. You can not find this royal-looking necklace in typical metallic material. Instead, you would find a princess necklace typically made of glamorous rhinestones giving you a princess feeling. The jewelry comes in many sizes, from light to heavy designs. The average length of a princess necklace ranges from 17 to 19 inches. You can rock your style with this necklace by wearing it with dazzling and fanciful dresses such as v-neck maxi or strapless gowns.


Are you searching for something longer than a princess necklace yet shorter than opera? In that case, the matinee has got you covered. The semi-formal choice of jewelry rests somewhere between your collarbone or bust. The ideal range for this necklace lies between 22 to 24 inches in length. You can find these charming necklaces embellished with stones or beads. You can never go wrong with this necklace when going to a formal evening and wearing deep plunging dresses. Or you can also wear this magnetic jewelry for a casual evening, wearing high neck or turtleneck shirts.

7. BIB

You can guess it by its name; the bib necklace helps you cover your neck just like a bib. You might think the bib necklaces were of ancient times and are no more in fashion today. However, you might be wrong. You can find many bib necklaces as modern-day statement pieces at your favorite jewelry shop. One perk that bib necklace has is that it replaces your winter scarves with these chunky pieces. Thus, enhance your overall look by wearing this trendy necklace on special occasions. Bib necklaces often come in triangular or circular frames, embellished with gemstones, pearls, or beads.


Lariat necklaces come with an aura of elegance. It is a rope-like or Y-shaped necklace that hangs loosely on your neck, giving you a simple yet stylish look. However, the unexpected twist is this necklace doesn’t have any clasp or hook. Instead, you can find the ends often looped, crossed over, or knitted together to give your outfit a dramatic look. The average length of the lariat necklace is 34 inches, making it easy to let it rest at your chest. You can flaunt your outfit by wearing a lariat necklace with your routine dresses. Or you can wear this necklace at any party wearing a u-neck, v-neck, or plunging neck dress and steal all the spotlight.


Any woman into fashion and styling can admit how a necklace is an essential part of an outfit. It can either make or break your whole styling game, in a literal sense! Even if you are wearing a simple plain dress at an event, your choice of necklace can do wonders. So make sure to invest in the right set of easy necklaces on your neck and elevate your look.

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