Making small healthy changes in your every day life can help you make big lifestyle changes in the long run. If you set yourself a target like “I will lose 10 stone this year” it can feel very unachievable or a vague resolution such as “I will lose weight” is also very demotivating because you might not know where to start. Whereas something such as “I will go for a walk 3 times a week” can help you to increase your daily steps, burning more calories and ultimately helping you to achieve your goal.

Track your spending – It can be easy to get carried away when spending your money, especially when you’re using debit cards and not physical money. There are apps you can get to track how much you spend and on what, or you can go old school and use a notepad and pen.

Spend more time reading – A good habit to get into can be putting your phone down and picking up a book before bedtime. Taking time away from screens and reading can help prepare your body for sleep better than scrolling though TikTok.

Find a way to move your body more – Even if it’s not for weight loss reasons, moving your body more is never a bad thing. It could be through yoga, walking or an exercise video on YouTube. Putting time into yourself and working towards your goals, especially weight loss will only bring you more confidence once you have succeeded.

Develop a morning routine – Whether you’re working from home or still leaving the house on a daily basis, an effective morning routine can set you up for a productive day. Sometimes this may mean waking up slightly earlier, this could also tie in with the previous resolution of moving more. Getting up half an hour earlier could give you time to get a workout or a walk in at the beginning of your day.

Make time to develop a hobby – Sometimes it can feel like all we do if work, eat and sleep. You get stuck doing the same things every day. But if you divide your day up into 3 blocks of 8, take out 8 hours for work and 8 hours for sleep, you’re left with 8 hours to fill with other things. If you’re working from home then you don’t need to worry about commuting but using this time to learn something new, like cooking or learning a new language, this will help to break up your days and give your brain something else to think about.