Paride Benassai: Meet The Actor From ‘From Scratch’

Paride Benassai is a versatile and accomplished Italian actor and theatrical director. With a career spanning over four decades, he has become one of the most representative figures of Sicilian theater, successfully transitioning to roles …

Real Name:Marcello Benassai
Birthday:May 26, 1956
Net Worth:$1.4 million
Occupation:Italian Actor

Paride Benassai is a versatile and accomplished Italian actor and theatrical director. With a career spanning over four decades, he has become one of the most representative figures of Sicilian theater, successfully transitioning to roles in both television and movies. His artistic journey has witnessed him taking on a wide array of characters, consistently showcasing his knack for captivating audiences and engaging them emotionally.

Some of his notable works include his roles in “Viola” (2022), “Baaria” (2009), and “I Grimaldi” (1997). More recently, Benassai has garnered attention for his performance as Don Calogero in the comedy film “Un pugno di amici” (2020) and as Giacomo, Lino’s father, in the drama TV series “From Scratch” (2022). As his career continues to flourish, Paride Benassai’s talent and dedication to his craft have established him as a celebrated figure in the Italian entertainment industry.

Despite his longstanding presence in the world of acting, Benassai remains grounded and focused on his work, contributing significantly to the Italian cinema and theater landscape. As audiences eagerly await his future projects, there is no denying that Paride Benassai’s enigmatic presence will continue to leave an indelible mark on the industry.

Paride Benassai Biography

Early Life

Paride Benassai was born on May 26, 1956, in Palermo, Italy. He is a talented and well-known Italian actor with a strong background in Sicilian theater. Growing up in Palermo, Benassai was exposed to the vibrant Sicilian culture and started developing a passion for performing arts from a young age.

Acting Journey

Benassai’s acting career took off when he landed a role in “Un pugno di amici” (2020), where he portrayed Don Calogero, gaining recognition for his talent. Later, he appeared as Giacomo, Lino’s father, in the drama TV series “From Scratch” (2022) which further solidified his reputation as a versatile actor.

As an Italian actor with a solid Sicilian background, Paride Benassai has consistently showcased his adaptability and dedication to the craft throughout his career.

Professional Achievements

Television Career

Paride Benassai is a respected Italian actor who has made a name for himself in the television industry. He has appeared in popular Italian series such as “I Grimaldi” (1997) and the widely acclaimed “Detective Montalbano” series. One of his more recent performances was in the RAI drama television series “From Scratch” (2022) where he portrayed Giacomo, Lino’s father.

Additionally, Paride has been involved in projects that highlight important social issues, such as playing Pino Puglisi in the TV film “Brancaccio” (1999). Puglisi was a priest and schoolteacher who fought against the Mafia in his hometown, ultimately paying the ultimate price for his dedication to the cause.

Cinema Recognition

Although he is best known for his television roles, Paride Benassai has also worked in the world of cinema. One of his early appearances was in “Baarìa” (2009), a film that garnered critical acclaim and helped put Benassai on the map as a talented and versatile actor. More recently, he starred as Don Calogero in the comedy film “Un pugno di amici” (2020), which showcased his ability to tackle a variety of genres and maintain his strong presence on screen.

In another notable film, “La Fuitina Sbagliata” (2017), Benassai played the character Giacomo Ortolano. The film was a mix of action and romance, blending elements of a thriller with a love story. The combination of genres made the film unique and highlighted Paride’s capability as an actor to perform in diverse roles.

In conclusion, Paride Benassai has demonstrated his talent through various roles in both television and cinema. His dedication to his craft and the quality of his performances continue to solidify his place in the entertainment industry.

Personal Life


Paride Benassai, born on May 26, 1956, is an Italian actor and model known for his roles in various films and television series. While there is limited information available about his family, his father is mentioned in relation to his portrayal of Lino’s father, Giacomo, in the drama TV series “From Scratch” (2022).

Love and Relationships

There is not much information available about Paride Benassai’s love life. However, he has worked with actress Lucia Sardo, who played Felicia Impastato in the 2000 film “Placido Rizzotto”, which is set in Sicily. It is unclear if their relationship went beyond their professional collaboration.


Despite Paride Benassai’s established career as an actor, he remains private about his personal life, and information on his lifestyle is scarce. It is evident, though, that his net worth is estimated at $1.4 million, thanks to his successful acting career. This suggests that he likely enjoys a comfortable lifestyle.

Public Figure

Public Image

Paride Benassai is an Italian actor and model, known for prominent roles in drama and comedy content. He gained popularity for portraying Don Calogero in the comedy film “Un pugno di amici” (2020) and as Giacomo, Lino’s father, in the drama TV series “From Scratch” (2022) directed by Nzingha Stewart. With a career that spans multiple years, Paride Benassai has become a recognizable figure in the Italian entertainment industry.

Social Impact

Hailing from Florence, Italy, Paride Benassai has contributed to the regional film community through his numerous performances. His work has created a positive impact by showcasing Italian culture and artistry to global audiences. Benassai’s presence on social media platforms such as Instagram allows him to connect with fans and fellow artists, further expanding his reach and influence.


Paride Benassai’s versatility as a performer enables him to take on various roles, which has helped him become an influential figure in the industry. His ability to transition between drama and comedy demonstrates his range as an actor. As a public figure, Benassai’s contributions to film and television have earned him a spot on many fans’ watchlists and provided a platform for Italian talent to achieve wider recognition.

Projects And Collaborations

Paride Benassai, an Italian actor and model, has been involved in multiple projects and collaborations throughout his career. He is known for portraying Don Calogero in the comedy film “Un pugno di amici” (2020) and Giacomo, Lino’s father, in the drama TV series “From Scratch” (2022).

In “From Scratch,” based on Tembi Locke’s memoir, Benassai engages in a collaboration with a talented ensemble cast. Some of the outstanding members of the cast include Eugenio Mastrandrea, Keith David, Danielle Deadwyler, Kellita Smith, and Judith Scott. The Netflix series follows an American woman who rebuilds her life in Italy after a devastating loss, exploring themes of love, loss, and personal growth.

Eugenio Mastrandrea plays the leading role in the series, capturing the essence of Locke’s journey and the various characters she encounters in her new life. Supporting actors like Danielle Deadwyler, Kellita Smith, and Keith David add an extra layer of depth to the story, each portraying distinct characters who contribute to the protagonist’s experience.

Aside from “From Scratch,” Paride Benassai has showcased his acting prowess in other well-received projects. He appeared in the film “Baaria” (2009), where he played a smallholder, and the TV series “Viola” (2022), taking on the role of Alfio Giordano, as well as other works, such as “I Grimaldi” (1997) and “La fuitina sbagliata” (2018).

In summary, Paride Benassai’s involvement in various projects and collaborations reflects his dynamic acting abilities. Collaborating with prominent actors like Eugenio Mastrandrea, Danielle Deadwyler, Kellita Smith, and Keith David has contributed to the captivating nature of his television and film projects, while his participation in Netflix’s “From Scratch” has helped bring Tembi Locke’s powerful memoir to life.

Paride’s Love for Food

Inspired by Sicilian Cuisine

Paride Benassai, a talented Italian actor, is known for his roles in “Un pugno di amici” (2020) and “From Scratch” (2022). Apart from his acting career, he has a deep passion for food, particularly Sicilian cuisine. Growing up in Italy, the actor was always surrounded by rich, flavorful dishes, which influenced his love for good food and the culinary world.

Sicilian cuisine is known for its unique combination of flavors such as fresh seafood, seasonal produce, and diverse aromas. Paride enjoys the simplicity and authenticity of these dishes, finding inspiration from his Sicilian roots while exploring local ingredients and traditional recipes.

The Chef Side

Not only is Paride a fan of Sicilian food, but he also has a flair for cooking. The skills he acquired over the years enabled him to dive into the world of professional cooking. His dedication to learning the art of cooking is evident through his extensive knowledge of various techniques and skills, from essentials like knife handling to more advanced methods such as food presentation.

Inspired by his heritage, Paride experiments with both traditional and contemporary Sicilian dishes. As a chef, he believes in using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create his culinary masterpieces. He also puts a focus on sustainable farming, sourcing ingredients from responsible farmers to ensure food quality is at its highest.

Throughout his culinary journey, Paride Benassai has developed an appreciation for the connections between food, culture, and people. His love for Sicilian cuisine and passion for cooking led to significant growth in his personal chef skills. This talented actor and chef continues to explore his culinary talents while staying true to his Sicilian roots.

Content Languages

Paride Benassai, an Italian actor and model, has worked in various projects across different content languages. Being multilingual, he has the ability to perform in diverse roles requiring language proficiency.

One of Benassai’s most notable roles was in the Italian film “Un pugno di amici” (2020), where he portrayed Don Calogero. In addition to his work in Italian productions like “From Scratch” (2022), he has also appeared in English (United States) language films and series. This highlights his linguistic versatility and talent in adapting to various dialects and accents.

In terms of European languages, Paride Benassai has experience in Français (France) and Deutsch (Deutschland) productions. His knowledge of these languages helps him connect with international audiences and expand his career beyond the Italian entertainment industry. This versatility is an asset that opens doors in the global film and television market.

While there is limited information regarding his involvement in projects in languages such as हिंदी (भारत), Español (España), Español (México), Português (Brasil), or Français (Canada), it is evident that Paride Benassai’s language proficiency and diverse acting skills make him an appealing choice for productions worldwide.

In conclusion, Paride Benassai’s experience in various content languages showcases his talent and adaptability. Whether it is Italian, English, or other European languages, his presence in diverse roles and productions demonstrates his commitment to being a versatile and well-rounded actor in the ever-evolving entertainment industry.

Suggestions and Experience

Paride Benassai, a talented Italian actor and model, has portrayed various characters throughout his career. Some of his noteworthy performances have resonated with audiences due to the depth and nuance he brings to his on-screen personas. As a skilled performer, Benassai possesses valuable suggestions and experience which can benefit aspiring actors.

Drawing from his background in popular theater in Sicily, Benassai understands the importance of a strong connection with the audience. He emphasizes the need for artists to develop their stage presence and storytelling skills, ensuring that their performances captivate viewers in both film and theater contexts.

In his acting career, Benassai has portrayed complex and challenging characters. One notable example is his role as Don Calogero in the comedy film Un pugno di amici. This character is associated with the mafia, a subject matter that often requires immense research and understanding. Benassai suggests that actors should not shy away from such intricate roles, as they can expand their skillset and contribute to their professional growth.

Moreover, Benassai urges actors to immerse themselves in the world of their characters, especially when dealing with themes related to crime and the mafia. A comprehensive understanding of the cultural and historical context surrounding these topics can enhance an actor’s performance, instilling authenticity and depth.

In summary, Paride Benassai’s extensive experience in the entertainment industry has equipped him with valuable insights. By focusing on the development of stage presence, embracing complex roles, and immersing oneself in character research, aspiring actors can learn from Benassai’s background and enhance their own careers in the process.

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