Real Name:Pasionaye Nguyen
Net Worth:N/A
Height:162 cm
Occupation:Celebrity mother of rapper Tyga

Some people are famous because they are children of famous celebrities. And then there are people that get famous because of their celebrity children. Pasionaye Nguyen falls into the latter group. She is the mother of Tyga, the rapper. Pasionaye always supported her child. 

When Tyga was a child, she called him Tiger. That is because he has mixed ancestry, Asian, African American, Native American, and Dutch. There is no info on her profession and career. All her life she supported her son to achieve success in the music world. But her support goes far beyond the world of music. She supports him in every aspect of life.

She started getting attention the moment her son got recognized. Tyga is now a famous rapper, with recognition across the globe. His mother, on the other hand, is not an active social media personality.


Career and Life Journey

Born in 1971 in California, USA, Pasionaye Nguyen doesn’t share the details of the actual place with the public. She grew up with a younger sister. Her mother, Kim Nguyen, has Vietnamese descent.

At the age of 16, Pasionaye started dating Michael Stevenson. She got pregnant with Tyga and gave birth on November 19, 1989, in Compton California. They named their son Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson. Following conviction on multiple charges, Pasionaye had to raise her child as a single mother. Pasionaye and Michael didn’t get married. But they did have a relationship for a few years.

The two lived in Compton until 2000. At that point, they moved to Gardena, California. And she gave him the nickname Tyga. When he was a little kid, she called him Tiger Woods because of his mixed descent. Later on, he adopted Tyga.

Tyga started slowly and steadily, but quickly gained fame. And in his 2007 debut mixtape, he talks about his mother. Fun fact: in one song he says his mother is rich and drives a Range Rover. But he, later on, dismissed it as a joke.

The debut album achieved enormous success. It gave Tyga a nationwide recognition. And as his popularity grew bigger, Nguyen started appearing with her son in the media. This allowed the media to get to know her. And in every interview, she speaks about her son and praises his hard work.

In 2012, she got her first grandchild. That is when Tyga welcomed his first son.

Net Worth

There is no specific information in the media regarding Pasionaye’s career. There is no information about her wealth as well. What we do know is how much Tyga makes. According to estimates, Tyga’s wealth is more than $5 million. And he shares it with his mother.

There is no information on her education. All we know is her marriage to Michael Stevenson and her life after Tyga got famous. And after raising her son as a single mother, she deserves some praise.