Hair transplants are appropriate for anyone with permanent baldness. If you are concerned about baldness and would like to know the steps needed to ensure for a healthy hair transplant, we are here to help. Follow these steps to ensure your procedure goes exactly to plan.

Ensuring you take the correct post-op precautions following a hair transplant in Turkey, or anywhere else in the world, is essential to your optimal recovery. By following these steps, you can recover to the very fullest, and make the most out of your hair transplant procedure.

Days 1 -5

At this critical healing stage, you should take the most care not to damage the area you have received the hair transplant upon. It is essential that you follow any aftercare guidelines given to you by your surgeons closely.

Recovery and rest are crucial here, and at around day 5, you can begin to gently wash your scalp again. Soreness and swelling should begin to decrease, although there may still be some scabs visible.  Avoid any strenuous activities or any exercise to ensure your follicles heal as well as they possibly can.

Days 10-14

You may experience pinkness of the scalp, nut this should dimmish between days 10 – 14. Your new hair will begin to fall out here, but this is a completely normal part of the healing process. This will make room for healthy new hairs to begin to make their way to the surface. At this stage, you may begin to washi your hair again as normal once more.

3-6 Months

Once the incisions made for the procedure have healed, your hair will slowly begin to gown again. An appointment will be necessary with your doctor to ensure that your impacted area is healing as it should be.  Everyone heals at a different rate, so do not be alarmed if you have not healed as much as expected at this point.

10 Months

Your hair will begin its regrowth stage at 2-3 months following surgery, but it will appear patchy and uneven for a certain amount of time. At the 10-month mark, almost all your new hair will be visible, giving you the appearance of natural, full, healthy hair.

You may go for a haircut at this stage to even out your hair, making your hair the same length and tidying it up.

12 Months

One year to 18 months following your hair transplant procedure, you will be able to see your clinician for a final check-up. You should at this point have a full, healthy looking head of hair, giving you the end result you have been wanting.

It is essential that you follow the aftercare program you are given, even after your new hair has grown. This is so you do not disrupt the follicles or damage your scalp.

If you are concerned about your results, you can contact your doctor and see if they can assist you with any hair loss issues you may be experiencing.