Protect Your Home with Stylish Smart Security Gadgets

In recent years, technological progress has been marked by the arrival of new smart equipment designed for homes (also known as home automation or IoT for the “Internet of Things”). In addition to features dedicated …


In recent years, technological progress has been marked by the arrival of new smart equipment designed for homes (also known as home automation or IoT for the “Internet of Things”). In addition to features dedicated to the user’s comfort, some of these “smart gadgets” also offer effective features for securing the home with an ever more attractive and elegant design. What are the most popular ones? Why do many people recommend using a virtual private network when it comes to IoT? This article will give you all the answers you need.

Home automation and design, an awesome duo for the home

Home automation now gives real priority to the design of equipment without skipping innovation and the relevance of features. However, to attract households, the IoT market is also relying on another advantage: Home security.

Securing your home network is essential

It is indeed possible to protect your home thanks to home automation. On the other hand, securing your home network is an essential step. Indeed, considering that each IoT device in a home is associated with a single home network, a simple hacking attempt could have serious consequences. Similarly, an intrusion through one of your connected devices would boil down to comparable scenarios. This scenario is even more worrying when the news regularly tells about  security breaches linked to such products.

As you will understand, using home automation to secure your home will only be a relevant solution when your equipment and network are perfectly secure. Many reviews assure that the effectiveness of the VPN for Chrome or other browsers in this type of situation is tremendous.

Stylish and effective equipment protects your home

Smart cameras

Without mentioning smart cameras, it would be impossible to talk about security and home automation. If the first models were oversized for perfect integration, the minimal components now make it possible to combine efficiency and design. Continuous HD recordings, live viewing via a smartphone, automatic orientation by motion detection… Smart cameras are now perfect allies to guarantee the serenity of your home in the event of absence.

Connected alarm systems

In addition to a smart camera, a connected alarm system will allow you to deter potential “malicious visitors.” In addition, some models offer to automatically generate a call to notify the police if necessary.

Note that several specialized companies offer complete packages for this type of service. The rates applied, nevertheless, sometimes require a significant budget.

Smart locks

Less popular than other home automation products, smart locks unlock a front door through authentication via an app. In practice, these locks will be ideal for controlling each access or opening your door remotely if your child has accidentally forgotten his phone in his room, for example.

Unsurprisingly, this type of equipment raises debates where consumer confidence is not united. However, the security of the firmware from the most popular smart locks is naturally superior to that of other installations. Note, however, that zero risk does not exist. At least if you take no care in securing your home network.

Connected doorbells and peepholes

Connected doorbells also enjoy considerable popularity. Say goodbye to unsightly and oversized models: These miniaturized pieces of equipment are sure to surprise your guests. The transmission of videos is carried out without any wired connection. Your smartphone will notify you when your guests are at your doorstep, then stream the video in real-time. HDR video and optimized night vision, some models will surprise you with their performance, whatever the external conditions.

Finally, the connected peepholes will offer similar uses (manual activation or detecting movement of the equipment).

Smart lighting

Finally, smart lighting technology is another solution to sublimate a decoration while optimizing the safety of your home. This type of lighting can be automated or controlled in real time via an application or a physical device.

Many homes use smart lights to turn lights on and off when you’re away. And this method is often enough to deter burglars. Accessible and efficient, these installations also allow you to turn off your lights automatically and thus save energy. So why deprive yourself of it?

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