If you decide to buy an apartment in Turkey, then the question of choosing a city inevitably arises. After all, we all want to buy an apartment that would meet all our requirements, and its price was as low as possible. Flats in Mahmutlar meet these requirements in most respects, and perhaps this is why the expat community in this small Turkish town is growing quite quickly.

Characteristics of the city

Mahmutlar is located in the suburbs of a fairly large tourist center of Turkey – Alanya. That is why in most cases it is associated with this city. After all, it is located only 8 kilometers away, and getting from one city to another is not a problem even late at night. Thanks to this, if you buy an apartment in Mahmutlar, you can enjoy all the benefits of the civilization of a large city, while living in a quiet coastal town.

  • All apartments are located no further than a kilometer from the sea. This is since Mahmutlar is only three streets that stretch along the coast.
  • The only drawback of this town is the lack of a promenade. After all, a high-speed highway passes along the first line of the sea, the traffic intensity on which does not allow creating a full-fledged embankment.

The bulk of Mahmutlar’s apartments is presented in large residential complexes. The city is dominated by multi-story buildings of 11 or more floors. That is why apartments on the upper floors are more in demand. Indeed, from the windows of such apartments in Mahmutlar, an unforgettable view of the sea and mountains opens, at the foot of which the city is located.

Invest in real estate

There are plenty of reasons why Mahmutlar is a great place to own a property in Turkey. The beach is mostly mixed. Only occasionally you can find small sandy strips. But if you decide to buy an apartment in Mahmutlar, then you will have the widest opportunities to visit the beaches located in the vicinity of the city. So we advise you to visit the beaches of Keykubat, Portakal, and many other beautiful beaches, the purity, and beauty of which is marked with the Blue Flag sign.

But the favorable location of the city is a place where the mountains practically touch the sea opens up the widest possibilities for you not only for a beach holiday. After all, wonderful mountain landscapes, stormy rivers, and mountain valleys provide you with a great opportunity for recreation and picnics in nature. Particularly interesting are the apartments in Mahmutlar in terms of visiting the many caves scattered along the coast. By the way, they will be able to diversify your boat trips. After all, many of them can only be reached by sea. And believe us, this trip is worth it.

Real estate in Turkey

In addition, apartments in Turkey will open up great opportunities for you to get acquainted with the history of ancient places. After all, many cities and other historical monuments and museums will be able to reveal to you the secrets of history and introduce you to many great people of antiquity, whose deeds and victories have brought their names to our days. All this, as well as the developed infrastructure, make Mahmutlar one of the most attractive cities on the coast of Turkey, especially for expats. Turk.Estate website specialists will assist you in obtaining property quickly and smoothly. Go over to their website to check out the recent offers.