Are you looking for weed that will help you relax and deliver pure bliss in your life? The purple Kush feminized seeds are the answer! The plant is 100% indica and has THC levels of about 22%. The CBD amounts are insignificant. But help you relax and get the rest that you desire.

How to grow Purple Kush Feminized Seeds

First, you need to know that fem purple Kush pot seedsproduce weed. And begin to flower when they receive less light each day. Or when you interfere with the light cycle inside your home.

To germinate the seeds, ensure to soak them in water for about 72 hours in darkness. When the tail shows up, you need to put it in loose soil. And add fertilizer. You need to keep the environment damp and light so that the seedlings will appear.

The best climate for purple Kush plants

Purple Kush can thrive well both outdoors and indoors. All you have to do is provide the best conditions that will necessitate growth. Newcomers may find it challenging to grow this due to its bushy stature, but experienced ones will not have any trouble.

All in all, the best marijuana online seeds company will hold your hand and help you throughout the growth and harvest process.

The best part about Purple Kush is that it thrives well outdoors and in cool climates. And is not affected by pests and parasites. All you have to do is ensure airflow and proper temperatures.

To feed the Purple Kush, you need to read the nutrient section of a reliable marijuana seed online store. That way, you will get the right plant food for every stage of plant growth. You can use the marijuana fertilizer for optimal growth and the plant protector for maximum protection of your plant.

Yielding and flowering

The Purple Kush does not take forever to flower. If grown indoors, it takes about 7-8 weeks, and under the best conditions, it can yield nine ounces of bud per square meter.

When grown outdoors, however, harvest tends to come early.

Uses of Purple Kush

Purple Kush is best for maximum relaxation. It will give you a considerable high and help you sleep better. The downside is that it can make you feel too hungry, get headaches, dizziness and paranoia. For this reason, you want to go slow on its consumption.

Taste and smell

Purple Kush is pungent and has a distinct aroma. Yet it’s sweet and has bits of earthiness. People say they smell like grapes dipped in spices.

The uses of Purple Kush

Purple Kush is very relaxing and therapeutic. It enhances moods and helps you relax your mind.

It also helps you deal with anxiety and relaxes your muscles.

Where to buy feminized seeds

Purple Kush feminized seeds are very effortless to buy if you find reliable marijuana, the online seller. However, you need to do thorough research and read the reviews of varying customers. Ensure that they offer discreet shipping and handling and free shipping.

They should also have outstanding customer service and guarantee the germination of your seeds.

All the best with your growth!