Have you ever tried a walking holiday? While you may have your reservations about them, you might be pleasantly surprised by what they have to offer. There are plenty of great walking destinations in the UK, but if you go further afield, you’ll find that you can tie in a holiday abroad with taking in some of the globe’s glorious landscapes. Think endless vineyards in the rolling countryside, glistening lakeside tracks and mountainous terrains, each promising breathtaking views. Here’s why you should consider trying out a walking holiday for your next trip away.

You will experience places from a new angle

Sometimes, when it comes to trips abroad, you can feel somewhat restricted when exploring – and particularly if you’re travelling in a vehicle or even on a bike. Yet when you’re on a walking holiday, it allows you to get up close to nature’s wonders by taking off-the-cuff routes that only pedestrians can access. A walking holiday in Spain, for example, could see you exploring the country’s culture, heritage and food a little differently, while covering world-famous pilgrim routes or exploring volcanic islands.

There are serious health benefits

It’s common to neglect your health while on holiday and particularly if you opt for one filled with sunbathing and minimal movement (which we all enjoy occasionally!) However, a walking holiday has undeniable health benefits, helping your clock up a sizeable daily step count while keeping your heart rate up. You’re guaranteed to come home feeling rejuvenated! Plus, walking is a low-impact form of exercise, which makes it easy on your body and more accessible to a variety of age groups.

You can get out and about in nature

There’s no denying that being out in nature can leave you feeling fulfilled and refreshed. The absence of a noisy vehicle means you’re far more likely to spot wildlife too. Listen out for different wildlife noises as you go and consider bringing binoculars and a camera for the journey. There’s a well-known association between nature and the promotion of good mental health, as it can lift your mood and even lower your blood pressure. Being out in nature and stepping back from the online world can help you unwind and slow everything down.

Walking is free

The best thing about walking? It’s completely free! Forgo hiring a car or paying for the train in favour of using your legs and getting plenty of exercise. There’s no limit to how much or how little walking you can do, so it really is up to you to tailor your walking holiday to suit your needs. It can be a great alternative to an expensive city break, where you likely have to pay for entry in many places.