Rebel Wilson Weight Loss – Shedding the Fat Amy Persona

In February 2021, Rebel Wilson shared some workout snaps revealing her new amazing body shape. In the past few months, Rebel Wilson weight loss project resulted in shedding more than 60lbs. Rebel credits a combination …


In February 2021, Rebel Wilson shared some workout snaps revealing her new amazing body shape. In the past few months, Rebel Wilson weight loss project resulted in shedding more than 60lbs. Rebel credits a combination of diet and exercise. She follows the Mayr Method diet plan. We will discuss more about it later on. Basically, it is a diet of high alkaline whole foods.

Wilson also trains with celebrity personal trainer Gunnar Peterson. His client list includes Khloe Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Sofia Vergara, and many more.

In 2020, Rebel set a goal to lose weight. And so far, she succeeds in her effort.

Rebel’s Goal


As we said earlier, in January 2020, Rebel Wilson declared “year of health”. Her project embraced an attempt to get to 165lbs, a goal she achieved by November 2020.

Reflecting on her transformation in December 2020, the comedian said some of her colleagues wanted her to stay “Fat Amy”.

But Rebel wanted to lose weight. And she said, “At the end of the day, it is my life and my body and Hollywood had in a way typecast me but I didn’t want to stay like that. It makes me sad sometimes that I didn’t value myself enough before all of this to get healthy”.

How did she get there?

Everything starts with a plan. And for Rebel, we said, her plan started in January 2020. Declaring the year of health, she told fans she will prioritize exercise and diet to get to her goal of 165lbs.

She revealed her plans on Instagram, starting by walking more and making some smart food swaps. Fans started showing support and cheered on her. And Wilson fired back, saying, “Thanks for all the love so far on my Year of Health journey. When I was reaching for the candies last night after dinner I thought to myself, hmmm, better not, and had a bottle of water instead”.

So, how does her workout routine look like? Well, she works with a private trainer seven days a week. And she does intense workouts. For example, in one of her workout videos, she flips tires.

The routine also includes stair sprints and bouts with battle ropes. Rebel practices HIIT training, or high-intensity interval training.

Besides her workout routine, Rebel tries to walk more and go on hiking. In October, she posted on Instagram saying, “This week was super busy but I got up super early 3 times, 6am, and went on a hike”. During her hikes, she also tries to do a couple of sprints to get the heart rate even higher.

The Mayr Method

Besides her workout routine, Rebel follows a Mayr Method of eating. What is it? Is it healthy? Based on the Mayr Cure, the method believes most people poison their digestive system with food and how they eat it. The goal of the method is to improve health through digestion.

The approach eliminates food intolerances, reduces sugar, and encourages people to eat whole foods slowly. As a result, you reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. The method also eliminates snacking and reduces gluten and dairy intake.

Mayr Method incorporates alkaline whole foods. Think vegetables, fresh fish, and sheep’s milk yogurt. Before the Mayr Method, Rebel consumed more than 3,000 calories per day. And her calories mostly included carbs. And yet, Wilson felt hungry.

So, she changed to eating a high-protein diet. Now, she consumes more meat and fish, mostly chicken breast and salmon.

Another principle of the Mayr Method is slow eating. You have to chew at least 10 to 15 times before swallowing the food. This way, your digestive system can digest foods easily.

Wilson credits the coronavirus pandemic with helping her slow down. It also helped her turn bad habits into healthier ones.

But it is not an easy road. How much weight did Rebel Wilson lose? Well, in almost 10 months, she shed more than 60 pounds of weight.

In one Instagram post, she wrote, “Even if you have to crawl towards your goals, keep going, it will be worth it. Try and give a little bit of effort each day. Some days are frustrating as hell, you feel like giving up, but good things will come your way”.

And now, her hard work pays off. Rebel Wilson put weight loss as a priority in 2020. And she made it.

What is the Mayr Method?


Let’s talk more about the method Rebel Wilson used to lose weight. Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr came up with the method. He believed everything comes from the gut. What we eat or do not eat affects our overall health. He believed most people poison their digestive system.

Before anyone can start using it, they have to spend a week at a medical center. There, they learn to eliminate snacking, reduce gluten intake, reduce dairy intake, and change the way they chew food. The diet doesn’t restrict calories. But there are a few key habits you have to practice. Here are some of the practices:

  • Eat slowly
  • Stop eating when you feel full
  • Drink water between meals, but not during meals
  • Consume your biggest meal at breakfast and the smallest at dinner
  • Stop eating raw foods after 3pm

The first step is a monotone and restricted diet that will calm down the body system. On the positive side, the program combines diet and exercise. Unlike most weight loss diet programs, Mayr Method believes you have to add exercise to achieve results.

Fans of the method praise the diet’s focus on mindfulness. But some experts do not believe in the alkaline aspect of the program. Without visiting a certified Mayr clinic, you cannot get much information about the diet program.

But at the end of the day, a whole food diet always helps with weight loss. And we can see by the weight loss results of Rebel Wilson that it works.

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