Restoring Your Natural Vibrance After A Confidence Knock

No matter who you are, it’s important to know that life can be unpredictable, and sometimes difficult for everyone. That’s not the warmest and most enjoyable method of opening an article about wellness, but it …


No matter who you are, it’s important to know that life can be unpredictable, and sometimes difficult for everyone. That’s not the warmest and most enjoyable method of opening an article about wellness, but it does help us frame the conversation in the most respectful and realistic terms.

The truth is that no matter how successful we become, how many achievements we have, and how assured of ourselves we think we are, life can have its way with us all. 

When this happens, how you choose to react and respond can make all of the difference. Certain schools of thinking, such as stoicism, teach us to be more resilient and to do our best to feel unmoved by external difficulties. While that can sound idealistic, it’s true that caring for ourselves and keeping our inner calm will help us chart the best path forward.

However, most people would agree that after experiencing a difficulty in life, be that a job loss, a relationship breakdown, bereavement, or perhaps financial hardship, it’s very easy to lose your confidence. When this happens, restoring the self you thought you were can be a hard task, and may lead to negative habits.

Restoring your natural vibrance after a confidence knock, then, won’t involve the pursuit of platitudes. Instead, it’s about coming back to yourself in the healthiest way. In this post, we’ll discuss how to implement a better path forward here, restoring the vibrance you know is lying under the surface.

Acknowledge Your Difficulties

Moving on as if nothing had happened could seem like a good way to restore yourself, but it’s never realistic. After all, you may be a slightly different person now, your life situation could have changed, and yes, some difficulties, like experiencing grief after losing a friend, may be with you for a little while.

It’s important not to brush this under the rug. However, you can certainly seek help for that if needed, as impartial counseling services can provide talk therapy sessions that help you get everything off your chest.

You should also remember that a timeline of emotions and how you respond to certain situations is not always guaranteed. If you lose a relative, you might feel quite clam throughout the entire proceeding, only to properly deal with your emotions later. This delay doesn’t mean you’re emotionless or odd, it just means you needed time.

If you give yourself that space to acknowledge your difficulties, then moving forward can take place when it needs to, not when you force yourself to do so.

Get Yourself Moving

It’s very easy for us to carry around a great deal of negative energy, swirling around in our minds if we don’t have the appropriate release valve for it. Thankfully, there absolutely are methods you can use to help settle your stress and difficult emotions.

Namely, exercise can be a great balm for the soul. That’s not to say it should be used outside of healthy relief strategies, but a sustained program can be instrumental in resolving stress. This might involve walking, running, spin classes, swimming, and weightlifting depending on your preference. It all counts if it gets your heart rate up.

Exercise helps us express that natural energy we need to burn off, and can help us feel healthier in ourselves, more focused and alert in our minds, and more emotionally regulated. Moreover, it can help you sleep more deeply, as well as feel better in yourself. If you’re looking to restore confidence, there’s nothing quite as important as this. In every exercise session, you will be proving that you’re capable and have initiative, even if it can be tough to integrate that process first and foremost.

From there, you might even help undo some of the difficulties you had during an emotionally turbulent time, like working on weight loss or fat reduction using A healthy workout schedule, combined with a nourishing diet and great sleep provides the foundational pillars of restoring your vibrance.

Lean On Friends & Family For Support

Having your loved ones around to help is non-negotiable for many people, and in fact, being able to lean on those you trust can help you begin to restore confidence. When you have people in your life who believe in you and want the best for you, it’s hard not to unfurl just a little.

If you have no relatives or perhaps have no friends in your area currently, never fear, for there are many people waiting to be met and bonded with. You might decide to visit a local club or community event, or perhaps strike up a conversation with your local hairdresser. As simple as it sounds, getting out of the house and talking to people where appropriate can do wonders for your spirit. It also helps you avoid isolating yourself, which can be easy to do if you’ve encountered a difficulty in life.

Consider What It Is You Want

When life plans fail to pan out, you might feel a little directionless and rudderless. It’s not easy to realize that certain things you had worked towards your entire life, be that a career working for a specific company or building a family may not have panned out as you hoped.

This is where it’s wise to consider what you want, and what is best for you and others involved. For example, it’s true to say that divorce is, for the most part, unfortunate, even if it can be the best route for both parties. But this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a healthy and blossoming relationship with your children, even if you don’t have full custody of them.

This is just one example. It illustrates that defining that which is most important in life is almost always something to aim for. When you have something to aim for, you can avoid losing confidence in its pursuit.

Moreover, sometimes a change of direction is a good thing. For instance, moving from one industry to another may be a fantastic change of pace, reinvigorating your passion for the trade you studied all over again. Life is very rarely “one way” without any other remedial measures or alternatives to take, so don’t feel ashamed if you have to travel down that path to reassert yourself. Doing so could quite literally regain the confidence you had lost.

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

Comparison is the thief of joy, which is why it’s so wise to only compare the person you are today to the person you were yesterday. The truth is that even those who seem so on top of the world now can have difficulties. The most attractive and successful celebrities can still encounter divorce, and they’re often messy, while anyone can encounter misfortune or financial hardship in life as well.

It’s best not to see someone else’s highlight reel and to judge yourself based on that, no matter how appealing their personal life may seem from the surface. After all, you would laugh if someone no doubt gave you the same treatment, idolizing everything you are despite what you’ve been through, reducing you as a person in your fullest texture. Moreover, if you avoid comparing yourself to others, all of a sudden, you can only be concerned with your own business. For many, that’s the start to restoring their confidence.

With this advice, you’re certain to restore your natural vibrance even after a confidence known. Just take it a day at a time, and know that noone’s journey is ever perfect.

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