Rick Dohler: Insight Into The Life of Mimi Sommer’s Husband

Rick Dohler is not as widely recognized as some public figures, but he has established his mark as a furniture designer and entrepreneur, founder of Dohler Designs, which specializes in creating unique furniture and upcycled …

rick dohler
Real Name:Richard “Rick” Matthew Dohler
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:American Furniture Designer and Sntrepreneur, Husband of Mimi Sommer

Rick Dohler is not as widely recognized as some public figures, but he has established his mark as a furniture designer and entrepreneur, founder of Dohler Designs, which specializes in creating unique furniture and upcycled items. While his professional pursuits are significant, many people became familiar with Rick through his marriage to Mimi Sommer—daughter of the renowned singer, songwriter, and actress Donna Summer. His association with music royalty has certainly piqued public interest, but Rick’s career and achievements stand firmly on their own merits.

Dohler’s life has an intricate link with the world of entertainment through his marriage, yet he has crafted his own path beyond the glitz of music and acting. He shares his life with Mimi Sommer, with whom he has been in a long and happy marriage since 1995. Their life together has been one away from the limelight, despite the fame that Donna Summer’s legacy carries. With his work in design, Rick Dohler adds a stroke of creative ingenuity to everyday spaces, proving that behind every well-known personality, there are supporting figures who have their own stories to tell.

Key Takeaways

  • Rick Dohler has made a name for himself as a furniture designer and entrepreneur.
  • He is married to Mimi Sommer, connecting him with the legacy of Donna Summer.
  • Beyond his ties to music royalty, Dohler has a significant personal and professional life.

Early Life and Background

Rick Dohler’s journey began amidst the cultural richness of Munich, where his early life was shaped by a blend of family influences and a burgeoning love for music and acting.

Childhood in Munich

Born and raised in Munich, Germany, Rick’s childhood was set against a backdrop of historic architecture and vibrant arts. Munich, a city renowned for its musical and theatrical scenes, undoubtedly left its mark on him from a young age. His days were imbued with the city’s rich traditions and modern charms, forming a childhood experience both unique and culturally immersive.

Family Influences

Rick’s parents, while not celebrities themselves, offered a warm and nurturing environment that celebrated creativity. Each family gathering was a testament to the power of supportive relationships, shaping his values and his view of the world. His mother’s knack for storytelling and his father’s appreciation of the arts were Rick’s stepping stones into the realms of performance.

Discovering Music and Acting

From a tender age, Rick was captivated by music and acting. The melodies echoing through Munich streets would inspire him to hum along, and the city’s theaters became his playground. Acting was not only a passion but also a means of expressing himself, leading to a lifelong adoration of the arts. He found joy and purpose in the spotlight, chasing the dream to one day share his art with the world.

Career Highlights

Rick Dohler has made significant strides in both music and acting. He’s known for his ability to captivate audiences whether he’s behind the microphone or in front of the camera.

Rise to Fame

Rick’s ascent in the entertainment industry was marked by his association with musical excellence, being the son-in-law of Donna Summer, also known as the queen of disco. Donna Summer’s musical influence is legendary, boasting an array of hit singles such as “Hot Stuff” and securing numerous Grammy Awards. This familial connection placed Rick in a unique position to be influenced by one of music’s greats, laying a foundation for his rise in the industry.

Acting Ventures

Rick turned heads with his acting, securing roles in various productions. Although he’s been quite private about his acting career, his ventures have included appearances in esteemed shows. Whether it’s drama or comedy, Rick’s versatility shines through. His work might remind audiences of shows similar in style to “My Wife and Kids,” blending humor with heartfelt moments.

Developments in Music

In the realm of music, Rick has continued to explore creative avenues. While details on his musical exploits aren’t widely publicized, the influence of his family ties to Donna Summer suggests a rich grounding in the industry. This background may have provided inspiration for Rick’s projects, presumably drawing from a deep well of musical heritage synonymous with chart-topping successes on the Billboard lists.

Personal Life

Rick Dohler’s personal life is marked by a long-standing relationship with his wife Mimi Sommer and a deep connection with his family, complemented by a lifestyle that embraces both travel and the comfort of home traditions.

Family and Relationships

Rick Dohler, known for his craftsmanship in furniture design, is notably the husband of Mimi Sommer, the daughter of the late singer Donna Summer and actor Helmut Sommer. They have been married since 1995, and their union symbolizes both love and continuity of family traditions. Mimi’s stepfather, Bruce Sudano, became part of the extended family when he married Donna Summer.

The couple is blessed with children whose privacy they guard dearly, nurturing an intimate family atmosphere. Family life away from the public eye is crucial to Rick and Mimi, and they take pride in maintaining a close-knit relationship with all members of their extended family, including Mimi’s half-sisters, Brooklyn and Amanda Sudano, daughters of Donna Summer and Bruce Sudano.

Travels and Lifestyle

Travel is a key aspect of the Dohler family’s lifestyle, offering a window to diverse cultures and inspirations for Rick’s artistic endeavors. Carefully balanced, their travels are juxtaposed with a strong appreciation for the comforts of home life, where family-focused activities and traditions take center stage.

Rick, together with Mimi and their children, cherishes these experiences that not only enhance their bonds but also serve as a wellspring of creativity and joy in their lives. Whether it’s exploring new destinations or celebrating traditions back home in Vienna Dohler’s cozy embrace, they find harmony in the blend of adventure and domestic bliss.

Legacy and Influence

Rick Dohler’s imprint on the world stretched far beyond his immediate circle, deeply impacting the music landscape and extending his generosity through philanthropy.

Impact on Music

Rick Dohler, though not as widely known as his spouse, the iconic singer Donna Summer, had a significant role in the music industry. He supported and influenced Donna Summer’s career, which in itself is a testament to his impact on music. Summer’s influence as a singer was vast, her voice becoming the soundtrack for a generation across entertainment platforms. Dohler’s behind-the-scenes support helped sustain not just Summer’s career but also contributed to the lasting legacy of her music.


They believed in giving back, and together they channeled their success into meaningful charitable work. The foundation they set up aimed at helping those less fortunate, especially in the world of entertainment. Their philanthropy efforts symbolized their joint commitment to enriching lives beyond the stage and studio, ensuring that their legacy was not just musical but humanitarian as well.

Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Rick Dohler’s entrepreneurial spirit has led him to explore a variety of ventures, most notably in the fashion and jewelry industry as well as broad business initiatives. In fashion, Rick’s passion interlaces with creativity, showcasing his talent in design, while his entrepreneurial approaches in business display a knack for innovation and strategic growth.

Fashion and Jewelry

In the world of fashion, Rick Dohler made a significant impact with his unique sense of style and innovative approach to design. His fashion line, known for its modern yet timeless appeal, resonates with trends while maintaining personal flair. Jewelry, a standout category, exhibits his eye for detail and luxury. Partnering with Amanda Sudano, a model known for her chic style, Rick launched a collection that blends bohemian vibes with upscale elegance. The pieces, often highlighted by their intricate craftsmanship, became a hit on platforms like Etsy.

  • Notable Collections:
    • Boho Chic Series – A collaboration with Amanda Sudano.
    • Timeless Elegance – A personal line featuring minimalist designs.
  • Main Materials:
    • Gold and silver – For longevity and versatility.
    • Semi-precious stones – Adding color and character.

Business Ventures

Rick Dohler’s acumen extends beyond fashion into diverse business ventures. His hands-on involvement in the production company Dreams marked a foray into media, reflecting a versatile portfolio. Here, his role encompasses identifying talents and trends, much like spotting patterns in the fashion world. Working closely with Johnnyswim, he elevated his profile in the entertainment industry, utilizing his networking skills to foster partnerships that drive success.

  • Key Business Projects:
    • Production Deal with Dreams – A move into media and entertainment.
    • Collaboration with Johnnyswim – Pushing boundaries in music production.

In each of his entrepreneurial undertakings, Rick’s dedication to authenticity and quality stands at the forefront, making his endeavors not just business initiatives, but a reflection of his personal brand and vision.

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